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Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
Date: Tuesday, October 27th 2015 6:01pm CDT
Categories: Site News, People News, Media, Interviews, Podcast
Posted by: ScottyP

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Twincast / Podcast. This special episode has Scotty P and Seibertron's News Administrator Va'al chatting with IDW Transformers comic author Nick Roche.

Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers" is available directly and in our RSS Feed and should appear on iTunes and Stitcher Radio within 24 to 48 hours of when you see this news post.

Yes, you read right, this episode is all about the upcoming Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers from IDW Comics, and the author himself joins us to talk about the book and what it might bring readers. First up though, we'll tackle the truly hard questions about hotels and hard "ch" sounds.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
Every interview and article with him uses this photo and it's really old but it's a good stock photo and we have to keep the joke alive.

The conception of the book is discussed next, as we learn what might have been in the past had this book come sooner. Why is it coming out now, and how heavy do our expectations weigh on its creator? Answers lie within the show, but we can go ahead and tell you that after this segment, you'll want to pretend it was good even if it turns out otherwise.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
It was always destiny.

You may have noticed some familiar characters from other IDW Transformers titles in both previews, covers, and solicitations for Sins of the Wreckers. Nick lets us know what books you should read before, what books you should read during, and even sheds some light on how toys relate to IDW's plans.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
Could've left off this black paint if it weren't for con exclusives.

Stakeout, Kup, and Wreckerleaks take center stage next. Why is Stakeout involved, and what might he have been doing all this time in the background? What's a "Wreckerleak" anyway? Does this megalomaniac author have any remorse for the torture of Kup? Find out these answers, plus what Prowl may or may not know already. Whatever you do, be sure to brush up on the IDW iteration of Kup before the release of Sins of the Wreckers.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
You mean you didn't read Spotlight: Kup?

It's well known already that one of the most popular human characters from IDW Transformers will make an appearance once again in Roche's upcoming mini-series. Will Verity die? Like he could tell us now if we asked! You will find out more about her involvement, as well as Roadbuster's appearance, Whirl's lack of one, and even a bit about the color work on the book set to come our way from the one and only Josh Burcham.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
All her fault? Basically, yeah. Maybe Prowl's too.

The mood of the landscapes in the book comes into play next in our discussion. Everything goes well until John Barber out-Christmases us, so then we just play sing-along with The Audio Knights Theatre and the interview ends. Only one of the things in this paragraphs actually happens, but tuning in will explain the insanity of the rest of it!

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
The last metroid is in captivity. The galaxy, is at peace.

The Transformers talk starts to wind down, but before we leave it, we ask Nick about his chance to write one of IDW's most complex characters: Arcee. Did he want her around for a reason, or was this just happenstance due to events in other books? Or is it really just a case of picking up Mr. Barber's daughter for the dance? Unlike the last paragraph of this post, the questions posed here do get answered in the show.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"

We finish out by finding out how you can get the book, as well as who might just have given the first issue a "thumbs up" without bribery being involved.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
Fairly sure this wasn't related to this. Fairly.

Oh, and there's even a little talk of the incredible Monster Motors mini-series that Mr. Roche collaborated on with Brian Lynch. Look out world, the Motors are eyeballing heading to an independent theater in limited distribution just like one of Lynch's other art house productions.

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #129 "Nick Roche Talks Sins of the Wreckers"
There are no Transformers in this book, ok?

Our very grateful "Thank You!" to Nick Roche for taking the time out and appearing on this episode with us. We hope you enjoy the show, and be sure to pick up Sins of the Wreckers from IDW Publishing this November. The Twincast will return in a couple weeks with more of our regularly scheduled programming, and you can be certain more comic book talk will follow then.

Don't forget, the show only gets better if you tell us how. Drop us a review on iTunes and be sure to tell us what you love, what you hate, and what you want to hear!

Not on the show to give your take? Probably not, so don't forget to keep the discussion going on the Energon Pub Forums by simply replying to this post!

