Optimist_Prime's Sales Thread

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Optimist_Prime's Sales Thread

Postby Optimist_Prime » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:09 am

Hey folks it's that time again to thin out the collection just a tad. Couple things you should know...

I would prefer payments be made with PayPal.
Prices indicated here do not include shipping.
I will ship internationally, but it obviously will be a little more expensive.
If something isn't listed as MOSC, MISB, ect... It is loose and complete. Anything incomplete will have the missing piece(s) listed next to it.
Finally I'd like to think I'm pretty fair when setting a price, however if you think I'm way off base give me an offer.
Trades are always welcome, and I have a wanted list right before the pictures. My feedback can be found in my signature.

Classics, Henkei, United, Generations,
Classics Optimus Prime and Classics Megatron lot - Sold at TFcon

Knock Off
MIB LE-05 Kold Black Konvoy Wonderfest KO - $30 - Has a small chip in the back of the knee pad.

Fallback (no guns) - $3


Brawn (no guns) - $3
Burger King ROTF toys Bumblebee - $5, or free by request with purchase of $50 or more.
Cannon arm Bumblebee - $8

Custom Voyager Starscream w/ missiles, custom hands (still looking for), and head swap - Best Offer
MIB '07 Leader Class Optimus Prime - $25
'07 Voyager Class Optimus Prime - $15
MIB Premium Series Bumblebee - $10
Concept Camero Bumblebee - $7
Blackout - $5 - missing all rotors and mini scorponok
Ratchet - $5 - Missing brush guard and overhead rack.

Leader Class Optimus Prime - $40 - Missing one missile, Matrix, and Cyberkey.
Leobreaker - $25 - Missing right paw
Runamuck - $8.50
Override - $10
Hightail - $4 -Missing exhaust pipe weapon, and has Hot Shot's Cyberkey
Jetfire launchers, Missiles, Cyberkey, and Instructions - $10

Junker Decepticharge - [COLOR="Red"]Traded[/COLOR]

Universe 1.0
Target Exclusive Hightower and Long Haul - $12 - Missing Long Haul's claw.

Doomlock (Missing tail, and gun) - $4
Cruellock - $8
Inferno gun w/ missile - $5 - not shown

Beast Wars
Original Tarantulas - $8 - Missing leg 2 missiles, and launcher.
10th Anniversary Rhinox - $5 - missing a side panel and weapon, includes 2 transmutate pieces.

TF X-overs
Star Wars Transformers lot of 3 - $13
Darth Vader Tie Advanced - Missing two panels and light sabers
Darth Vader Jedi starfighter - Missing Canopy
Obi Wan Jedi starfighter - Missing one lightsaber

Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger
KO Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord w/ PVC Green Ranger and original electronic chest - $35 - Great display piece, will work original megazord, and parts will work with original Dragonzord. Drill needs fixing/replacement. I am currently not interested in piecing this out. Please don't ask.

Star Wars
Star Wars Collector Fleet Corellian corvette (Rebel Blockade Runner) - $20 - All lights and sounds still work

Mortal Kombat
Jazawares Mortal Kombat Baraka (no blades) - $10

[COLOR="Blue"]Wanted Items[/COLOR]
Beast Wars II Gimlet
Beast Wars II Lio Convoy chrome maximal chest piece
Takara Galaxy Force Vector Prime
SDCC 2007 ToyRocket.com exclusive Mortal Kombat Goro
Generation 2 Powerdive
First Edition Voyager Optimus
MGT-01 Delicate Warrior (iGear Arcee)
Left hip kibble to G1 MP Starscream
Fansproject G3 Trailer


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