Posting in spambot threads.. *PLEASE READ*

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Posting in spambot threads.. *PLEASE READ*

Postby Cyber Bishop » Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:59 am

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Lately I have been noticing more and more people posting in spambot threads..
Just a FYI

1) The spambot will not reply to you so your comments are pointless
2) You are breaking this rule (bolded part below)

The Rules wrote:5. No Spam or Commercial Advertising.
Do not make threads that have absolutely no constructive purpose (such as "Post about anything here!" threads). If your thread does not have at least some attempt at a topic, it will be considered spam and locked. This includes spam posts just so you can pad your post count. We are also not here to be free advertising to make you money. If you want to advertise on, contact a moderator or the site admin and we'll see about working something out with you. Otherwise, any thread linking to a commercial site for the express purpose of getting guests to buy things from it will be locked, and the link removed. Do not continuously bump your thread as this can be considered spam to pad up your post count, let others move it back to the top. ... =9613&sid=

Posting nonsense in spambot threads is considered "padding" or adding to your postcount.

From now on if anyone posts anything in a spambot thread like

"In before lock"
"die spambot die"

Like in this thread ... 21590&sid=


Your post will be deleted and you will receive a warning.
Instead of posting useless garbage try and PM a mod or myself about it and we will lock, move the threads and take care of that account.
This is the first and last warning about this subject.

Thank you.

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