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Feel free to discuss anything about any of the thousands of Transformer toys here. Anything from Generation 1 all the way to the soon to be released, the never to be released or the hope to be released is fair game! Want to show off your stuff? Please post your's and see others in the Transformers Collections Forum. 04-21 News!

Postby El Duque » Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:47 am

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Greetings from

Here is the latest YaHobby update this week:

Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak
We have a few pcs restock.
Image ... -3651.html

Transformers Perfect PE-12 Assault Force X
Image ... -3835.html

Transformers Fansproject FPJ Function-X1 X-1 Headmaster
Image ... -3829.html

Transformers Toyworld TW-H01 Hardbone
Image ... -3778.html

Transformers Fansproject Xfire CA-06 CA-07 CA-08 Insecticon Set
Image ... -3828.html

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon DOTM Autobot Ark
Image ... -3836.html

Transformers 2012 Generations Series 02 FOC Bruticus Set of 5
Image ... -3708.html

Transformers Exclusive G2 Bruticus Set FOC
Image ... -3773.html

Transformers G1 Encore 20A Devastator Anime Color
Image ... -3781.html

Transformers Starscream Deluxe Seeker Set Asian Exclusive
Image ... -3787.html

Hasbro Transformers 2009 Movie 2 Legends Devastator Gift Set
Image ... p-898.html

Transformers APS-01 Asia Premium Series Striker Optimus Prime
Image ... -3789.html

Transformers Platinum Year of the Snake Omega Supreme FOC
Image ... -3770.html

Hasbro Commemorative Transformers G1 Reissue Optimus Prime
Image ... -3797.html

Transformers TFC Uranos SR-71 Blackbird X-47 Phantom Ray
Image ... -3792.html

Transformers TFC Toys Photron Camera Set
Image ... -3743.html

Transformers KM-05 Knight Morpher Airborne Squad Screecher
Image ... -3795.html

Hasbro Transformers G1 Reissue Powermaster Optimus Prime
Image ... -3760.html

Transformers Masterpiece MP-09 MP09 Rodimus Prime
Image ... -1614.html

Transformers Masterpiece MP-03G Clear Ghost Starscream
Image ... p-991.html

Transformers 3 DOTM Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire Two-Pack
Image ... -2648.html
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