Got a question for the Twincast? We take all of them, we just don't take them all seriously! Leave a question in the Ask the Twincast thread and, if it makes the cut, it may get read and answered on the show. Interviews Shane McCarthy - Lindyhopping with Drift

Transformers News: Interviews Shane McCarthy - Lindyhopping with Drift
Date: Wednesday, February 11th 2015 3:16am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Site Articles, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Shane McCarthy, Va'al

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Hi! Remember us? We left the interviews with comics creators lagging for a while, as life decided to settle itself, 2014 swept in and we're now ready for Combiner Wars hitting shelves in both paper, plastic and pixel format. But alongside that, we've also seen the return of one of IDW's original Transformers characters, Drift, in the hands of its originator - Shane McCarthy. Read on below for a spotlight on the Australian author of AHM!

Transformers News: Interviews Shane McCarthy - Lindyhopping with Drift

Va'al - Shane, it is a pleasure to talk to you for a bit, thank you for agreeing to do this! As we've done for the other creators we've interviewed, I'd like to start from the beginning - from your beginning: how did Transformers enter your life, do you remember your first interaction with the franchise?

Shane McCarthy - I absolutely do. Like most kids I was crazy about cartoons and around that time I was all about He-Man. Saturday morning was where it was at and I would get up super early to watch them all. One morning, when He-Man had finished, on comes this cartoon I'd never heard of. It opened with Cybertron in flames and I was immediately hooked. After that it was a mad dash to the toy store. The first one I ever bought was the double pack of the cassettes... Frenzy and Laserbeak I think.

Va'al - And was that also a gateway moment into collecting the toys, or were you able to keep the plastic addiction at bay (or forced to, by external factors)? Did you, or do you still, have the one that got away, or at least a very elusive toy that was really hard to get?

Shane - Well I'd already started my He-Man collection so buying toys was already a habit. What I could afford mind you; my parents would buy me some big things for Christmas (Castle Grayskull) but I had to buy the figures myself. So picking up Transformers was a natural progression.

As for the one that got away. I was crazy about Prime and Soundwave as a kid and got both of those. There's two I never got that I really wanted as a kid. Ravage, because he looked so damn cool and I never saw him again beyond when I had to make that first choice in the store. And Megatron. Although I wouldn't be after Megs these days, the actual toy doesn't look at all that hot to me.

Va'al - Starting to sense a purple pattern here, I must admit. Would you say that Ravage (or any of the other three) still holds a spot in your collector's heart? Did you continue collecting beyond your childhood and teenage years, with new iterations of the same characters?

Shane - I'd say it's really just Ravage these days; I think the concept and the design are really cool. I think I've still got Frenzy around here somewhere, I lost Laserbeak's head though.

I didn't keep collecting, no. My love of the toys spilled over into books and comics. The next time I bought a Transformer was after Beast Wars came out. Like a lot of people I dismissed Beast Wars as some sort of heretical assault on the old classics. When a friend explained how the old cartoons and Beast Wars lined up and then handed me Transmetal Optimus Primal, I was hooked again. That was a seriously cool toy.

Va'al - That often still happens with some fans, good to hear we won you over to the beast side eventually! So as you ventured from screen media and toys into comics, what were your first impressions, what caught your attention in particular?

Shane - You mean comics in general? Conan, haha. My sister bought me one at a flea market to shut me up. It had Gil Kane on art and it was glorious. From there it was into Batman and Superman then down the road the X-Men.

As far as Transformers though I started picking up the magazine format comics, the ones from the UK that Simon Furman was writing. I absolutely loved them. I remember the first story I came in on, I can't remember the issue number though. But basically Prime and Outback were battered and fighting to survive against some sort of ape creatures I think. Classic stuff.

Transformers News: Interviews Shane McCarthy - Lindyhopping with Drift
via TFWiki

Va'al - That sounds very much like issue #100, Distant Thunder! As an established comics reader, how long did it take from that point to entering the industry as a creator? How was that process for you?

Shane - That's the one! Man, you're good. Alan Davis on cover art too, wow.

How long did it take? Well the link says that comic came out in 1987. My first publication was Batman for DC Comics in...2005 I think so, 18 years. Yikes.

The process was an interesting one. I never even thought of becoming a writer until I was around twenty odd years old. It had never occurred to me. Once the idea struck (or was actually suggested to me) everything clicked in a way nothing ever had before. After that it was a lot of work, effort and training before I broke in with DC.

Va'al - But you did make it in the end, and you've worked on multiple characters and properties since! What I'm wondering, though, is how the IDW gig started - did they ask you to take over from Furman, or did you pitch material to them?

