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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
101575Knock DownPlanetary Assault Squad
Cdr: Cmdr. Trailblazer
0833Assault TankDecepticon
102576Zero GearKing Commandos
Cdr: Mythic_Gears
103577ProspectousRace of the Void
Cdr: belgarion
0672Semi TruckAutobot
Cdr: Resistor
105579Ram-RaidSigma Company
Cdr: KXZ501
0600Semi TruckAutobot
Cdr: NiteBladeX
0550Attack JeepAutobot
107581CloudbomberPlanetary Assault Squad
Cdr: Cmdr. Trailblazer
Cdr: NiteBladeX
0450Heavy Assault VehicleAutobot
109583Void'Wild Bunch
Cdr: Mrjustice
0432Wolf / Eagle FuzorAutobot
110584Mach WarpKing Commandos
Cdr: Mythic_Gears
Cdr: Nexus Knight
0391A-10 WarthogAutobot
112586Bo'bombPlanetary Assault Squad
Cdr: Cmdr. Trailblazer
0374Armored Personnel CarrierDecepticon
113587TrailbomberPlanetary Assault Squad
Cdr: Cmdr. Trailblazer
0340Missile PlatformDecepticon
114588Lar-ENo team name
Cdr: lsmith099
0304Bird MonsterAutobot
115589Demon RazorKing Commandos
Cdr: Mythic_Gears
0300Missile BatteryAutobot
116=Wi-FireKing Commandos
Cdr: Mythic_Gears
0300Road SpeederAutobot
117591Grandliner'Wild Bunch
Cdr: Mrjustice
0237Aircraft CarrierAutobot
118592Targetmaster SpotsAcicons
Cdr: Nexus Knight
0213RPG LauncherAutobot
119593CosmicNo team name
Cdr: lsmith099
0203Exploration VesselAutobot
120594Spider Drone 2Acicons
Cdr: Nexus Knight
0200Walking TankAutobot
121595ScornedTime Guardian
Cdr: grimlockprime108
0150Bipedal Land DragonAutobot
122596Prof StargazerAcicons
Cdr: Nexus Knight
0133Rescue ShipAutobot
123597WildtracksNo team name
Cdr: Lachie989
0132Off-Road Assault BuggyDecepticon
124598Arzarthian PrimeAegisbots
Cdr: Zahariel
0125Semi TruckAutobot
125599FrostlaneKing Commandos
Cdr: Mythic_Gears
0100Futuristic DragsterAutobot

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Showing records 101 - 125 of 160, 25 per page.

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