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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
Cdr: Xeez
66,577,499Mechanical PantherDecepticon
Cdr: Xeez
55,872,629Armed CreatureDecepticon
103194Acid DropAggression Incorporated
Cdr: Editor
65,733,448Rapid Deployment CraftDecepticon
104195HellFireNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
65,689,823Walther P-38Decepticon
105197JunkPileNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
65,482,673Sports CarDecepticon
106198WarTimeNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
107199KaijuNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
65,408,188Tyrannosaurus RexDecepticon
108200FrankenBotNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
65,406,562Troop Transport VehicleDecepticon
109201Count NightFlyerNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
65,394,305Futuristic JetDecepticon
110202CrashTestNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
65,394,272Dodge Viper HardtopDecepticon
111203WereFormerNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
112204SutekhNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
65,142,922Saleen S281 Ford Mustang Police CarDecepticon
Cdr: Xeez
65,046,067Saleen S281 Ford Mustang Police CarDecepticon
114208SkymaulerThe Empiricons
Cdr: Insidious
Cdr: Xeez
64,569,279Dodge Viper HardtopDecepticon
116211TweakThe Hellraisers [RDD]
Cdr: Wrath
54,508,751Battle StationDecepticon
117212BurntoutAggression Incorporated
Cdr: Editor
118213Party CrasherAggression Incorporated
Cdr: Editor
64,288,830Saleen S281 Ford Mustang Police CarDecepticon
119214AlluraThe Hellraisers [RDD]
Cdr: Wrath
54,253,060Sky DragonDecepticon
120215TwitchThe Hellraisers [RDD]
Cdr: Wrath
54,252,362Futuristic Sports CarDecepticon
121218Night DisruptorAggression Incorporated
Cdr: Editor
64,003,857Stratospheric BomberDecepticon
122221PolterGeistNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
53,632,226High Performace MotorcycleDecepticon
Cdr: Xeez
124226Lady in WhiteNight Stalkers
Cdr: Lunatyk
53,378,373Black Widow SpiderDecepticon
125227DynamaxThe Dark Star Elite [RDD]
Cdr: Datamatrix
53,342,902Dual-Rotor HelicopterDecepticon

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Showing records 101 - 125 of 289, 25 per page.

Rankings last updated on Wed, 31 Dec 1969 6:00pm CST (updated once per hour).

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