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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
51585Full-FirePlanetary Assault Squad
Cdr: Cmdr. Trailblazer
052Laser CannonDecepticon
52586MoondancerNo team name
Cdr: Shinju-chan
53588SnapjawNo team name
Cdr: Lachie989
048Thresher SharkDecepticon
54589BiggeronSavage Synonym
Cdr: FlyingFlish
023Alien TitanDecepticon
55592AxetailThe Cyber-Hunters
Cdr: Silverstar309
56=Bumblebee 'My BF'The Shattered Dynasty
Cdr: Bee's Girlfriend
00Dodge Viper HardtopDecepticon
57=Corona Prime 'Me'The Shattered Dynasty
Cdr: Bee's Girlfriend
00Drag RacerDecepticon
58=CoronachNo team name
Cdr: Shinju-chan
00Space FighterDecepticon
59=CorypheonThe Plagues
Cdr: Skull Grin
60=Dcepticon ArsenalNo team name
Cdr: E-phsyco
00Dual-Missile LauncherDecepticon
61=Femcon BlizzardNo team name
Cdr: Shinju-chan
00Futuristic JetDecepticon
62=HexclawThe Cyber-Hunters
Cdr: Silverstar309
00Tyrant DragonDecepticon
63=IceboltThe Cyber-Hunters
Cdr: Silverstar309
64=MetatisicNo team name
Cdr: Shinju-chan
00Seige TankDecepticon
65=PavillionNo team name
Cdr: 0rockstar0
66=ShardThe Cyber-Hunters
Cdr: Silverstar309
67=ShortcircuitNo team name
Cdr: Lachie989
00Armored Personnel CarrierDecepticon
68=SilverstrikeThe Cyber-Hunters
Cdr: Silverstar309
69=SkybarrageNo team name
Cdr: Fanceytron
00F-15 Eagle JetDecepticon
70=Sonora PrimeThe Shattered Dynasty
Cdr: Bee's Girlfriend
00Saleen S281 Ford Mustang Police CarDecepticon
71=ViolatetreadNo team name
Cdr: Lachie989
00Mobile Laser BatteryDecepticon
72=VoidshotNo team name
Cdr: Lachie989
00Armed CreatureDecepticon
73=WingscytheNo team name
Cdr: Lachie989
00Strike FighterDecepticon

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Showing records 51 - 73 of 73, 25 per page.

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