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Canon Decepticon character profiles are listed here.

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Postby Cryhavok » Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:13 pm

Motto: ""It is all about pain.""
Weapon: Fusion-Powered Anti-Gravity Gun

Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Insecticon
Function: Psychological warfare
Alternate Modes: Cicada
Weapons: Stinger, electro-blaster rifle, energo-scythe
Special Abilities: Able to produce and inject various chemicals to poison, enhance or control others.
Height: 21ft/6.4m
Quote: “Friends are more dangerous than enemies."

Strength: 03
Intelligence: 09
Dexterity: 08
Speed: 03
Endurance: 06
Courage: 09
Firepower: 08
Accuracy: 09
Melee: 07
Tech Skill: 09
Charisma: 08
Rank: 08

Profile: Venom will use his powers against even other Decepticons, to both manipulate and harm - because he is paranoid of everyone and everything, particularly his own Insecticons. If he wasn't so busy trying to unravel imaginary conspiracies against him, the ruthless and brilliant Venom could become so much more. Needless to say, the way his paranoia makes him to act, doesn't make him many friends, nor allies. Nor it leaves him time polish his plans to perfection, which infuriates the perfectionistic Venom to no degree, which serves only to fuel his deranged paranoia.

Abilities: Subject is incredibly intelligent and skilled. He is an expert in psychology and tactics, although he is less skilled in cognitive realm than Bombshell. In insect mode, he ca fly at 15 mph for 300 miles. His stinger utilizes a laser cutter capable of punching through up to an inch of steel but can't produce enough heat to cut through some stronger metals. Once inserted, the stinger can pump any number of toxins into its target, from corrosive acids that can wreak havoc inside Transformer's innards to energon disruptives that can force another Transformer to fall into statis. His powers are perhaps even more sinister when used against organic life. He can produce and inject powerful neurotoxins that can be used to poison, paralyze, enhance or control organic life. In robot mode, he wield an electro-blaster rifle and an energo-scythe.

Weaknesses: Subject is physically weak and slow. His paranoia and inability to trust anyone, particularly his troops can work against him.
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