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My Thouts on Prime (spoilers)

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My Thouts on Prime (spoilers)

Postby Rodimus2006 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:44 pm

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I loved Transformers Prime. But it did have some issues, and some episodes werent all that great. But overall Prime was still one of the best Transformers series ever, to me is now my fav & it has replaced Generation 1.

But I also didnt like how Predacons Rising didnt handle some issues mainly being the Humans, it didnt give us any insights on what happens to the kids being Jack, Raf & Miko, or June or Agent Fowler.

But understandable considering PR was on Cybertron trying to bring it back to being a Habital world where Refugees can come back.

Uni-Megs was Awesome I loved his Powers, Also the Upgrades, Imagine if Megatron was like that in the Series, The Autobots wouldnt have surived a Powered up Megatron. They could have done that with Galvatron.

PR was still awesome, I loved the Fight Sequences the Predacons stole the show, I loved the Tri Fire Attack against the Preda-Teracons (Undead-Husks). Bee was also a Show Stealer showing what he can really do. Going hand to hand with Uni-Megs alone.

Optimus making the ultimate Sacrifice, with No more Matrix, No more Line of the Prime's saying each of them are now are like a Prime. and this is simply a New Transformation.

With the Spark that flew around you can bet that was OPs Spark. I also loved how Megs disolved the Decipticons, he then flew off I asssume to either go into Solitude, or Redeem himself for his past Crimes.

I assume Starscream got Torn asunder by the Predacons, while Shockwave more than likely is in the Sea of Rust or Deep Undergound in one of his Labs on Cybertron.

It easily sets up for a 2nd Prime Continuation, rather or not it will remains to be seen, I certainly hope it does. While I dont like the idea of Prime being Kid Friendly. I liked the more mature darkness of Prime. This is what made Prime shine & stand apart from the Past.

My Idea for a Prime continuation would be to being in Galvatron, with a new Crop of Decipticons being Cyclonus, Scourge, Strikka, Slipstream, Thundercracker. Trypticon & Lockdown.

And someone new to replace Optimus being that of Rodimus but Rodimus would be a Young Rookie he wouldnt be a Prime. He would Rise to become Leader.

Jack, Raf, Miko would be about 18 now taking about 10 years after Prime ends. Raf would be a Hacker working for the Goverment, Jack would be a Solider like Fowler, while Miko would be doing her Music Deal. or a Monster Truck Driver.

June & Fowler are Now Married. Cybertron is Full of Life with Many In-Habitants & Cybertron isnt a Worn-Torn Landscape anymore it is Reborn.

Meanwhile Galvatron hears of Megatron disolving the Decepticons. Calls him a Traitor & kills his Former Protoge/Student saying he is not fit to be a Decipticon & he is no longe required. & Kills Megatron with Ruthless agression.

Starscream survived his Onslaught and reunites with Galvatron,
with Starscream telling Galvatron of Shockwaves work with the Predacons they go to search for his Labs.

I was thinking it would be cool to use ideas for the continuation using Super Energon, the Cyber Planet Keys, such as how The Key and other ideas were diffrent in Prime.

Then they could do that with Super Energon being diffrent than it was in TF Energon or the Cyber Keys in Cybertron.

Many Ideas for a Prime Continuation. Cant wait to see what Hasbro has for us. But it will be at least a year before we learn anything.

But all is not lost Transformer 4 hits next year.
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