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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
101499HeadrushPax Hunters
Cdr: Z-z
102500DesolationPax Hunters
Cdr: Z-z
103501WildfangThe X Factor Squadron
Cdr: Mecha X
104502HELLBRINGERMech System
Cdr: eurandi
105504GruntThe Marauders
Cdr: Psycho Andy
106505StarguardPrimus enforcers of justice
Cdr: zinn-9
2117,102Space ShuttleAutobot
107507TanketteThe X Factor Squadron
Cdr: Mecha X
2116,514Main Battle TankAutobot
108508PredatorWired For Destruction
Cdr: ctrlFrequency
2116,045Race CarDecepticon
109509ReaperWired For Destruction
Cdr: ctrlFrequency
2114,648Race CarDecepticon
110510Malaka PrimeKing Kong Dong
Cdr: John Stamoist
2114,366Defence BaseAutobot
111511Rubbish SupportKing Kong Dong
Cdr: John Stamoist
2112,912Majestic DragonAutobot
112512Millennium FalsehoodSqueegee
Cdr: Sparky
2111,451Car CarrierAutobot
113513SkycatWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
2110,683Wolf / Eagle FuzorAutobot
114514ED-209Mech System
Cdr: eurandi
2108,615Sentry VehicleDecepticon
115517OnvieMogwai Swim Team
Cdr: Mogwai Prime
Cdr: Rail Saber
2102,154Shark CreatureDecepticon
117523Ruby DeagleMogwai Swim Team
Cdr: Mogwai Prime
296,963Wolf / Eagle FuzorAutobot
Cdr: Sparky
295,902Cargo PlaneAutobot
119528-Shade-Wylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
120529DevrilWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
293,033Sabretooth TigerAutobot
121533PowerclawWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
287,944Majestic DragonAutobot
122534RhauxxusWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
287,888Horned Flying CreatureAutobot
123536Optimus PrimalMashin Robo Reskyu [AWC]
Cdr: Prowl240z
286,498Mechanized FelineAutobot
124538Terrain RunnerWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
285,299Small AnimalAutobot
125542RaveneyeWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
282,683A-10 WarthogAutobot

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Showing records 101 - 125 of 135, 25 per page.

Rankings last updated on Wed, 31 Dec 1969 6:00pm CST (updated once per hour).

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