Text/Picture Review - 'Classicsverse' Unicron (Armada)

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Text/Picture Review - 'Classicsverse' Unicron (Armada)

Postby Banjo-Tron » Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:52 am

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Hi guys, you can see my review of my Armada Unicron below, and the rest of my stuff at http://teletraan2.blogspot.com/ Enjoy...

Figure Details

Manufacturer - Hasbro
Toyline - Armada



Appearance (Robot Mode) 9/10
Unicron is huge! He is also a very nice sculpt to boot. I was so impressed when, after decades of waiting, Unicron was finally done justice. The version I have is the Transformers: Armada version, which would later be repainted to further match his 'movie' incarnation. If I had that version, which has a new headsculpt and more authentic paint, he would get a 10 easily, but he is too expensive! There are several cool gimmicks on this toy, including light-up eyes and hand, plus a massive rocket which can be launched from the chest cavity.

Appearance (Alternate Mode) 8/10
This mode is great until you go round the back of it, which is not planet-shaped in the slightest. I realise that concessions had to be made to make such an impressive robot mode, though. Still, very nice work, HasTak!


Transformation 8/10
Very simple once you succeed the first time, and highly rewarding too. I really enjoy transforming something on this scale, it makes a change from all the delicate deluxe modes.

Poseability 9/10
As poseable as you could hope for, really. The sheer size of the hands allows for articulated fingers, which is amazing. Also, he has absolutely vast feet, which help him stay upright. Surprisingly, the feet still look cool, despite their size.


Durability 7/10
Everything about Unicron is solid, so really, durability should be a good 9 or 10, right? Maybe for most people. But the chest launcher on mine has a hair-trigger. I lost count of the amount of times that the damn rocket fired itself. I decided to open up Unicron and could see no signs of wear around the trigger mechanism, so I didn't know what to do. There are 2 springs putting tension on the launcher assembly; I unscrewed one. This reduction in tension has done the trick, but now if I want to launch the rocket, it is not a smooth motion. Oh well, I'd rather display him without worrying about his hair trigger all the time. A good tip for anyone else experiencing the same issue.


Overall - 41/50
Unicron is the figure I wanted in 1986, and Hasbro/Takara really delivered with this superb example of engineering. My only gripe is that I can't display him with anyone else, the scale just isn't right with anything else! Perhaps if I could get hold of a Junkion Cruiser that was the size of a grain of sand...
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