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More Hasbro reissue speculation!

Transformers News: More Hasbro reissue speculation!
Date: Friday, December 27th 2002 11:49pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Hey, thanks for stopping by once again.

Let´s get down to business. We´ve now seen pictures of the G1 Transformers commemorative series III Thundercracker. More importantly, we´ve seen pictures of its BOX. This series is more ´book style´ than series II will be. The box also shows us a picture of ´Silverstreak´ (apparently it´s Anime Bluestreak). A VERY interesting part is the two little words on the front of the box. Those two words just jump off the page. What 2 words? "Adult Collectable"

Not a ´toy´
Not an ´action figure´

Just rolls off the tip of your tounge doesn´t it? You´re not buying some child´s toy. You´re buying an ADULT COLLECTABLE!

This could mean anything, or nothing at all. It could be just another sales hook, or it could mean that Thundercracker may not be altered the way Starscream has. I guess we´re just going to have to wait and see...

Edit: 12/29- Well, the wait´s over. The missles are still long. For those who display in robot mode, the changes are tolerable though. Hope that cheers you up a bit...

Stealth Jet: Cancelled?

Transformers News: Stealth Jet: Cancelled?
Date: Friday, December 27th 2002 11:26am CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): The Allspark

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The Target exclusive, Stealth Jet, is listed in Target computers as "Discontinued as of 12-24". This could be an error, but it may be one less exclusive figure added to your collection. Japan will still get the figure, so this allows hope for a US release.

Hasbro Agrees to Movie Licensing Deal

Transformers News: Hasbro Agrees to Movie Licensing Deal
Date: Sunday, December 22nd 2002 4:59pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Yahoo! News, Associated Press

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As first reported by the Prof Smooth Rumors Page, it appears that Hasbro is moving closer to having movies featuring their products. From Yahoo! News: "Toy maker Hasbro Inc. has signed a licensing deal with a newly formed Los Angeles production company to make films featuring Hasbro products." Read the full story from Yahoo! News ...

More rumors of a new Transformers movie

Transformers News: More rumors of a new Transformers movie
Date: Sunday, December 22nd 2002 12:34pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): AP

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The following is directly from the AP to Yahoo.

Hasbro Agrees to Movie Licensing Deal
Thu Dec 19,12:14 PM ET Add Business - AP to My Yahoo!

PAWTUCKET, R.I. - Toy maker Hasbro Inc. has signed a licensing deal with a newly formed Los Angeles production company to make films featuring Hasbro products.
The company, called Fat Rock Entertainment, will begin releasing the films next summer. The movies will be G-rated and shown at selected theaters in the early morning and midday.
"It´s part of our core-brand expansion strategy," said Jane Ritson-Parsons, president of Hasbro Properties Group. "What we´re looking to do is really expand our brands within the world of the consumer, within every part of their lives."
Hasbro, based in Pawtucket, has been licensing many of its brands. Transformers can be found in cobranded comics and on cobranded apparel and backpacks. In Las Vegas, gamblers can find Monopoly slot machines, and in Atlantic City, there´s a retail-entertainment complex based on Monopoly, called Park Place on the Boardwalk.
Hasbro declined to release terms of the movie deal, though Ritson-Parsons said the company is not investing in the pictures. The movies, which will be combinations of live action and animation, will be made with an estimated budget of $5 million to $10 million each.

Smooth note: This does add fuel to the fire of an impending Transformers movie. And though I should be jumping out of my smooth-boots for joy one thing bothers me. The 5-10 million budget worries me. I know FANS who spend that much on Transformers. Of course, I jest, but that does seem a little low. Of course, I´ll post more information on this when it becomes available.

SMOOTH NOTE 2: It says the films will be G rated. And only be shown in the early and mid-day in selected theaters. Take note of this, as it´s the info MOST likely to change.

New Transformers movie news?

