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Postby Longshot » Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:24 pm

Motto: "Feed them to the Sharkticons!"

Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Monstructor Six
Function: Combat Artist
Alternate Modes: Bipedal Monster
Weapons: Magnetic Rifle
Special Abilities: None
Height: 26ft / 7.92m
Quote: “Destruction is the highest form of art.”

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 8
Dexterity: 4
Speed: 2
Endurance: 8
Courage: 7
Firepower: 7
Accuracy: 8
Melee: 7
Tech Skill: 7
Charisma: 8
Rank: 7

Profile: Slog is the most tasteful and refined of his comrades. When he initially joined the Decepticons, they used his exceptional talent as an artist to produce sculptures and art pieces depicting the glory of the Decepticon empire and its leaders, and record their rise for posterity. Eventually, they realized Slog was a capable warrior as well as an artist, although his battlefield work is definitely more of the “abstract” variety. He carves up his foes on the battlefield more out of a desire to survive than actual spite, and he always attempts to make each of his victims a work of art to honor their memory. This aspect of war, and the fact that the Decepticons have no interest in supporting free expression and art, troubles Slog. Although he finds destruction the best way to create pure, chaotic art in an inanimate subject, he wonders about the lives lost in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Slog once organized an underground art show of his work, reflecting on the horrors of war in the twisted, rusting ruins of his foes. This led to the coining of a new art form—‘slogism’—and the use of the exhibit’s pictures in the Autobots’ anti-Decepticon broadcasts. This and occasional doubts about his cause have not pleased his Decepticon superiors.

Abilities: Subject possesses great intelligence and exceptional skill as an artist. He is a surprisingly effective warrior. As a robot, he is armed with a magnetic rifle that can be set to fire waves that repel or attract; it can even make its target’s bodies repel themselves, tearing apart metallic opponents. Combines with teammates to form Monstructor.

Weaknesses: Subject has bouts of depression that make him useless in combat.
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Postby Devastron » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:08 am

Weapon: Energo-Sword
Name: Scowl
Allegiance: Decepticon
Subgroup: Monstructor Six
Function: Sonic Saboteur
Alt. mode: Bipedal Wolf Monster
Weapons: Sonic Disruptor Rifle
Height: 26ft / 7.92m
Quote: "Control sound, and the faintest whisper can be the fiercest weapon."

Strength: 07
Intelligence: 06
Dexterity: 04
Speed: 02
Endurance: 09
Courage: 08
Firepower: 06
Accuracy: 08
Melee: 06
Tech Skill: 06
Charisma: 05
Rank: 05

Profile: Scowl feels like the victim of some cosmic joke. He had assumed that his alternate mode would strike fear and terror in his enemies, only to find out it elicited more laughs then screams. With his alternate mode a joke, Scowl instead focused on mastering his other abilities. He primarily focuses on using the power of sound waves to disrupt electronic equipment and, at more powerful decibel ranges, physical objects. He has become quite adept with his sonic talents, although the mockery of his alternate mode still stings him.

Abilities: Subject has above average strength and intelligence, and exceptional endurance and resistance to damage. In robot mode he has chest mounted speakers and ultrasonic hearing, allowing him to pinpoint the exact nature and location of even the dimmest sounds at a great distance. He can also generate sonic waves that can disrupt electronics and even, at maximum power, knock another Transformer off his feet. His sonic disruptor rifle can cause a target to either perceive damaging, over-amplified sound or total silence. He combines with his teammates to form Monstructor.

Weaknesses: Subject’s embarrassment of his alternate mode means he refuses to use it and any comments about it will send him into a rage or a depression.
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Re: Monstercons

Postby Insidious » Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:58 pm

Name: Icepick
Faction: Decepticons
Function: Demolitions
Alt mode: Bipedal Monster
Weapons: Fireball Bazooka
Height: 26ft / 7.92m
Quote: “From today’s rubble-strewn fields shall emerge a new Decepticon world!”


