The Stunticons Have Arrived

Earth is a beautiful planet, lush with life, overflowing with energy and ripe for the taking. The Decepticons want to conquer it and harness that energy for their own purposes. The Autobots want to keep it out of Decepticon hands. This forum contains their battles and struggles all across the planet.

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Re: The Stunticons Have Arrived

Postby Smokescreen85 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:04 pm

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Wooded Area behind Abandoned Drive-In Theater

Drag Strip cracked a brief smile as he saw his shots tear through the branch Hex was standing on, causing him to fall. That smile quickly faded away as the young Autobot pushed off from the trunk of the tree which sent him heading straight for the wounded Stunticon. Before Drag knew it, Hex had landed directly on him, knocking them both down to the forest floor. In the process, the yellow racer lost his grip on his blaster, leaving him without a weapon.

Then the Autobot did something malicious, even Decepticon-like. Hex grabbed a hold of the arrow and plunged it deeper into Drag Strip's left shoulder, sending a wave of sharp pain through the Stunticon's joint and down his arm. "Aaaarrrggghhhh!!" Drag yelled as the pain became excruciating. He could feel tiny shards expanding inside his gears, jamming them up and cutting through nearby fuel lines, which caused energon to bubble up and slowly pour from the wound.

Instinctively, Drag Strip used his right arm and quickly grabbed a hold of Hex's own arm to prevent him from pushing the arrow in any further. Even though the Autobot was smaller than himself, Drag found out quickly that his opponent had about equal strength. The Stunticon's throbbing wound didn't help matters as he continued to struggle with Hex. Finally, Drag threw a head butt directly at the young 'bot which allowed him to pull Hex's hand off the arrow. Then Drag brought up one of his legs and aimed a well-placed kick at the silver mech's already injured side, which was leaking fluids of it's own.

As Hex was knocked backwards, Drag Strip pulled himself up to a standing position where he was able to examine the damage to his shoulder. The arrow was embedded deep, but he needed to get it out fast before it caused any more internal damage. Thus, Drag took hold of the end and swiftly yanked it out in one agonizing pull. "Aaaarrgh! Slaggin' son-of-a-glitch!! That fraggin' hurt!!" The yellow racer shouted, directing his anguish at the Autobot assailant. "I'm gonna make you pay for this you little slagger! Mark my words, you'll wish you were never forged!"

Drag Strip threw the energon-covered arrow at Hex and then quickly located his plasma energy blaster. Using his good arm, Drag fired off several shots at the young mech before retreating deeper into the woods as a way to cover himself and protect his wounded shoulder from being hit again.
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Re: The Stunticons Have Arrived

Postby Aetrius » Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:46 pm

Abandoned Drive-in Theater

Wildrider giggled. His head was spinning, he couldn't transform, he was laying on his back in the middle of a field and firing blindly, and the Autobot hadn't gone for the kill. Instead of wading in and delivering the death-blow, Smokescreen had went for his namesake maneuver. Wildrider's giggles became the full-blown maniacal laughter he was known for.

"Are you scared Autobot?" he called from within the clinging field of magnetic smoke. Wildrider clambered to his knees, and then to his feet, listening all the while for the telltale roar of Smokescreen's engine. Unfortunately the Autobot had been smart enough to either transform, or at least to kill his engine.

Damn me to the pit, Wildrider thought. No way of knowing where he's at, so I guess I'll just have to go for it.

Wildrider charged from the smoke, running and an angle and firing all the while. He had no real idea where Smokescreen was, he could be firing in the wrong direction entirely, but he wasn't one to sit and wait. If he was facing the right direction, his scatterblaster covered a huge area with each blast, so he had a good chance of hitting, even firing blind, but he simply had no way of knowing who or what he was firing at.


"Suck my pipes!" Motormaster replied with a snarl, lashing out and grabbing hold of the end of Hot Spot's gun and forcing its' barrel away. "It'll be a cold day in the smelter before I surrender to the likes of you."

Despite his bravado, Motormaster knew he was in trouble, and from what he could see of the rest of the battlefield, his team wasn't faring much better. It was time to get out while that was still possible.

"It's time for us to bounce," he said, sending a transmission to the Ultrax and summoning a bounce beam to take them directly to Decepticon HQ.

OOC: No one should actually bounce until after Devastron's next post. ;)
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Re: The Stunticons Have Arrived

Postby Devastron » Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:07 pm

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Abandoned Drive-In Theater

Motormaster’s action was too quick for Hot Spot to get off a shot on him. Instead he fired off a shot into the ground right next to him, sending out a gout of flame and scorched flying back at him. He lifted his arm to shield his optics, but wasn’t terribly concerned about the blast. He was armored enough to shrug it off. The Protectobot was far more concerned with what he had heard Motormaster saying. The Autobot was quick to react.

>>”Guardian, we have a bounce in progress! Try and jam it or intercept it or something!”<<

The rest of the Protectobots, still on board the vessel in Earth orbit, scrambled to do something. Whether it was through their efforts or by a miscalculation or faulty equipment on the Decepticon side of things, both the Decepticon and Autobot teams where whisked away from their impromptu battlefield.

OOC: Both teams move to the Decepticon Headquarters- The Enemy Within thread.
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