Shane - I was approached by Chris Ryall to take over from Simon. He'd been doing great stuff but they were wanting to move in a different direction and asked me what I would do if I took over. With the understanding that it was supposed to be a new direction, one they hoped would also appeal to a wider audience, I pitched All Hail Megatron.

Va'al - And Drift was one of the new, original appearances in the series, before he became his own full-on character, correct? We've seen the pitch for him in the recent IDW Complete Drift volume, actually - how did it feel to introduce an entirely new character to the franchise?

Shane - It was fun. I was already having a hell of a lot of fun working on AHM and it was never on my mind to bring in anything new. However when I was working on the book the idea for Drift popped into my head and I thought, why not? I've said it before but the initial pitch was me just firing off a "what if" email to Chris. He liked the idea but said Hasbro would never go for it. Turns out they loved it. Right away they mentioned the possibility of a figure which was brilliant. Apparently some people didn't believe the figure was true when Chris announced it. I still find that hilarious.

Va'al - He was also not the only lasting outcome of the AHM series, as we're still feeling some of the aftermath of those events in the current ongoings and mini-series (such as the beef between Devastator and Spike, which Costa took a step further, and Barber is currently retreading in The Transformers). How does it feel, as the plotter behind it all?

Shane - It's nice to know it's all still going forward. I don't read the books (unless I'm writing for them) but I would hope that some things have been kept and other things have changed. Like any comic book, when a new creative team comes on they need to leave their stamp. It's important everything isn't thrown out but it has to be something new otherwise what's the point?

Va'al - And that, in a way, brings us to the present day, with you returning to Drift after his presence in James Roberts' writing in More Than Meets the Eye. How does it feel to write the book now, compared to any of the three you were working on back then?

Shane - I have to say it was a mix of weird and fun. James' take on Drift was different to mine and I needed to keep that in mind as I did the mini series. I'd read through Drift's "James" appearances and got a feel for who he was there. After that I needed to think about where I wanted to take him and what I wanted to say with the character taking into account what he meant to me when I created him and what he means to me now after he'd gone through so much since AHM.

Transformers News: Interviews Shane McCarthy - Lindyhopping with Drift

It kind of felt like seeing a really great friend after they'd been overseas for a while. They're still your good mate but they've got a whole bunch of new hobbies and an accent.

Va'al - Was the inclusion of Ratchet as grumpy but sensible counterpart to him in Empire of Stone something that you built from the MTMTE relationship between the two, then, or entirely your initiative?

Shane - No that was absolutely from MTMTE. I loved the odd couple vibe I was getting from them and knew I needed someone to come calling from the Autobots. It was nice having it be Ratchet, someone who once hated Drift (or was at least seriously annoyed by him). Plus I knew it would make for some fun buddy cop moments.

Va'al - They do have some really good interactions, yes! And what about the other characters showing up, such as Gigatron and super obscure ones like Hellbat and the Micromasters? Are they something you have a connection to, or was it more of an editorial call?

Shane - No those were all my choices. When it comes to finding new, interesting characters that haven't been overused it can get tough so I decided to go to an expert. I went to Twitter and asked a Transformer fan, Sprite, for advice on some underused characters. I knew the kinds of characters I was looking for and she made some great suggestions of who hadn't been used in the IDW universe yet. I had a look through that list and chose the ones I liked the most. Gigatron, Hellbat and Grit all came from that list so, thanks, Sprite.

Transformers News: Interviews Shane McCarthy - Lindyhopping with Drift

Va'al - Fans really making an impact, then, on all accounts! Some great artists are also showing up at IDW from the fan base, but you've gone with the established team of Guido Guidi, Stephen Baskerville and JP Bove. How are you finding working with them? What do you feel their art brings to the story?

Shane - They're a fantastic team to work with. It's fantastic to be working with Guido again; I absolutely adore his artwork. After having worked together for a year on AHM it was great to get back into those familiar roles again. And JP, what a champ. Fantastic work and a great guy. I had the pleasure of signing with JP when I was at a UK con, the guy's a riot. Stephen is a new one to me but, like the others, I love what he brought to the book. Everyone is excited to be working together and we're all doing our best to put out a book that we love and hope the readers will love too.