History/Profile: Icepick is one of the most cheerful Transformers—he truly loves his job and believes in its purpose. He was quick to latch on to Decepticon ideals of replacing the old and weak with the strong, which likely explains his current specialty in demolitions. With all the fervor and ideological zeal of a propaganda ad, Icepick will gladly explain that it only makes sense to recycle the battered buildings of today into the technological marvels of a brave new future. His efforts to convert others to the Decepticon cause have met with very limited success, but the upper echelons of the movement do appreciate his ceaseless efforts on their behalf, no matter how misguided.

Abilities: Icepick possesses great strength and endurance, and above-average intelligence. In creature mode, Icepick can leap a distance of 1.8 miles at a time. As a robot, he is armed with a fireball bazooka.

Weakness(es): Although he believes in what he preaches, Icepick is not convinced of some of the more ruthless Decepticon tactics, especially when they involve unsuspecting victims.
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Postby Drop Bear » Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:03 am

Motto: "They're gawking at us! How mortifrying!"
Weapon: Black Magic
Name: Wildfly
Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Monstructor Six
Function: Aerial Assault
Alternate Mode: Avian Monster
Weapon: Photon Rifle
Height: 26ft / 7.92m
Quote: “Strike fear into your enemy, and you've won half the battle.”

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 5
Dexterity: 8
Speed: 6
Endurance: 7
Courage: 8
Firepower: 6
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 7
Tech Skill: 5
Charisma: 4
Rank: 6

Profile: Predictability is for other, more boring robots, as far as Wildfly is concerned. He prefers to live life from one moment to the next, acting out on whatever crazed impulses he may have at that instant and basically whirl around destroying everything in sight. Wildfly likes to think this makes him the “life of the party” who always does the unexpected; in fact, his behaviour is tiresome and obvious to all of his comrades. They know that Wildfly will pick the most base, violent thing to do in any circumstance, like suddenly flying off to clip the wings off a passing jet airliner he notices or demolishing a nearby office building in the middle of the unsuspecting humans' workday. Wildfly tops off his furious attacks with a cackling laughter, convinced that he just did something exceptionally clever. Only the most sparkless Decepticons can agree.

Abilities: Wildfly possesses slightly above-average strength. In avian monster mode, he can fly at a speed of 200 mph. In robot mode, he is armed with a specially designed photon rifle with laser-targeting for locking onto ground targets while soaring through the air. Wildfly joins with his team-mates to form Monstructor.

Weaknesses: Because of his impish nature, Wildfly often finds himself making poor decisions on the battlefield, as he'd much rather be “spontaneous” than follow orders already issued to him. Naturally, this attitude doesn't always fare too well during combat, leaving him susceptible to injuries he could otherwise avoid by using a little common sense.
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Re: Monstercons

Postby Sapphirewave » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:16 pm

Motto: "I just even the odds between the forces of good and evil."
Weapon: Electromagnetic Photon Laser

Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Monstructor Six
Function: Aerial Attack Trooper
Alternate Modes: Bipedal Avian Monster
Weapons: Laser Rifle
Height: 26ft / 7.92m
Quote: “ Anyone who is not a predator is considered prey.”

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 6
Dexterity: 5
Speed: 6
Endurance: 7
Courage: 9
Firepower: 6
Accuracy: 4
Melee: 6
Tech Skill: 4
Charisma: 4
Rank: 5

Although he has gained a reputation as a dimwitted Decepticon, Birdbrain is actually a smart and deadly warrior. This makes him a foe that can easily be underestimated, but Birdbrain despises that many take him to be a fool and does not use this to his advantage. Unfortunately, Birdbrain only has himself to blame for his reputation. Because of a few minor glitches with is targeting systems, he often mixes up his targets with other objects so it doesn’t surprise anyone if he mistakes a tricycle for an Autobot.

Abilities: In his alternate form, Birdbrain can use his beak to cut through targets with ease while flying at speeds of over 300 miles per hour. If that wasn’t enough, Birdbrain’s talons can firmly grip his prey and be used carry them away; assuming that he actually grabbed onto the correct target. However in his robot mode, Birdbrain prefers to use a simple leaser rifle to attack.

Weaknesses: Birdbrain’s greatest weakness is himself. Because he frequently attacks the wrong target, it can be almost too easy for one of his enemies to simply hide until Birdbrain stated engaging the nearest wall in hand to hand combat.
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Firepower: 5
Skill: 7

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