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Discuss anything about the Transformers cartoons and comics! You can discuss anything from G1 to Cybertron as well as the comics from Marvel, Dreamwave, IDW and more! IDW comic reviews 2012

Postby Psychout » Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:23 am

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Here for you collective entertainment presents the links to all the reviews we have done of the IDW restart after Chaos ended. New reviews will be added as they are completed, enjoy!

More Than Meets The Eye, ongoing.

1 - seibertron-com-reviews-idw-transformers-more-than-meets-the-eye-issue-1-p1335877.php#p1335877
2 - transformers-more-than-meets-the-eye-ongoing-issue-2-review-t84507s100.php
3 - idw-transformers-more-than-meets-the-eye-issue-3-review-t84979.php
4 - seibertron-com-reviews-idw-transformers-more-than-meets-the-eye-issue-4-t85910.php-&hilit=review

Robots In Disguise, ongoing

1 - transformers-robots-in-disguise-1-preview-and-review-t83721s100.php
2 - idw-transformers-robots-in-disguise-issue-2-review-t84942s100.php
3 - seibertron-com-reviews-idw-transformers-robots-in-disguise-issue-3-t85201.php

Autocracy, 12-issue run.

1 - transformers-autocracy-review-are-these-our-autobots-t83592.php
2 - idw-transformers-autocracy-issue-2-review-t85028s100.php
3 - idw-transformers-autocracy-issue-3-review-t85030.php
4 - idw-transformers-autocracy-issue-4-review-t85033s100.php
5 - idw-transformers-autocracy-issue-5-review-t85016s100.php
6 - seibertron-com-reviews-transformers-autocracy-6-t85423.php
7 - seibertron-com-reviews-idw-transformers-autocracy-issue-7-review-t85749.php

Infestation 2: Transformers, 2 issues.

1 - infestation-2-transformers-1-preview-and-review-t83923s100.php
2 - infestation-2-transformers-2-review-t84634s100.php

Comment and questions are always welcome after any of the reviews here, and naturally, personal bias will creep into the articles as one months issues stand out over others.
DISCLAIMER: The above post clearly was meant to offend, and if you feel insulted by it, please use the 'close browser' button and discuss it with someone who knows not to take the internet seriously.
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