What now? TFsource Article

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What now? TFsource Article

Postby Maz » Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:59 pm

What if Hasbro don't release the Lamborghini Countach moulds as part of their Masterpiece Transformers line? What if Takara Tomy don't do a second production run of either toy and instead move along to the other Autobot cars beyond Prowl, Streak and Smokescreen? Prices will continue to rise, that's what. There's not currently a whole lot of concrete evidence to suggest any of that will come to pass, but hypothetically, where does that leave a collector who now wants to jump on board the new Masterpiece train and catch up?

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Re: What now? TFsource Article

Postby xyl360 » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:46 am

I've believed this to be the case ever since I heard the rumors that Takara mysteriously lost their licensing deal with Lamborghini.

I donated some money to a friend of mine who's just started on the new MP line just so he was able to secure one before the inevitable price jump hits.

I don't believe for a second that Hasbro will work out a no doubt pricey licensing deal with Lamborghini just to do an extremely limited run of Toys R' Us exclusives based on either of these (as they always seem to do with their MPs these days). Hasbro just isn't dedicated to the MP line, either because they don't sell well enough or more likely because they don't BELIEVE that they'll sell well enough since they're not targeted at children.

I'm not letting any of the Takara MPs slip past me, at least none of the ones actually based on characters from the show (I totally skipped Black Convoy and Tigertracks). As the preorders pop up, I secure them immediately. I did that with Soundwave and it definitely paid off considering the massive price jump that happened with him prior to release (got mine for $159.99 instead of the nearly $200 price point he jumped up to).

I have all 3 of the new cars preordered as well.
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