Automotive grade paint and supplies for trade

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Automotive grade paint and supplies for trade

Postby Grimpoo » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:11 pm

I'm willing to trade Painting materials and supplies for a few bots. I'm aware that the value of paint in stupid insane. But im willing to get you whatever. From Sandpaper to polish. Sprayguns and airbrushes. Which all work on repainting TF's

Bulldog Plastic adhesion promoter (no sand spray paint right over plastic)
House of kolors tangerine kandy koncentrate
Sherwin Williams automotive mix colors
SATA 3000 RP with a 1.3 setup
36-2000 grit sandpaper
Air/Water Seperators
Polishing Compounds/Wax/Cutting compound
Razor Blades
All new, not used material


Cybertron Dark Scorponok
Cybertron Landmine
Cybertron Hot Shot
Cybertron Long Rack
Cybertron Megatron
Cybertron Mudflap
Cybertron Quickmix
Cybertron Red Alert
Cybertron Snarl
Energon Battle Ravage
Energon Grimlock And Swoop
Energon Optimus Prime
Energon SixShot
Energon Tow line
Energon Ultra Magnus
Energon Unicron
RID Scourage
RID RailRacer
RID Skybyte
RID Cryotek
Machine Wars Starscream
Armada Starscream
Armada Skywarp
Armada Dinobots (all of them)
Armada Predacon
Armada Wheeljack

Re: Automotive grade paint and supplies for trade

Postby Grimpoo » Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:54 am

bump! sata 3000 rp or hvlp Correction!

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