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Need some advice on Selling

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Need some advice on Selling

Postby Gearslide » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:14 am

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I've decided to sell my TF: Prime collection, simply because I won't have enough room for it and my War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron figures. They are all loose, so I don't plan on getting mucho dinero for them, but some have customized parts and accessories. What should I ask for:

FE Voyager - Bulkhead (with Reprolabels set)
FE Deluxe - Bumblebee (with extra forearm blaster, Reprolabels set, and additional sharpie detailing)
FE Deluxe - Cliffjumper (with SOME of the Reprolabels set)
FE Deluxe - Starscream (with Fakebusker83's Shapeways kit. Includes original missiles, head crest and knee spikes)
PRID Voyager - Optimus Prime (with Dr. Wu Blasters and Swords, Reprolabels set, and red {sharpie} forearms)
PRID Voyager - Megatron (with Reprolabels set)
PRID Deluxe - Wheeljack (with SOME of the Reprolabels set, Fakebusker83's Shapeways kit, and Dr. Wu face and grenade. Also includes original head)
PRID Deluxe - Ratchet (with Reprolabels set)
PRID Deluxe - Arcee (with Fakebusker83's Shapeways kit)
PRID Deluxe - Soundwave (with Reprolabels set)
PRID Deluxe - Vehicon
PRID Deluxe - Knock Out (with Fakebusker83's Shapeways kit {includes original shoulders}, Reprolabels set {not including thighs}, and custom sharpie detailing)
PRID Deluxe - Hot Shot
PRID Deluxe - Airachnid
PRID Deluxe - Dead End
PRID Deluxe - Stealth Force Bumblebee
Comic-Con Deluxe - "Rust in Peace" Cliffjumper (with original packaging)
Arms Micron Voyager - Breakdown & Zamu (with customized 5mm peg blaster from Cyberverse toy, minor sharpie touch-up on knees)
Arms Micron Voyager - Swerve & Sou
Arms Micron Deluxe - Terrorcon Cliffjumper & Jida
Arms Micron Deluxe - Skywarp & Balo
Arms Micron Deluxe - Jet Vehicon & Igu
Arms Micron Deluxe - Terrorcon Bumblebee & Terrorcon Zori
Arms Micron AMW-01 Gabu
Arms Micron AMW-02 Baru
Arms Micron AMW-03 Dai
Arms Micron AMW-04 C.L. GR
Arms Micron AMW-05 Balo G
Arms Micron AMW-06 Jida R
Arms Micron AMW-07 Pral
Arms Micron AMW-08 Sais
Arms Micron AMW-09 Jayz
Arms Micron Capsule - Optimus Prime Blaster
Arms Micron Capsule - Bumblebee Sword
Arms Micron Capsule - Zad 1
Arms Micron Capsule - Zad 2
Arms Micron Capsule - Gob 1
Arms Micron Capsule - Gob 2

I was thinking of including less-popular figures (such as Stealth Force Bumblebee and Dead End) free with larger, more popular figures (FE Bulkhead, Arms Micron Breakdown, etc.) What say you Seibertron community?
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Re: Need some advice on Selling

Postby craggy » Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:39 pm

you going to sell them on here? I'd just take offers, or set the sort of price you'd expect to pay for a loose figure that's still relatively easy to come by. For those that are the same as they would be out of the box, you'll have to charge less than retail. Those with add-ons, maybe take the price of those additions into consideration.

If you go down the route of selling them on ebay, make sure you have a couple of pictures of each (robot and alt mode) and describe them correctly. I personally tend to avoid sellers who put "RARE!" "LOOK!" or similar needy/scam sounding stuff in the description too, but it might be a tactic that works for some.

Good call on trying to sell some as lots. I might not want some toys, but will consider them a welcome bonus if they're sold with something I do want (case in point, the 2nd Battle In Space Rodimus and movieverse Prime I picked up with WFC Prime and Bee in a lot a few weeks back) and those AMs that form larger things (the sword and shield) will probably sell okay as sets.
assembling a Neo-G1/TF:TM cast. Please PM if you have (or know of) the following at a reasonable price: Classics or Henkei Astrotrain, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, or 3rd Party iGear Ratchet and Ironhide.
Also looking for Universe Repugnus and Overbite, Frostbite and Longhorn and any Webdiver toys.
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Re: Need some advice on Selling

Postby Period » Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:12 pm

Are you still looking to sell some of your Prime toys?

I'm looking for Arms Micron Voyager - Breakdown & Zamu and Arms Micron Deluxe - Jet Vehicon & Igu.

I'm also interested in some of the Microns you have listed.
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Re: Need some advice on Selling

Postby Lady_Starscream » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:36 am

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Could you post a picture of the Knock Out figure?
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