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Welcome to the Heavy Metal War high scores list. Below, you can view the entire list of characters active within the last 3 months. You can also filter the list by character level, faction and by keyword in the character's name by using the form below.
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Transformer Team
1620KenjiDiaclone- The New Generation
Cdr: Humanfactor
051,773Lamborghini Countach LP500SAutobot
2631MaritaDiaclone- The New Generation
Cdr: Humanfactor
3634DanielDiaclone- The New Generation
Cdr: Humanfactor
046,233Jeep WranglerAutobot
4635HalfmoonDiaclone- The New Generation
Cdr: Humanfactor
046,082GMC Topkick Pickup TruckAutobot
5661Energon Generator 1Vitatrons
Cdr: Vitatech
6664Energon Generator 6Vitatrons
Cdr: Vitatech
7667Energon Generator 4Vitatrons
Cdr: Vitatech
8672FoximusThe Lightning Squadron
Cdr: Foxfire13795
08,466F-14 Fighter JetAutobot
9676StaticThe Lightning Squadron
Cdr: Foxfire13795
07,486Futuristic Assault VehicleAutobot
10677CurrentThe Lightning Squadron
Cdr: Foxfire13795
11678ShowstealerThe Loose Cannons
Cdr: Silly
07,086Walking TankAutobot
12680BlurhorseThe Loose Cannons
Cdr: Silly
13681Energon Generator 2Vitatrons
Cdr: Vitatech
14682RoadbusterAutobot Wreckers
Cdr: Wiley Buzzard
06,615Road SpeedsterAutobot
15683Air HilarityThe Loose Cannons
Cdr: Silly
06,524Rescure HelicopterAutobot
16684SpycreeperThe Loose Cannons
Cdr: Silly
06,481Jumping SpiderAutobot
17686HaulshotThe Loose Cannons
Cdr: Silly
06,211Semi TruckAutobot
18687RuinationAutobot Wreckers
Cdr: Wiley Buzzard
06,053Heavy Assault VehicleAutobot
19688SpringerAutobot Wreckers
Cdr: Wiley Buzzard
05,977Attack HelicopterAutobot
20690AerialThe Lightning Squadron
Cdr: Foxfire13795
05,576Supersonic JetAutobot
21695XaaronAutobot Wreckers
Cdr: Wiley Buzzard
22696Dark reaperRace of the Void
Cdr: belgarion
05,200Laser RifleAutobot
23697WhirlAutobot Wreckers
Cdr: Wiley Buzzard
24698NadirThe Lightning Squadron
Cdr: Foxfire13795
05,023Race CarAutobot
25699ChromiaThe Lightning Squadron
Cdr: Foxfire13795
04,918Fire EngineAutobot

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Showing records 1 - 25 of 68, 25 per page.

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