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The Game of Thrones Discussion Thread

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Re: The Game of Thrones Discussion Thread

Postby Dead Metal » Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:08 am

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Rodimus Prime wrote:I've never seen this show, but as soon as I'm done with The Walking Dead, I'm gonna start watching. Is it really gonna make me want to choose between the 2 Houses? Or should I just prepare for all-around carnage?

Actually the series makes you root for multiple people from multiple different houses with different causes. And yes, prepare for allaround carnage.

Also, in most cases, the books are better than the movies/shows made of them, which is why I didn't want to read the books 1st. Is this a good idea?

It's a mixed bag with Game of Thrones/ Song of Ice and Fire, there are some things that are done much better in the books than the show, while there are things that are done much better in the show than the books.
It's also a bit schinzofrenic at times. The show has much more sex and female nudity than the books (as in scenes) it even invents a whole new female character with the sole purpose of showing more sex scenes involving her and well, more interior shots of the bordello, making it almost a major location of the story.
But at the same time the show handles a good deal of the female characters much better, some of them are literally just two or even one dimensional accessories in the books, but in the show they're upgraded to actual three dimensional characters.

It doesn't really matter which you start first, since the show deviates a lot from the books starting with the second season. I would say watch the show first, then start the books. Since the series will be done earlier than the books. The series will soon branch off and go it's own way with own conclusion due to the fact that it will take years before the final two installations come out - that is if the author doesn't die before he's done.

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