Va'al - It is receiving its fair share of praise so far - but with only one issue left to the series, do you have any other plans in mind for Drift or the Transformers universe in general? Anything we should be looking forward to?

Shane - Not currently no. I'm really glad John [Barber] dropped me a line asking me to do this, it was a blast, but currently this looks like it's it for Transformers. Not to say something won't pop up down the line, IDW is over the moon at how well Drift is being received so you never know.

Va'al - That's a low - though hopeful - tone to be ending this chat upon, however - is there anything you'd like to say to the fans and readers out there before we bid our goodbyes?

Shane - Just a huge thank you. Thank you for reading and thank you for writing in. It's great to know people have enjoyed AHM and Drift.

Transformers News: Interviews Shane McCarthy - Lindyhopping with Drift

Va'al - And thank you, Shane, for taking the time to talk to us for this interview - it was great to find out more about your journey as a fan and a creator. Best of luck for future endeavours, and we'll be on the lookout for Drift #4 later this month!

You can find out more about Shane McCarthy's multiple creative lives at his website, SMAcTalk, and on Twitter. IDW Transformers: Drift - Empire of Stone is regularly reviewed on - join the discussion here!

You can also read Shane's thoughts on Age of Extinction Drift here - and find out more about the latest incarnation of the character in animated series Robots in Disguise here and here.

The Goldbergs Tackle The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode

Transformers News: The Goldbergs Tackle The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode
Date: Friday, January 16th 2015 7:35am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, People News
Posted by: Autobot032 | Credit(s): Cyberpath

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ABC's The Goldbergs is a love letter to show creator Adam F. Goldberg's childhood in the '80s and the decade itself. Because of Mr. Goldberg's love affair with the '80s and everything contained therein, our beloved Transformers have made a few appearances on the show and have even been a major part of the plot lines.

This week's episode just so happens to be one of those episodes and tackles the touchy subject of worrying about life and death, from a child's point of view. What better time to go see Transformers: The Movie?!

After watching the film with his best friend and hero, his grandfather Albert, Adam decides to film his own sequel to Transformers: The Movie and it's in this portion of the show that we really see just how much the thought of death impacts a child, and brings a poignancy to the episode. Also, it totally covers the death of Optimus Prime and speaks for an entire generation of kids (who are now adults) who sat there crying inside and out.

You can see the full episode over at (if you have one of the cable systems they support) and here at

Fellow Seibertronian Cyberpath pointed us in the direction of this week's episode and provided access to these images, which we've mirrored below.

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Transformers News: Adam Speaks For All Of Us On The Death Of Optimus Prime On This Week's Episode Of The Goldbergs

Keep your optics tuned to for the latest in news and updates, plus the best galleries around!

Transformers: Age of Extinction Opens in Japan - Interview with Bay, Wahlberg and More

Transformers News: Transformers: Age of Extinction Opens in Japan - Interview with Bay, Wahlberg and More
Date: Thursday, August 7th 2014 11:57pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): The Japan Times

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Coinciding with the release of Transformers: Lost Age in Japan this week, the Japan Times has posted a fairly lengthy article with interviews with the main cast and crew. Featuring comments by director Michael Bay, leading cast members Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammer, and Nicola Peltz, the article, posted here, looks at various aspects of the movie, its production and different people's take on it - check out some sections below!

His latest, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” promises more of the action and explosions Bay is known for, but the director reportedly almost didn’t take the job this time around. He’s not saying why, but he admits he was “prevailed upon. Expertly.” Coming back on board for a fourth time, he decided to make a few changes to the franchise. In particular, he didn’t want the robots to look too much like toys.

“I understand the need to draw an audience of kids and the global considerations, but I wanted to be involved with something that had a longer-lasting, even cerebral appeal. And I don’t want to be tied — artistically or in people’s minds — to ‘Transformers’ after ‘Transformers,’ ” he says, perhaps alluding to the series’ planned fifth installment.

While the Japanese roots of “Transformers” may be apparent in the design of the robotic heroes and villains of the film, the “global considerations” Bay refers to come mainly from the newly important Chinese market.

