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My sweet boy Magic has passed away.

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My sweet boy Magic has passed away.

Postby sto_vo_kor_2000 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:17 pm

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The last few weeks have been tough on me, didnt really feel like talking about this till now......just about 2 tears ago......5 months after the lost of my boy Petey [died of old age] I, rescued this little monster, he was very fearful for the first 3 weeks but soon warmed up to me and specially my wife.

he had issues, he couldn't be left home alone for long with out him pooping/peeing out of fear and anxiety.........anytime my daughter came home from school he would hide for days............and he loved to run away...mote on that in a bit.........
but even with all his flaws he was the sweetest little buddy a near 2 years anybody could hope for...

We loved him, and he had some great habits as well, he loved music, particularity a song called "moves like Jagger", which was featured in the film Magic Mike.............and also how the dog got his name.

as I said above, he loved to run away loose from the house every time he got the chance.he could open the patio door and the screen and run out, he could open the sliding window and do the same.He once slid the porch door open, moved a chair, a plotted plant and jumped to the ledge, walked along the edge, jumped on some garbage and took off.

Funny as all that sounds it brought us to a sad ending.On Sunday December 29th, at 12;45 noon, when my wife opened the door to let a neighbor inside, My boy took off like the Flash and was never seen again.

Now he has tooken off before but he has never been gone more then an hour.I spent every day and night of the following week,, in knee high snowed covered woods, and temps that dropped to 5 below looking for him and screaming his name, but I had no luck.

It wasnt till Jan 6th that I found out he died a few minutes after he ran off.I got a phone call on the 6th, from a woman that saw my "lost dog" flyer at the drug store.She told me that she witnessed him getting hit my a car on the afternoon of the 29th at about ten after 1 pm.

She said the driver that hit him just took off [**** bastard] and left him in the road.The woman/witness happened to be a nurse tech at one of the near by animal hospitals, so she picked him up and tried to get him to some help, but he only lasted about 2 minutes in her arms then he died.

I'm happy he didnt die alone and that someone tried to help him, but still very angry twards who ever hit him and took off.

heres a few pics of my boy Magic



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Re: My sweet boy Magic has passed away.

Postby njb902 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:31 pm

Losing a loved pet sucks.
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Re: My sweet boy Magic has passed away.

Postby Dr Va'al » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:23 am

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He looks really sweet, so sorry to hear about it. :(

I lost my first a couple of months after I moved to another country, and her sister just last year. Still pains a little.
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