its been a while

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its been a while

Postby WHEELJACK87 » Tue Jan 29, 2008 11:12 am

its been a while since i have posted anything. i have been away for almost 2 years since i have been married. i have decided to show my collection and what i have obtained since i was last here.
i don't have a very good pic, but i'll get better ones when i replace the digital camera my wife lost. also this is just a fuzzy pic of my autobots. i have g1: wheeljack, punch, optimus prime, warpath, beachcomber, needlenose, kickback, hound, sandstrom, stormcloud, motormaster, dragstrip, soundwave, blaster, bonecrusher, darkwing, mirage, grapple, firstaid, gears. g1 classics: astrotrain, ramjet, starscream. g1 re-issue: jazz, thundercracker, tracks, smokescreen, prowl, red alert, hoist, (early 90s) inferno, ultra magnus. HOC: dirge, galvatron, cyclonus. titanium series: scourge. armada: optimus prime(repainting). knockoffs: victory leo, star saber, arielbots minus slingshot. used head of knockoff slingshot for a g1 slingshot i found at goodwill. energon: vortex, ironhide, jetfire. cybertron: skywarp, ransack, hardtop, brushgaurd. i got about 9 g1 marvel transformer comics and 1 idw transformers comic. can't remember all the decepticons i have so i may have a few more. i may take a pic of the decepticons tonight. i am wanting right now to acquire g1 sixshot when i get my tax return hopefully. i am going to try to buy a transformer that is in good condition every year. when i got time i am going to try to be more active at this forum. it is nice to be back on again.

also is there going to be anymore g1 reissues in the near future?

forgot about altenator richochet, g1 blizwing, and cybertron, crumplzone, mudflap buzzsaw, and denergon barricade. :grin:
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Re: its been a while

Postby Autobotic9 » Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:46 pm

congrats on gettin' hitched! Welcome back!
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Re: its been a while

Postby neliz » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:40 pm

I see the "Enter" key on your keyboard broke!

All in a friendly way of course!

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