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” was partly financed by Chinese backers, has Chinese product placement and co-stars Li Bingbing as the owner of a factory manufacturing Transformers for a U.S. outfit named KSI. Bay says that cooperation between China and the United States for future filmmaking ventures will be important. The tendency of Hollywood to cast the citizens of foreign nations in villainous roles might be coming to an end if that’s the case, I suggest, to which Bay replies, “I don’t think the Chinese see themselves as villains. They do want to be admired.”


Grammer, who played the titular role in the popular U.S. sitcom “Frasier” (1993-2004) takes on the role of Harold Attinger, the paranoid head of an elite CIA unit.

“His name’s Harold — isn’t that a perfect, anal-retentive, paranoiac name?” Grammer says with a grin. “Then you have Cade, pretty much an average Joe, and his daughter Tessa (Peltz) — these wonderful names! Stanley Tucci is this arrogant technocrat (head of KSI) who wants to make and control his own Transformers, and his name is Joshua Joyce. It’s a bit comic-bookey, but it really works on screen.”

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” has succeeded in drawing in a large audience despite replacing its cast, and Grammar believes this is because the film brings back the real draw — familiar robotic characters. Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!
Date: Monday, May 19th 2014 9:55am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Site Articles, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Josh Perez, Va'al

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We're back here at with another full-length chat with one of the minds behind the hands behind the Transformers comics offered by IDW Publishing - and it's time to go full colour: ladynuts and gentlebolts, please welcome colourist extraordinaire Josh Perez!

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

Va'al - Josh, it's a pleasure to be able to talk to you at last. We've all seen your amazing work on Robots in Disguise, and then the magnificence that was your power-through with the whole of Dark Cybertron, it's only fair we find out more about you! So, to begin from the beginning: when did the Transformers enter your life? What's your first memory?

Josh - Pleasure is all mine, buddy! Transformers was kinda always there when I was a kid; mostly in the background of a toy visit or seeing some kid playing with "a cool robot that turns into a gun, or a car, or a jet, or a...", and so on. I can't say what my first TF memory was, but I remember when I was about 5, we were sent the TF movie on VHS, and I spent the whole time worrying Bumblebee would die. I mean, the other Autobot deaths, Prime included, were major deals, but once I knew Bee was okay, I was a happy burrito.

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

Va'al - I have to say, that's not a feeling we're used to hearing in the fandom these days! Would you say Bumblebee is still your favourite character? Are there version of him that stand out, or that are not worth remembering?

Josh - He most certainly is still my favorite character! I'm always going to be partial to the G1 Gilvezan Bee, but the Pretender and Action Master Bumblebees are nostalgic favorites. I have the Action Master Bee as a kid, and he was, surprisingly, my only Bee toy from the G1 era. A friend of mine had the Pretender Bee, and the Marvel TF stories made me really like him as a character. Transformers Animated Bee is the only recent Bee I've found myself excited to see. His design is great!

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

As for forgettable Bees, I think that his movie incarnation hasn't done much to justify the shelf space he tends to take up. I like his design, but you could make him any other Autobot and nothing would really change. I felt the same way about Transformers Prime Bumblebee for a while. He was just a background character (which, honestly, he kinda needed to be after how much the movies shoved him in everyone's faces), but towards the end of Prime he became interesting and I felt his presence was necessary outside of being the guy that beepbooped.

Va'al - Aha, so the kid appeal character appealed to you as a kid, when that was its intention - I'm sure someone at Hasbro was very happy about that! You mentioned the Marvel Transformers comics just now, were they a regular appointment for you, an avid reader, or were you not that invested in them?

Josh - I started reading the Marvel comics late in the game - around Matrix Quest. Before I left Germany, I remember seeing Wildman's cover for "The Price of Life", and maaan that cover messed with me head! It was so twisted and different and gorgeous. If it wasn't for that cover, the Marvel books would have just faded out for me when we came to the States.

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

I remember getting a trade of the first four issues that I would read over and over again at school, and then my dad would take me to a now-out-of-business-but-amazing-at-the-time bookstore called "Keep On Bookin' " where I'd buy back issues and read them through most of my elementary/middle school existence. I also bought issues of G2, but I lent the ones I had to a friend and never got them back..! I was pretty invested in the Marvel stories when I got to the States since we had local comic places all over.

