Spitballing a Couple Ideas

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Spitballing a Couple Ideas

Postby Glarryg » Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:37 pm

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Hey, Seibertron! I'm more of a lurker here and less of a contributor (it's been at least a couple years since I posted a custom, and the previous one was probably a year or so before that), but something occurred to me recently while I was quietly lamenting my nearly complete lack of time for creative doings. If I don't have time to complete the projects I want to try (and, moreover, the time to get good enough to do them to my liking), I may as well toss some ideas out into the ether and see if someone else wants to try them. So here are two custom ideas I would encourage anybody to do if they want:

--Duobots (please excuse the lame placeholder name): Basically, TFs that consist of two identical vehicles. One is the actual robot, and the other is a remote-controlled drone that becomes the primary robot's weapons and armor. Example: take G1-style Sideswipe and give him an identical Lamborghini which holds his weapons and/or becomes a weapon, or which divides into a set of snap-on armor pieces or some sort of backpack-style power armor. The in-universe logic is that it's a more fully-realised "decoy" than what we had in the '80s, plus, obviously, more weapons and armor. The real-life implication is that this would require scratch-building or re-shelling using two of the same model vehicle in order to keep them the same size and proportions.

--Animated Lockdown might make a good basis for a Batman crossover TF; I think his vehicle mode would become a good Tim Burton-style Batmobile, though the engine would have to go. If not that, it would make a good '90s Animated Series-style 'mobile.

Anyway, just a couple thoughts I wanted to throw out in case anyone--unlike me--has some extra time on their hands.

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