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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
26315ThunderfallSeekers of Cumulonimbus [RDD]
Cdr: Sunstar
2209,769Cybertronian JetDecepticon
27316SabreWired For Destruction
Cdr: ctrlFrequency
28317The RookMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
2203,670A-10 WarthogAutobot
29318QuickfixThe X Factor Squadron
Cdr: Mecha X
30319NightlifeThe X Factor Squadron
Cdr: Mecha X
2200,187Speed RacerAutobot
31320Wreak HavocWired For Destruction
Cdr: ctrlFrequency
2186,084Battle CarDecepticon
32321StarskreamRoyal Decepticon Air Force
Cdr: eurandi
33322StormeyesMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
34323PlasmatronMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
2170,340Strike FighterAutobot
35324MotorheadThe Marauders
Cdr: Psycho Andy
2164,125Semi TruckAutobot
36325Sky HunterThe Marauders
Cdr: Psycho Andy
2161,504F-14 Fighter JetAutobot
37326ArmamentThe Marauders
Cdr: Psycho Andy
2159,025Jet-Propelled Laser PistolAutobot
38327NitroMaximal Command Security Force
Cdr: Armorock
2158,582Road CruiserAutobot
39328MightyThe Marauders
Cdr: Psycho Andy
2150,515Military AmbulanceAutobot
40329Skywarp-SR71ARoyal Decepticon Air Force
Cdr: eurandi
2145,465SR-71 BlackbirdDecepticon
41330WildfangThe X Factor Squadron
Cdr: Mecha X
42331TanketteThe X Factor Squadron
Cdr: Mecha X
2133,633Main Battle TankAutobot
43332ThunderkrackerRoyal Decepticon Air Force
Cdr: eurandi
44333GruntThe Marauders
Cdr: Psycho Andy
Cdr: Sparky
2119,637Cargo PlaneAutobot
46336WatchDogRoyal Decepticon Air Force
Cdr: eurandi
Cdr: Sparky
2112,839Rescure HelicopterAutobot
48340RolloutThe Marauders
Cdr: Psycho Andy
2101,119Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot
49342Terrain RunnerWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
285,999Small AnimalAutobot
50343RaveneyeWylde-Sky gang
Cdr: *Skycat*
284,021A-10 WarthogAutobot

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Showing records 26 - 50 of 50, 25 per page.

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