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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
76598ShatterpointMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
02,340High Performace MotorcycleAutobot
Cdr: Nexus Knight
02,303Supersonic JetAutobot
78600Great AutoMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
02,143Scout FighterAutobot
79601High BeamMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
02,110Assault JetAutobot
80602Snow CatAcicons
Cdr: Nexus Knight
81603Speed TracksterQuickShifters
Cdr: monkeybotduel
01,986Dodge ViperAutobot
82604HevHitterShockTroop Legion
Cdr: Skyroid
83605SundererShockTroop Legion
Cdr: Skyroid
84606Sync RiderQuickShifters
Cdr: monkeybotduel
85607Road-TrainThe Odd Bots Out
Cdr: PaskyTheLad
01,361Semi CabAutobot
86608Acid StormAutobot Stike Force
Cdr: Acid Storm
01,297Supersonic JetAutobot
87609Thunder ChaserAutobot Stike Force
Cdr: Acid Storm
01,114Road RacerAutobot
88610Flare BlitzQuickShifters
Cdr: monkeybotduel
01,100Sports CarAutobot
89611Magma MissleAutobot Stike Force
Cdr: Acid Storm
01,069Flak TankAutobot
90612BotshotNo team name
Cdr: Commander Pliskin
0972Dodge Viper HardtopDecepticon
91613Acetron MaximusAcicons
Cdr: Nexus Knight
0750Repair BayAutobot
Cdr: Azrael1415
0548Chevrolet CamaroAutobot
93615Night FlightMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
0477Owl / Bat FuzorAutobot
94616Flame ConvoyNo team name
Cdr: ZombieDad1974
0450Fire TruckAutobot
95=Zero GearKing Commandos
Cdr: Mythic_Gears
96618Quick StrikeShockTroop Legion
Cdr: Skyroid
0428Assault JetAutobot
97619Motor-MasterNo team name
Cdr: ZombieDad1974
0400Transport TruckAutobot
98=Motormaster-No team name
Cdr: ZombieDad1974
0400Semi TruckAutobot
99621Ultra MammothNo team name
Cdr: ZombieDad1974
0350Wolly MammothAutobot
100=Wing-Saber-No team name
Cdr: ZombieDad1974
0350A-10 WarthogAutobot

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Showing records 76 - 100 of 124, 25 per page.

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