The Milky Way

Events occuring within the space between planets.

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Postby *Silverblade » Thu May 29, 2008 7:00 pm


Blitzwing snorted as Motormaster disappeared.


Following suit the Purple triplechanger stepped into the orbital bouncer and felt a rush as he was transported. Materializing at the designated coordinates the mech grinned.

“That was fun let's do it again.”

Breakdown fell to the floor as Motormaster gave him a hard shove. The paranoid con was not enthusiastic about following him down there.
Can't I stey here and man the ship. He whined to himself silently. Slowly his optics came to rest on Shockwave and Starscream ....... perhaps down there was better than up here after all?

With grudging steps the Stunticon entered the bouncer and followed his Boss to the surface.
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