TF Prime Arms Micron AM-16 Jet Vehicon

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Re: TF: Prime Jet Vehicon likely another Japan-only figure

Postby Skyfire77 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:39 pm

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Not anymore. :sad: :evil: :twisted: :BANG_HEAD:
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Re: TF: Prime Jet Vehicon likely another Japan-only figure

Postby Stumpybot » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:41 am

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this whole thing is kind of comical

when the vocal minority have been moaning that Jet Vehicon is just a vehicon with wings on 'its an easy pass...' 'thats just lazy...' etc etc, soon as it looks like its takara only 'its a crime! we demand this toy! youre wasting money not selling it to us! now i cant find it anywhere...'etc. the second people think theyre not going to get it they instantly must have it. we're an odd bunch and i doubt theres a world shortage, good hunting guys

i preordered mine 3 months ago. came today, love it, plan on hunting down a second. i know a lot of you guys love to hunt things down at your local store but seriously, preorders!

and as for army building... collectors do that, children really dont, thats not justification for hasbro to release it
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Re: TF: Prime Jet Vehicon likely another Japan-only figure

Postby Hotrodimust » Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:27 pm

Flux Convoy wrote:
Hotrodimust wrote:
Flux Convoy wrote:Guuuh! Overpriced TT only molds are beginning to get under my skin. Pre-ordered, like a schmuck.

I think he was only $23 on RK and with shipping its still under $40

That's not really any better than anywhere else. It'd be great if I had a big order to make with them. Otherwise single orders with them are never really cost effective.

I always check what the totals are on BBTS tfsource and RK and now ehobbybase and RK and ehobbybase are always about $5 cheaper and I get my figures in hand before BBTS and tfsource even have theirs in stock. My jet vehicon shipped on Thursday and I got it on Monday from hong kong and it allows me to get my reviews up first even know I still don't do numbers like peaugh and obtibotimus but maybe one day lol
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