Va'al - That is quite the unsettling cover, isn't it? And something we almost saw again, relatively recently. But how long did it take you from readingthe comics to making your own doodles and scribbles? Did you start drawing and colouring *on* comics before moving *into* comics?

Josh - Oh man! I would never have dreamed of defacing those books. I tried to make several Transformer comics as a kid in elementary school; around 4th grade was when I realized I really wanted to be in either comics or animation. In early high school I got to play with Photoshop 5.5 and I started to focus more on learning how to use the program to color artwork.

Va'al - I see it as interactive enjoyment rather than defacing! So was colouring your first venture into the world of comics creation, or were you into the writing, drawing, inking and such?

Josh - I was drawing/inking little comics I'd irritate my friends with before I ventured into coloring- and I remember a friend had a short lived/now deleted webcomic that I drew/lettered/storied a few pages of - but luckily those are gone forever because they're prime examples of how to not do anything art, color, letter, or story related to comics, haha! Oh, those days of high school and early college... Professionally speaking, though, coloring was definitely where I began input in comic creation.

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

Va'al - I'm sure there was something salvageable in those early ventures, too! (And I'm even more sure that some collector out there would love to get their hands on them.) So we're up to your actual debut as a comics creator: was it with IDW Publishing directly, or did you work with and for others first? How did you rise to technicolour stardom?

Josh - Back in 2003 my name was suggested to Dreamwave Productions when they needed help coloring their More Than Meets The Eye profile book; I got to color Wheeljack and the Terrorcons/Abominus in issue seven; work started coming in after that!

Va'al - Yet another Dreamwave-induced artist! Can you remember your first full-length gig in a comic? Anything you are particularly proud of from the earlier stages of your professional career?

Josh - My first full length comic was after Dreamwave shut down on a comic called "100 Girls" by Adam Gallardo and Todd Demong; another Dreamwave colorist and friend, Cil Chueng, was leaving as colorist because of college or something (sorry, Cil! I forget!) and offered the gig to me.

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

I can't say I'm too fond of anything I've done back in the Dreamwave days- my contrast was bland and my value colors lacked punch. BUT I have a sweet spot for the profile book pieces I've done for the G1 and Armada MtMtE books; and Energon issue #26 was when I first started working with Alex Milne on actual comic issues, even if they're not my best work, I'm happy with them.

Va'al - Dreamwave had its peaks, that is definitely true. But we also do have to admit loving your current work on IDW Publishing titles! How did you get into those? How does it feel to be recognised by fans and on the front cover of monthly comics?

Josh - Alex [Milne] and I had formed a kind of duo after Dreamwave, and when he got work, I got work; I think our first IDW piece was a cover for Spotlight: Kup (I also got Nick's cover for Spotlight: Kup as well); it was a lot of cover work, but then came Megatron: Origin and the Movie Adaptation and stuff.

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

And now, when people open their RiD books or when they buy the right MtMtE cover, there I am, ruining their experience! ah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah. But honestly, it's weird- especially now that IDW has been putting colorist credit on their covers... or when really awesome fans tell me they like my work in the books. Never gonna get used to it!

Va'al - I can assure you that no one's day, experience or comic is ruined with your colours! Not even when you repaint *everyone* to look like Bumblebee. (We have proof, do not deny it.) Before you leave us to return to slave away on art tasks, is there anything we can expect in the future of the Perez verse? Convention appearances, different titles, pencil or ink work, writing?

Josh - Well, I'll be doing BotCon this year, as well as TFCon- assuming nothing goes wrong, of course, so stop by and say hi!

Transformers News: Interviews Colourist Josh Perez!

Aside from Transformers, I've colored a few new Matt Frank Godzilla covers that look pretty snazzy (more on his part, less on mine, haha!), and the team I worked with on ShiftyLook's/ Namco-Bandai's Bravoman Webcomic (Matt Moylan and Dax Gordine) are in the planning/design phase for a new, creator-owned book called "Avian Odyssey". You can check out updates at; right now it's design stuff, videos on characters being drawn; very neat!

Va'al - It sounds like you're ridiculously busy, as usual, so even further thanks for taking the time to chat with us! I think we should let readers know how they can follow your work if they want to, too - wouldn't you agree?

Josh - But of course! I post a lot of artwork over on deviantART and Tumblr, Twitter - all under "Dyemooch"!

