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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
151331CheckmateABLE Squad
Cdr: Prodigy
3564,953Cassette PlayerAutobot
152332Ursa MajorAutobot Spartans
Cdr: Dragonslayer
153336Meta-chielite guard
Cdr: tyranus
2506,483Attack CycleAutobot
154337Ecto PlasmicSqueegee
Cdr: Sparky
3492,746Response VehicleAutobot
155339Fortress AggiemusAutobot Spartans
Cdr: Dragonslayer
2472,681Battle StationAutobot
156340DefenderTeam - Unique Name
Cdr: Cheetron
2468,998Two-Headed Bird MonsterAutobot
157350RevverAutobot Spartans
Cdr: Dragonslayer
2430,417Pontiac SolsticeAutobot
158354SteelwraithAutobot Spartans
Cdr: Dragonslayer
2402,283Main Battle TankAutobot
159357Omega FortressHyperion Guard
Cdr: ThunderThruster
160358MnementhHyperion Guard
Cdr: ThunderThruster
161359Optimus MagnumAutobot War Council
Cdr: Evolution Prime
2376,341Semi TruckAutobot
162360Sky-strikerelite guard
Cdr: tyranus
2370,844Reverse-Wing Combat FighterAutobot
163361Ultra MagnusAuto-Nopes
Cdr: Anonymous
2366,104Car CarrierAutobot
164366ThunderthrusterHyperion Guard
Cdr: ThunderThruster
3346,399F-14 Fighter JetAutobot
165367BoltbrainAutobot Spartans
Cdr: Dragonslayer
2344,281GMC Topkick Pickup TruckAutobot
166369Razor-TrackHyperion Guard
Cdr: ThunderThruster
3341,743Flak TankAutobot
167370SonicblastAutobot Spartans
Cdr: Dragonslayer
2340,621Joint Strike FighterAutobot
168371NessieThe Odd Squad
Cdr: oddsey
3339,216Mining VehicleAutobot
169372AirstrikeThe X Factor Squadron
Cdr: Mecha X
3338,699A-10 WarthogAutobot
170373Event HorizonAutobot War Council
Cdr: Evolution Prime
2332,557Semi CabAutobot
Cdr: Genesis
2325,814Noble DragonAutobot
172377EremathHyperion Guard
Cdr: ThunderThruster
2321,107Two-Headed CreatureAutobot
173378GaleonHyperion Guard
Cdr: ThunderThruster
2319,937Wild CatAutobot
174379RipjawHyperion Guard
Cdr: ThunderThruster
2318,917Thresher SharkAutobot
175380SlashdashSparks of the Tempest
Cdr: JazZeke

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Showing records 151 - 175 of 321, 25 per page.

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