This is supposed to be a kids franchise, isn't it?

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Re: This is supposed to be a kids franchise, isn't it?

Postby Optimus Primevil » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:22 am

for some there is no light at all...unless the character models are g1 accurate

and if bay actually did that we'd still get

"ratchet and ironhide are not gun platforms!!!"

i didn't say anything about cartoon accurate
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Re: This is supposed to be a kids franchise, isn't it?

Postby shamone » Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:15 pm

Lastjustice wrote:
shamone wrote:the issue was that this is a movie, where we expect heroes to be exemplary. We dont expect our heroes to be executioneers.

Im not saying prime is wrong to execute sentinal and prime, just that it doesnt fit with our movie ideals of what heroes are.

for those of us brought up in hollywood tropes, we want megs and prime to meet in an epic clash where the heroes vanquishes the villian in a fair or a mismatched (for the villiam) fight, not a beheading of a weakened and broken foe

May be doesn't fit your mind but it works in mine. War is hell and I expect there be consequences of violence. In the magic of saturday morning cartoons no one dies and ever gets hurt seriously. In these films death happens often and I expect the heroes to put down rabid dogs. At some point enough is enough, and the justice system has no way of handling these threats.

Real life soldiers kill enemies on the battlefield and walk around with a sentiment simliar what prime said upon coming to a battlefield...lets kil em all. that's their job, they re soldiers. (like Lennox said in the first film, you're a soldier now.) You do what has to be done so those who aren't strong enough to defend themselves never have to see these horrors. To defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I wouldn't call one who does that anything else besides hero.

This heroes never kill anyone is for the birds. Every single major comic book character has offed a villain at some point in their careers. People who commit violence but aren't willing to deal with the consequences are cowards. You draw your sword you best be ready to draw blood. You never point a weapon at something you don't wish to destroy.

Ultimately Prime barely escape this battle with his life. He wasn't in much better shape than either of his foes. He just had a moment to gather himself while Sentinel was getting thrashed by megatron, and I'd say more heart to push thru his injuries than either of them.

Was it the way I'd ended the film...absolutely not. Nothing in these films will ever be spot on exactly what we dreamed, but I don't think hollywood has enough money make the film in most fans heads hehe.

its not about not killing, and i idnt say that, its about justified killing.

You are very incorrect if thats what how you view soldiers, there sole purpose is to go out and kill the enemy - thats a depressing and incorrect way of looking at the way things work

and this is evidence of that, if when ordered they cannot do it

In one war-time study, a Brigadier General found that "only 15 to 20 [percent] would take any part with their weapons." And that this was consistently true, "whether the action was spread over a day, or two days, or three." Eighty percent of the soldiers would not fire, due to nothing more than their innate desire to not take a human life. We also know that the vast majority of shots fired in battle, miss.
It's hard to aim at a man and pull the trigger. Even in firing squads, it's standard practice to give some soldiers blanks or unloaded rifles to diffuse the responsibility of killing amongst all men equally. This actually makes the soldiers more likely to pull the trigger, thinking their gun might not be loaded, as well as easing the men's consciences after the fact by letting them believe there's a chance they didn't actually kill the victim.

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