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Postby BeastProwl » Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:16 pm

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Credit to Autobot Strider For jogging this Idea out there for me to improve on! I'm using his idea (To an extent) with his permission!
First, a run down: The twins supposedly died In DOTM, but poor editing etc. etc.
Mikaela ran off with someone "Better" so to say.

The line is this. She runs off with Leo, But nest still wants to keep them in Protection, so they asign Skids and Mudflap as guardians, until they are called off on duty with the autobots, and evntually killed in "The traitor scene"
That happens way later though. Mikaela, Leo, Arcee, Jolt, Skids, and Mudflap make up this secret devisionial branch of N.E.S.T that maggy and glen are also a part of. with maggie's government connections and glen's and Leo's hacking skills and mikaela's resistance and knowledge of some things cybertronian, they all play a vital role securing autobot refugees from beyond the stars. Other bots include captured con's turned pets like one of megatron's many helpless doctor drones, who is witfully named Hacksaw, and one of sam's surviving kitchen bots, Ejector.
Lots of hijinks there.
Anyhow, if anyone want's to explore this topic, I'm open to suggestions, and deeper discussion. I really want to get this to go somewere, and I need a good artist, maybe, slap all this into a mosaic?
My art, though not my best. still, it's still a sketch...
Anyone wanna help me out here? It's a fun story to mull over....
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Check out my Art Thread! It actually gets updated from time to time!

Also taking commissions! Inquire via PM if interested :D
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