Transformers: Age of Extinction Clapperboard Robot Image

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Clapperboard Robot Image

Postby El Duque » Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:41 pm

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Another Transformers: Age of Extinction robot mode has surfaced via clapperboard set image. Flickr user cmraseye snapped the image mirrored below, which features a red robot mode. Could this be our first look at the Pagani Huayra in robot mode. It's hard to make too much out of the image, but check it out below.


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Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Clapperboard Robot Image

Postby RhA » Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:47 pm

It looks like Bumblebee.
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Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Clapperboard Robot Image

Postby njb902 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:29 pm

RhA wrote:It looks like Bumblebee.

Except for the shoulders I agree.
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Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Clapperboard Robot Image

Postby Tyrannacon » Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:47 pm

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RhA wrote:It looks like Bumblebee.

My thoughts exactly.
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Re: Transformers: Age of Extinction Clapperboard Robot Image

Postby Transformers Fanatic » Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:24 pm

I'm gonna place my bet on this being Windcharger. I read somewhere that It is named after Huayra-tata, which means "God of the winds" in another language. I could very much see them incorporating that.


If it isn't Windcharger my other guess would be Cliffjumper. Just cause he's an iconic character in the TF mythology and we haven't seen the Bayverse version yet.

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