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High scores

Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
Note: You can also toggle filters by level, faction and alt-mode by clicking on the number or icon in the list. Click again to deactivate the filter.

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Transformer Team
168Valkryie PrimeVitatrons
Cdr: Vitatech
10103,417,695Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot
2221ShammyIm Back to get Burn
Cdr: odnah
66,090,352Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot
3227Doc RatchetGuardians
Cdr: Cooter
65,634,721Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot
Cdr: crossblades
3811,350Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot
5514PatchThe Rescue Squad
Cdr: MobileBattleBunker
2294,273Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot
6561Ghostbusters!Mighty Morphin XP Generators
Cdr: Zordon
2206,327Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot
7739SlipdiskThe Starstormers
Cdr: Ralenger
04,728Nissan Onebox Vanette AmbulanceAutobot

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Showing records 1 - 7 of 7, 25 per page.

Rankings last updated on Wed, 31 Dec 1969 6:00pm CST (updated once per hour).