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the benefits of a headmaster enhanced combiner team?

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the benefits of a headmaster enhanced combiner team?

Postby Blitz krieg » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:09 pm


when it comes to the g1 combiner teams some of them happen to be mentally slow or otherwise unintelligent or in the case of menasore outright psychotic r dim witted in thier merged super warrior combiner form

what might these combiner teams be like if they were to be enhanced with headmaster technology through the addition of a new character being added to the combiner team?

with this new member theirself forming the actual head and intelligent mind and conciousness of the combiner super warrior form while still retaining the mental link to the combiner team members who form him thus making it possible for the combiner's mind to draw on the experieince of the individuals who form the combiners super warrior form.

while at the same time it would also make it possible for the combiner's mind to successfully avoid experiencing the mental defects of the individual combiner team members du to the headmaster partner theirself serving as the mental go between between the combiners mind and the minds of the individuals who form the combiners body.

how might this benefit the combiner team in their merged form?

for each member of the combiner team including the team leader their mind could fall into some sort of sleep mode with a emergency feature set up if the combiner process is interrupted by failure, so that they are awakened and can return to thier individual robot mode again and defend theirself, instead of being defenseless body parts lying around.

this process could completely avoid mental defects and would give the headmaster 100% control over the combiner body formed by themembers of the combiner team. But the members would have to learn to trust their headmaster 100% so its pretty much all or nothing

The headmaster, would accelerate and enhance the overall ability of the individual members of the team to combine while also regulating the whole system while merging takes place. It's about optimizing the overall mental/psychological output of the gestalt through endless feedbacks from the individual members whos minds happen to exist in a kind of hybrid shared sort of hive mind set.

as a headmaster enhanced combiner team i could easily see bruticus the combaticon combiner superwarrior as being the smart hulk among his fellow decepticon combiners due to his fully posessing all of the skills and abilities, both physical psychological and mentally ,of his fellow combaticons
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Re: the benefits of a headmaster enhanced combiner team?

Postby Blitz krieg » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:25 pm

while each tcombiner team would have a new guy that would form the head for the combiner form he would only provide the combiner form with its own mind and personality which would interact with the minds of the individual members of the combiner team who form the combiner super warrior body

basicly the result would be that the mind of the headmaster would be inhanced due to it drawing on the shared minds of the others.

think of it as being a kind of super empowering of the mind in which all members of the combiner team including the headmaster happen to share a full degree of beyond 100 percent perfect synchronization with eachother in their ability to perfectly coordinate their attacks with eachother asa team and at the samne time using it to boost the combienr forms ability to thoruoughly draw on all the physical mental and intellectual abilities of each member of the team.

but with the combiner form asa person being able to draw on the memories and life experinece of the individual combiner team members who form that combiner's body without falling victim to any one members mental or psychological negatie traits in doing so

basicl,y it being like overclocking ones body but applied to the mind instead

in a manner of speaking the combiner theirself would live and experieince life through each of the combiner team members when the team members are active as their own individuals persons when not in combiner form.

and while the team members are in combiner form when the combiner has awakened and is active he would be able to draw on those experiences as his own person

basicly for the person who is the combiner it would be like a person living part of each day of their life in a dream state while the combiners body is sperated as the individual member of the combiner team but with that person who is the combiner still being throughly aware of the deviding line that seperates dream from reality and being able to use what they have learned during dream time experieince in each individual team members life

in the combiners real own life in real time reality this would also make it possible for the combiner mind as their own seperate being to evlve as a being coindependently of the persons who make up the body of the person who is the combiner

if the combiner team was originally a 5 member team but has been enhanced to be a headmaster combiner team while the new guy would make the team 6 in number it would actually be 7 due to the combiner having its own individual mind and personality as a
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Re: the benefits of a headmaster enhanced combiner team?

Postby primezimm » Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:00 pm

This is a really interesting concept. Some of the issue with the ner stupid minds of the gestlts is the competing egos within one body, almost like having multiple personality disorder without any one personality being in control. It often seems that the autobot combiners have little more cohesivess compared to the cons. I would think focused cohesive mind would make it harder for a leader like Megatron to control them. I would lso think that the mind itself might prefe the complete for and would force a long term merger as opposed to seperation when no longer needed. They might look at the gestalt form as some sort of ascension to a better bot/con, which would make for some serious story arcs.
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