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Stickering it to the man

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Stickering it to the man

Postby Antron » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:18 am

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Hey everybody,
I got my Hasbro Metroplex today so I've spent some time applying the stickers. I was just browsing the gallery and I couldn't help but notice the little differences. For example I put all of my stickers "yellow to orange". I noticed on the back stickers and other center gradients were yellow in the center so I put the gun stickers with the yellow closer to the stock and Seibertron did the opposite. That's just one of the few examples.

I think it's interesting on a psychological level. The different ways people interpret the vague instructions. For instance it took me a minute to realize all of those stickers that went onto the insides of the legs in city mode. That's where most of the differences are.

I can say that the stickers really set the figure off IMHO. I still need to tighten the visor as suggested in another thread. Other than that, I'm really liking this figure. As a side bonus the box it was shipped in is big enough to store some more boxes so, I'll get to open a few more figures I haven't gotten to yet. (I keep my boxes so I tend to hold onto items until I have decent storage for them. I also try my best to keep the receipts. And I keep my instructions in binders. I just picked up a few more binders at a rummage sale so I'm waiting on more inserts today and I'm going to re-organize them soon.)

I don't know, I just found the whole sticker thing interesting. Feel free to chime in or let this thread die. Thanks for reading.
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