Transformers News: New Transformers movie news?
Date: Thursday, December 19th 2002 9:49pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): The Hollywood Reporter

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The following is from Cinescape (written by Mike Whybark):

"THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER notes that Fat Rock Entertainment will produce live-action/CGI films featuring licensed properties from Hasbro and others. The production company has a partnership deal with animators SD Entertainment as well as distribution deals in place.

"The first film from Fat Rock will see release in July. The feature was not named or described."

Is it the long rumored Transformers movie? Nah, probably not. However, the rights to a new TF movie WERE picked up by an studio several months back. This JULY release is almost definately NOT a new TF film, but who knows what the future may bring ...

Some speculation on the 'clear reissues'

Transformers News: Some speculation on the 'clear reissues'
Date: Wednesday, December 18th 2002 4:28pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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In October we were all shocked to see an Ebay auction for an all clear Optimus Prime figure. Speculation ran wild. Was it a Lucky Draw figure? Was it a prototype? A test shot? We just didn´t know. As the weeks went on, we learned that there were at least THREE of these ´clear Optimus Prime´ figures. Not long after, pictures were put up on showing a ´clear smokey Starscream´ figure and what looked like an ´all chromed Starscream´ figure. Rumors that these were being made ´after hours´ at either Hasbro or Takara by workers seeking a quick buck began to gain momentum. Merely a few weeks ago, an all clear ´New Years Convoy´ appeared for sale from a private dealer. This included the New Years version of the rifle, an all clear Matrix of Leadership, and a trailer with clear parts within.

This brings us to December 18th. Today pictures were found of a clear Jazz and a clear Prowl.

What do all these figures have in common? They´re all fairly recent japanese reissues. They all include the japanese sticker sheets as well.

All signs point to these being made in Takara´s factory by an employee or employees seeking to rip off the fandom.

If the opportunity to purchase one of these figures presents itself, be warned. They´re most likely NOT official products and for all intents and purposes you´re paying a huge sum of money for a knock-off.

As always, there will be an update as soon as more information is made available.

More pictures of the Clear Optimus Prime.

Transformers News: More pictures of the Clear Optimus Prime.
Date: Tuesday, December 10th 2002 9:32pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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There´s another clear Optimus Prime for sale. This brings the confirmed total of these up to at least 3. However, this is the first one that we´ve seen include the trailer and the matrix. Pictures of this odd item can be seen here

Store Exclusive Madness!

Transformers News: Store Exclusive Madness!
Date: Wednesday, December 4th 2002 12:56pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Ground Zero

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News of new store exclusives for the next year have been running rampant over the internet. First, there´s the Armada Dinobots -- repaints of the BW2 and Beast Machines Dinobots, complete with Autobot emblems. Next, we have rumours of six more clear spychangers, different versions of the last lot. Then there´s the Urban Camo Ruination as well as the G2 Stealth Bomber Target Exclusive repaint "Dreadwind and Smokejumper". Thanks to the guys on the board and for the news, and americandreamcomics for the pics.

Upcoming reissue Prime to have short stacks?

Transformers News: Upcoming reissue Prime to have short stacks?
Date: Monday, December 2nd 2002 8:33pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Speculation has been high about the upcoming Convoy from Takara. As we all know it´s only the latest in a series of reissues done by Takara over the last couple of years. And fans have been wondering what they could possibly do to make this figure different. Already we know that the figure will include the ´energy axe´ used in More Than Meets the Eye/Arrival From Cybertron, but what else could they do? Well, one popular theory is that the figure could feature Hasbro´s new shorter smokestacks. To add fuel to the fire, there was recently a Takara Convoy prototype/test shot/ect that was found with the shorter stacks. Will Convoy´s latest reissue include them? Looks like we´ll have to wait until February to find out...

More on the Armada Combaticons

Date: Saturday, November 30th 2002 9:18pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Due to some lingering doubt, this has been moved to the Rumors section.

s reported on the rumor page awhile back, another ´Bruticus´ set will be released. This time as ´Ruination´ in the Robots in Disguise line, HOWEVER, it will be in Armada-Style packaging. The figures will come together in a boxed set. No price has been given yet.

Thanks Charles!

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