Seeking: Transformers RPers (via other sources)

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Seeking: Transformers RPers (via other sources)

Postby LadyBug » Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:22 am

Since the lack of roleplayers have diminished greatly, I thought I would post this here as well. I only roleplay via aim/msn, but I am looking for new, experienced roleplayers that is wanting to rp Transformers.

Years passed since assembly: 27

Ways to contact me: aim - tsukeruu msn -

Worlds I know: G1, Bayverse, Prime mostly.

Timerfame I operate in: Eastern Time Zone

Personas I assume: I do a variety of characters. I've been dying to try more. But for those that I mostly rp as is: Bumblebee, Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide, Knockout, Starscream and Lennox.

Personas I will NOT assume: There's really not one character I won't rp as, but if it's someone I'm not familiar with, I won't.

What I'm looking for: I wouldn't mind finding another Sam for my Bumblebee (for movie! verse). I also would love to get Knockout some more flare with Breakdown or Ratchet. And of course, Starscream... I haven't had a lot of experiences with, so I'm not really picky with him of who's he is paired up with. I also would like to find a Ratchet for my 'hide. Just because, it's so obvious. And I can pair up Optimus with just about anyone.

Things I'm comfortable with: I'm pretty opened minded when it comes to rping. Yaoi/slash, yuri, hentai styling is fine with me. But you have to be 18+ for that at least. I don't mind AU's either. I also enjoy human! Transformers, along with rping human characters such as Lennox for example.

Things I don't do: I do not rp with anyone that doesn't know how to rp in paragraph style.

Other notes: I do prefer it if you were located in the Eastern Time Zone, since it's easier on the both of us. But otherwise, within the US is fine. Also, please be over the age of 18 while inquiring to rp with me. I expect you to be online alot, or at least a good portion of the day. I expect fast responses. I only rp via IM since it's fast and easy. You can contact me via aim or msn if you are interested. I have been rping for over 13 years now. I expect you to have some experience as well. (I know, I'm picky.)

Feel free to contact me if you think your up for the challenge! Just make sure while IMing me, you state where you are from. I've been getting a lot of spambots lately... on both programs.
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