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Transformers: Evolution (stop-motion series) in the making

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Transformers: Evolution (stop-motion series) in the making

Postby LarrySimonis » Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:50 pm


Hey guys! You probably don't know me but I have a stop-motion channel on youtube called ---->

This is my new project (my first Transformers stop-motion project) it's "Transformers: Evolution", a series that will tell the story of Optimus Prime (he'll be Orion Pax during season 1) and the other autobots (such as Rodimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock). The first season is 10 episodes (each 5 to 8 minutes long) and it will focus on the beginning of the Cybertronian War. Lots of stuff will be inspired by a novel 'Transformers: Exodus".

Currently I'm working on the script and on the budget as the only transformers toys I have are very old (except for one figure which is TFP Optimus Prime weaponizer) and those have almost no articulation, which means I'll probably have to start a kickstarter campaign for a 400-500 pound budget that could be spent on the characters that must be in the show (Ultra Magnus for example).

P.S. yes, kickstarter is basically the only way to start the production in the next month or so as I can't afford to buy so many expensive action figures myself, I am a student after all. If kickstarter won't work, I'll have to wait and save money for a few months.

Each season will have 10 episodes (no matter how many seasons there will be. Right now 3 are planned, one season for the beginning of the Cybertron war, the other season for the conclusion and the darkest time, the third season sets the plot in Earth where the traditional TF shows are usually set).

Casting - I will definitely invite people to voice act. I can do a pretty good Megatron impression but to be honest the rest impressions are quite bad so I'll need some help :)

Season 1

Episode 1 - "Uprising"
Plot: Orion Pax is introduced. He's an ordinary librarian, his life is boring and he's not afraid to admit it. Soon things are about to change when a gladiator Megatronus (aka Megatron) ignites a brutal revolution to destroy the corrupted government that's been around for a long long time...
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