Thanks very much for the chat!

You've heard the man! Make sure to check out Josh's work, including that amazing Starscream print we posted above, chat to him on social media, and until next time, we've been your usual comics creator fix here at

IDW Transformers: Regeneration One #100 - Andrew Wildman Comments

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: Regeneration One #100 - Andrew Wildman Comments
Date: Tuesday, April 1st 2014 10:55am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Andrew Wildman

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We have seen a couple of words by various comics creators once IDW Publishing's Transformers: ReGeneration One #100 hit a couple of weeks ago - but here is another, by artist Andrew Wildman on his personal blog. Read on below!

So there we are. The end. The End? They always said ‘It Never Ends’ and for Transformers that seems to be true. But for the Original Transformers storyline/continuity it very definitely has. Issue 100 of that seminal book final hit the stands on Wednesday 19th March. A very significant day for all those legions of people who, over the last thirty years, have enjoyed the ups and downs of the world of Autobots and Decepticons. After the hiatus of some twenty years it was a privilege to be involved in the continuation of The Transformers (not sure when the The was dropped) With the IDW book, Transformers Regeneration One. When it all finally ended I thought it would be great to write a piece about what it has been like for me to be involved in the book. After all, for many it is who I am. But rather than write one final farewell – which I did for issue 100 – I thought I would get some thoughts down as and when they occur. This is the first of those;

For me it started out as just another comics gig. A book that I knew nothing about and that only felt like a stepping stone onto other books. I wanted to draw Superheroes. This is something that I have mentioned in many interviews and Q&As. I was happy to be working for Marvel Comics but I didn’t want to do toy books. I wanted to draw Spider-Man and all the other characters that I had grown up with. At that time I guess I had been reading comics for, say, 20 years. When I consider that that was about 26 years ago it really does create context. Transformers have been a part of my life for longer than Marvel had at that point. Transformers has been there for all but a couple of years of my professional life as a comic artist. Its fair to say that without Transformers I would probably be yet another casualty of the big comics crash in the mid nineties. Many of us working in the comics industry back then were hanging on by our fingernails as we saw title after title get cancelled. Same happened to me. My final book for Marvel was the final issue of Force Works. I felt like it was unfinished business at Marvel but it was time to get out as the empire crumbled around us all. That is when I moved – sideways I guess – into Computer Game design and TV concept work and storyboarding. Things have been great for me in those areas but it is as a result of working on Transformers for Marvel and more recently for IDW that has enabled me to have a presence at some amazing conventions and that is great. So Transformers, it was very definitely time to move on. Time to draw a line under that work. But I salute you. Without you I wonder what life would look like now.

Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 3 Recording, Due Fall 2014

Transformers News: Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 3 Recording, Due Fall 2014
Date: Friday, February 28th 2014 4:57am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, People News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): DC Douglas

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Thanks yet again to voice actor DC Douglas, we now know that the third season, confirmed by Hasbro at Toy Fair 2014 to feature the new dinosaur modes for the main cast, including Optimus Primal, is currently recording - and Levar Burton is part of it! Check out the Vine here. The season should air towards the end of 2014, still according to Hasbro.

#TFRescueBots revelation with @LevarBurton

Hasbro Transformers Team Jerry Jivoin and Joshua Lamb Interview

Transformers News: Hasbro Transformers Team Jerry Jivoin and Joshua Lamb Interview
Date: Tuesday, February 18th 2014 9:17pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, Event News, People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): BWTF

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BWTF was lucky enough to score an interview with Hasbro's Jerry Jivoin and Joshua Lamb over the weekend during Toy Fair. They discuss their current trend of providing simplified figures for the younger audience while retaining a more complex line for collectors, bringing the iconic Dinobots into the movie franchise, and they also touch on the recent rumor that the Transformers Generations Legends figures, which includes Cosmos, Swerve, and Tailgate, would not see a domestic retail release. The full interview can be found by clicking here.

Spinning off that question, because I don't think my readers will forgive me if I don't ask this, Swerve, Cosmos, Tailgate, Skrapnel - we're getting that right? My understanding is that they were underordered originally but more are being made...

