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Fanmade Decepticon character profiles can be found here.

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Postby Longshot » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:23 pm

Motto: "Feed them to the Sharkticons!"

Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Decepticon Justice Division
Function: Associate Attorney General
Alternate Modes: Mobile Waste Metal Processor
Weapons: Blast-Cannon, Chest-Mounted Shredding Blades
Special Abilities: None
Height: 50ft/ 15.24m
Quote: “Bored now. Who's next on the List?"

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 7
Dexterity: 5
Speed: 4
Endurance: 10
Courage: 8
Firepower: 8
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 9
Tech Skill: 7
Charisma: 7

Profile: Massive, silent, and unyielding, Tesarus, alongside Helex, serves to provide the raw brute force required by the Decepticon Justice Division in the course of its investigations. He rarely speaks of his past—as he rarely speaks of anything—but it can be surmised from his massive frame and the nature of his alternate mode that he once served in a mining or processing function on Cybertron. In modern times, he puts all his fearsome physical powers to use in the cause of the Justice Division, to horrifying, if rarely outright lethal, results. He is a controlled and laconic Decepticon, rarely moved to outward displays of pain or pleasure, but his dedication to eradicating every mechanoid unfortunate enough to find his name on the infamous List is the stuff of nightmares. More often than not, Tesarus seems to endure the Division’s infrequent periods of downtime rather than enjoy them. Only in battle does he ever appear entirely engaged and interested in the events or individuals around him.

Abilities: Tesarus possesses monstrous strength and resistance to physical injury. Though he prefers to pound opponents into scrap with his bare fists, he occasionally wields a titanic Blast Cannon in large-scale combat, which fires large capsules of gel explosive that detonate seconds after the tough cellulose agent of their exterior casing is breached. The hollow center of his chest cavity is ringed with fearsome, whirling blades into which Tesarus enjoys feeding the extremities of his opponents, using a supplementary pair of grappling claws mounted in his broad shoulders. Each blade is coated in unutrium, enabling Tesarus to scythe through even the similarly-reinforced skeletal support structure of Phase Sixers with little additional effort. His mobility is not significantly augmented while in vehicle mode, which gives him a marked preference for remaining in his robotic form.

Weaknesses: His preference for close combat, and for making opponents suffer rather than simply killing them outright, can enable smaller and nimbler opponents to escape Tesarus’ grasp. The complex machinery of his chest-mounted shredder requires regular, intensive maintenance and large amounts of fuel to maintain.
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