What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

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What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

Postby skywarp55 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:37 pm

It does not matter whether online or offline purchase but it has to be from a recent line. (GDO generations, masterpiece, AM, PRID, ect.) What you guys consider the top 15 must haves of 2012?
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I am asking because I need a priority list and I need to know what is the most important thing I could purchase online or off. Thanks guys
EDIT:give your personal list/your own opinion
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Re: What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

Postby Transformers Hoarder » Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:56 pm

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I would have to say either Takara or Asia Striker Optimus. Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime/MP-10. I'm feeling Asia voyager Hot Spot. Hasbro Masterpiece Thundercracker. I could go on but it's what you like, how you wish to build your collection. Budget comes into play.
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Re: What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

Postby SKYWARPED_128 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:29 am

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Disregarding budget and/or availability, and in no particular order:

1. Striker OP.

2. MP-10 Convoy

3. MP-14(?) Soundwave

4. FOC Grimlock

5. FOC Starscream

6. MP Frenzy and Buzzsaw set

7. MP Rumble and Ravage Set

8. AM War Breakdown

9. AM Vehicon

10. FOC Kickback

11. MP-11 Coronation Starscream

12. FOC Voyager Soundwave

13. MP-12 Sideswipe (if you're lucky enough to find one without QC issues)

14. No idea.

15. No idea.

Some of the figs mentioned are for next year, but a few months shouldn;t be too big of a deal.
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Re: What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

Postby Motorthing » Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:36 pm

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Having been lucky enough to have MP12 Sideswipe with no real QC issues at all he would be no's 1-13 (you@ll get lucky and have at least one semi-perfect one out of that lot) an MP10 and FOC Ultra Magnus.

You could add on MP Red Alert if he makes it out in time for this year.
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Re: What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

Postby bossman328 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:23 am

no particular order:
TRU MP Optimus
MP Sideswipe
MP Thundercracker
TFPrime Vehicon (FE, RID, Jet...they're all awesome)
Generations (GDO) Wheelie
Generations (GDO) Hotspot
TFPrime Wheeljack/Deadend
TFPrime Dreadwing
TFPrime AM Skywarp
TFPrime FE Terrorcon Cliffjumper
Generations FOC Shockwave
TFPrime FE Starscream
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Re: What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

Postby Lord_Onslaught » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:48 pm

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MP-10 Optimus Prime
Warbot Assaulter
AM-EX Thundercracker
AM-15 Darkness Megatron
AM-16 Jet Vehicon
AM-12 Breakdown
MMC Cyclops
City Commander
FOC Onslaught
FOC Jazz
FOC Shock wave
FOC Vortex
Year Of the Dragon Optimus Prime
APS Striker Prime
Pride Rumble
Megatron BOWS! to me!
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Re: What are the top 15 figures to have as of right now?

Postby mattj972 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:54 am

There are so many great figures out there right now.
Just got my Wheelie generations figure(awesome figure,if you don't have it toysrus.com has is for $14.99 and it is one of the best figures out there in my opinion :BOT: )
but Hasbro MP Prime and Thundercracker
Japanese prime Ultra Magnus
any of the FOC new figures
AM terrorcon cliffjumper and FE terrorcon cliffjumper
Also want the terrorcon bumblebee prime figure
and a jet vehicon if i ever decide to just buy one online.

This is a really good time for transformer collectors, I love the hunt.
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