Reprolabels set P3 - Megatron and Soundwave (Prime)

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Reprolabels set P3 - Megatron and Soundwave (Prime)

Postby Dr Va'al » Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:03 pm

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This isn't exactly a review, but it's more of a review than anything else. So I'll stick it in the review section.

On to the non-review. (By the end of it, it was more of a review, I realised.)

The set is printed on chrome paper, which makes the stickers appear quite fragile, compared to the sturdier Ratchet set. Some are not cut or printed particuarly well, in my opinion, which can leave some spaces around the sticker once it's applied. But hey, It's better than plain plastic!
The set includes Megatron and Soundwave touch-ups, so here they are.


Included are four face panels, knee joint covers, chest shininess, pink crest, pink strip for the rear cone bit and four silver Decepticon logos. I didn't apply the latter, or any of the faces, as I'm still undecided.


So a total of seven stickers, and I really like the improvement! Which is weird, because it's hardly noticeable unless you're looking for it. And the legs are awful to photograph. So I gave up.



A lot more stickers here, mostly for edges (chest, legs, shoulders and head), plus four for his claw thing.


Quite a fan of the dark grey one for the shoulders and inner forearms, but the rest is relatively underwhelming in my opinion. Yes, it improves the bland plastic, but having seen some of the later sets I'm left with a bit of a '..meh' feeling about it. He looks much better when the light catches the shoulders nicely, but otherwise really not that noticeable at all.

Interesting set, Soundwave is small but delivers, Megatron.. not sure. They come together though, so might as well.

As a first experience with Reprolabels, though, I am very satisfied!
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