JJ: They were underordered, we're going to make sure there are more releases. We've already informed our U.S. Sales team about that. As we do more orders, we'll make sure the waves that come out...that the mix within the case pack will include those characters along with the new characters in the waves three and four so that all those characters get out there in a healthy supply.

The Loyal Subjects Party in NYC

Transformers News: The Loyal Subjects Party in NYC
Date: Monday, February 10th 2014 4:03am CST
Categories: Event News, People News, Company News, Collectables
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): The Loyal Subjects

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We've just received news from the people over at The Loyal Subjects, producers of licensed vinyl Transformers replicas, that they are planning quite the bash over the Toy Fair night, at an off-site location. If you're in the area next weekend, head over to Toy Tokyo for a chance to meet some of the best artists, customisers and designers, incuding from Hasbro - check out the flyer and more information below!

Transformers News: The Loyal Subjects Party in NYC

Transformers News: The Loyal Subjects Party in NYC

Next Saturday, we're having a party at Toy Tokyo in NYC to kick off all the new and great Transformers releases that are coming from TLS this year, and it's during Toy Fair. We're having a big party featuring 30 of today's best customizers and artists taking their hand at customizing the 8" Optimus Prime DIY figure from The Loyal Subjects. Each Custom piece also is accompanied by an original piece of art (painting, illustration, sculpture, etc). All things Transformers, celebrating the 30 Year Anniversary and the big year that is 2014 for Transformers.

We're also releasing an exclusive Transformers Hoodie (Zip Up Shockwave Hoodie) and Tee (Slag). Only 24 pieces avail on site. We're also debuting the 3" Ultra Magnus, blister carded - an edition of 500. Only 48 pieces available on site, along with the Cybertron 2 pack set and the Rainmakers Set (again only 48 of each set available at the show).

Some serious Hasbro heavy hitters are included in the show and definitely the super stars that work on Transformers - most notably John Warden, Joshua Lamb and Mark Maher.

This is going to be a great night so everyone should come out and have an amazing time. Beverages (including the ones we love) and snack will be on hand as well as a few surprises.

Let's do this!

Hasbro Confirms New Look and Simplified Design for 'Age of Extinction' Toys

Transformers News: Hasbro Confirms New Look and Simplified Design for 'Age of Extinction' Toys
Date: Sunday, January 19th 2014 7:21pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): New York Times

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In an article on the New York Times, Hasbro's chief executive Brian D. Goldner discusses how the complexity of the transformation process in previous toys (think ROTF Leader Optimus Prime) may have detracted from the enjoyment of its intended target audience, and confirms that the new toy lines will feature streamlined, simplified designs (though not all of them, as they keep adult collectors in mind) in both figures and branding. The new products will be hitting the shelves in May, a couple of weeks before Age of Extinction will be released in cinemas - read some relevant quotes below, and the full article here!

Transformers News: Hasbro Confirms New Look and Simplified Design for 'Age of Extinction' Toys

But as the brand evolved over the years, the toys became more complex, some involving dozens of steps to complete a single transformation. In the eyes of Brian D. Goldner, Hasbro’s chief executive, they had lost their magic.

“We’ve made incredibly sophisticated robots,” he said, “but it can be like a 1,000-piece puzzle.”

Enthralled by the special effects in three big-budget “Transformers” movies that enabled the robots to convert in a matter of seconds, Mr. Goldner decided the toys needed to return to their roots. So he challenged his design team to reconceive them. Now, on the 30th anniversary of the brand, Hasbro is revealing a new look for the toys, including simple maneuvers that will complete a transformation with the push of a button or flick of the wrist.

The remake of the line, which includes new branding and packaging, is meant to coincide with Paramount Pictures’ release of the fourth movie in the franchise, “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” Retailers will get their first look at the line in London this week at Toy Fair, an annual industry trade show.

“Our retail partners, they are getting very excited,” said Joshua Lamb, the senior design director for the toy line. “This rethinking of the brand is setting the stage long-term.”

The toys are expected to land on retail shelves in May, a few weeks before the release of the movie. Hasbro says it will build on the promotion for the movie with a marketing campaign of its own that will include ads on television and in theaters as well as on digital platforms, like mobile and social media.

Hasbro will continue to make complex Transformers for adult fans who have collected the toys since their inception 30 years ago. But the new design is intended to re-engage parents and children, who found the transformations too challenging.

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