Text/Picture Review - 'Classicsverse' Shockwave (FOC)

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Text/Picture Review - 'Classicsverse' Shockwave (FOC)

Postby Banjo-Tron » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:27 am

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Hi guys, I finally got round to reviewing FOC Shockwave. You can see my review below, and the rest of my stuff at http://teletraan2.blogspot.com/ Enjoy...

Figure Details

Manufacturer - Hasbro
Toyline - Fall Of Cybertron

- Added a Decepticon symbol to the chest (Covering the tampographed one)
- Added a Decepticon symbol to the 'roof'
- Painted the 'eye' yellow


Shockwave was one of my favourite characters due mainly to his portrayal in the comics, where he played a cool, logical yin to Megatron's impulsive and despotic yang. His original toy was immense, transforming into a huge space cannon. Partially because of his calculating nature, and also due to his single, inscrutable eye, Shockwave was one of the classic vilains. Hasbro have recently homaged him with a new figure which ties in with the forthcoming 'Fall of Cybertron' game. The question is, can this diminutive incarnation stand shoulder to shoulder with Classics Megatron?

Appearance (Robot Mode) 7/10
There is a lot to like about this mould, that's for sure. Here we have a Shockwave who encapsulates the menace of the original, but with an updated look which introduces lots of crazy angles and oodles of sculpted detail. While this aesthetic does jar slightly when compared with the other 'classics' figures, the fact Shockwave was largely Cybertron-based helps to explain the disparity. The head sculpt is very nice, and I elected to paint the eye yellow, to better represent the original. I think it works, but make of it what you will. Early photos showed Shockwave merely holding his gun, but thankfully, it is possible to clip the gun onto his arm to better integrate it. This is a nice touch. I also elected to remove the 'fins' which end up behind the shoulders in robot mode (thanks to a tip from Seibertron member Matrix_Holder), because this slims his upper torso somewhat. And, boy, does Shockwave need help in that department.

You see, the first thing you notice about Shockwave is how light he is. And small, he's very small. He stands a tiny bit taller than 'Classics' Thunderwing and Starscream, but he is substantially less substantial (heh) than those two. His legs are particularly hollow, owing to how his cannon forms a giant phallus between his legs to complete the vehicle mode. Endowed with a giant robot dong he may be, but Shockwave's legs are crazy thin. This is why I remove the shoulder fins, because it balances his upper and lower body better. I think a seven is a fair score for his robot mode, which looks pretty great but is too damn small and skinny. I would also like to comment on his overall colour, which I think needs to be a bluer purple. Also, it is very unusual to see a robot mode where there are screw heads visible on the front.


Appearance (Alternate Mode) 8/10
Hasbro are super paranoid about guns these days, which is why Shockwave now transforms into a slender spacecraft, although to be honest, it looks just like a whacking great gun with wings to me. Well played, Hasbro. There are a couple of fan altmodes that try to approximate a gun platform a bit better, although to be honest, the official altmode is good enough in its own right.


Transformation 7/10
Transformation is pretty simple barring a clever flip-over of the chest area, which then reveals Shockwave's head. Although any transformation that involves affixing a massive robo-dong onto the groin area gets a thumbs up from me, if only for the comedy value.


Poseability 8/10
Shockwave can pull off a variety of cool poses, perhaps assisted by his feather-like weight. He has good articulation and all the joints feel tight. He has no wrist articulation which I suppose isn't great, but than he does have a huge gun to compensate. There is no waist swivel either.


Durability 8/10
This guy has soo little weight on him, that he reminds me of those tiny frogs who can tumble down cliffs and land unharmed - there literally isn't enough mass for him to make an impact. In all seriouness, Shockwave's fragile looks belie his solidity.


Overall - 38/50
I would recommend this figure of Shockwave simply because it is Shockwave, and every collection needs Shockwave. But, I really hope that Hasbro produce a Voyager-sized version, as this guy is literally too damn small! Remebering how imposing he was as a character, it is now embarrassing to see him positively dwarfed by my United Megatron. Ultimately, this Shockwave is woefully ill-equipped to stage any kind of coup, and that is this toys' ultimate failing.
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