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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters "Thirst" Promos

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Re: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters "Thirst" Promos

Postby RAcast » Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:21 pm

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Mindmaster wrote:Huh, turns out Cylas is still kickin'. And super, super, super agressive.

Starscream, you nitwit. Way to give Cylas Dark Energon, turning him into a pseudo-vampire. :BANG_HEAD:

Pfft, Starscream's "highly trained" Vehicons. :lol:

Starscream and Knock Out's little last goodbyes moment had me chuckling. :lol:

So Airachnid was the old enemy we had speculated! Poor Silas, finally died (peacefully?).

All the lulz to Soundwave and his Space Bridging shenanigans. :lol:

More lulz to Megatron teaching Starscream a lesson. :lol:

Shit, did NOT see that ending coming! :shock:

Indeed, that episode was definitely a thing of beauty. :grin: I was rolling through half of it! :lol:
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