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Transformers: Age of Extinction Lockdown's Face Revealed?

Transformers News: Transformers: Age of Extinction Lockdown's Face Revealed?
Date: Thursday, January 23rd 2014 2:28pm CST
Categories: Movie News, Rumors
Posted by: El Duque

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A couple of months ago a member dropped by our forums with a supposed leaked image of Lockdown's face from the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction film. At the time we had little to go in terms of verifying it's authenticity, but after the licensed product reveals that came out the UK Toy Fair we feel its safe to say this is indeed Lockdown! At this point we can confirm that the gray Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is Lockdown, and comparing the leaked image below to the Lockdown Mashem from the show, this does appear to be his face. As you can see he has a very humanoid face, maybe a little Destro-ish. Our staff member on the scene at the UK Toy Fair, Va'al, also managed to catch a full body glimpse of Lockdown on a mini ad for the Transformers Sparbag. Check him out below.

Transformers News: Re: Possible Robot Mode for Age of Extinction Grimlock?

Transformers News: Re: Possible Robot Mode for Age of Extinction Grimlock?

Transformers News: Re: Possible Robot Mode for Age of Extinction Grimlock?

Death's Head is Back, Full-Size, in Marvel Comics IRON MAN #9

Transformers News: Death's Head is Back, Full-Size, in Marvel Comics IRON MAN #9
Date: Thursday, May 2nd 2013 10:35am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Va'al, Burn, Marvel NOW!

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Do you remember Death's Head? The 30-foot tall robotic bounty hunter was created by Transformers godfather Simon Furman during his run in the Marvel UK series, and Geoff Senior's artistic touch. He was soon promoted to more than a one-off character and even got his own series in the late 80s, though reduced to a human-sized robot.

With Furman's blessing, writer Kieron Gillen brought the multi-dimensional mercenary back to Marvel comics, although always as a secondary character. Well, after showing up in the background of Marvel comics for the past year, Death's Head makes his full-on return in Gillen and Dale Eaglesham's latest Iron Man comic, issue 9, and he's in his full size!

Back in 2012, reported from the Toy Fair that a new Marvel Universe figure of Death's Head had been announced by Hasbro - is this a good sign for its release?

Death's Head is Back, Full-Size!

Leave your opinion and discuss this below!

Rumor: Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Voyager Shockwave and Ultra Magnus Listings Found

Transformers News: Rumor: Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Voyager Shockwave and Ultra Magnus Listings Found
Date: Monday, January 14th 2013 12:36pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Ominous Prime-Evil

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New Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Voyager listings found? That's what the latest rumor making it's way around the internet would have us to believe. These listings are said to have come from Wal-Mart's computer system, and appear to reveal three previously unknown upcoming Voyager Class figures.

The first two listings seem to match up with Voyager Wave 1, Optimus Prime and Predaking.

TRA PRM BST OP - Optimus Prime, pretty straight forward.

TRA PRM BST DR - Predaing, the DR likely meaning dragon.

Things get more interesting when we examine the next three listings.

TRA PRM BST SHKW - Shockwave would make sense. He's a popular character, we know he will appear in Season 3 "Beast Hunters", and Hasbro has yet to release him in toy form. Could be a situation similar to the recently revealed "Beast Hunters" Deluxe Smokescreen.

TRA PRM BST UM - Ultra Magnus also seems likely. He's already received two figures in the previous "Robots in Disguise" line, he's currently appearing in the Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots miniseries which leads into Season 3, we already know he's going to get a Weaponizer class figure in the "Beast Hunters" line. The question being would this figure be a new mold, or a spiky retool of his existing Voyager Class figure.

TRA PRM KNT TL - ?, speculate away on this one.

Keep in mind Toy Fair is less than a month away, so we won't have to wait too long to see if these listing are accurate.

Here are the listings as reported by Ominous Prime-Evil






Hasbro addresses allegations of poor working conditions

Transformers News: Hasbro addresses allegations of poor working conditions
Date: Wednesday, December 28th 2011 2:52pm CST
Categories: Rumors, Press Releases, Company News
Posted by: GetRightRobot | Credit(s): Hasbro

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On December 19th, the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights posted an article on their website accusing Hasbro of poor working conditions and less than adequate pay for workers at the Jet Fair Factory in China. The article can be read here.

In a press release last week, Hasbro addressed the claims of dire working conditions in their Jet Fair Factory stating they have taken the allegations very seriously. They deployed a team to work with I.C.T.I (International Council of Toy Industries) to examine the conditions of the facility. After an unannounced, nine hour inspection, both Hasbro and the I.C.T.I. determined the facility met "Hasbro's rigorous requirements."

The press statement goes on to say "While Hasbro is committed to continual improvement in all facets of corporate social responsibility, including continued ethical product manufacturing at Jet Fair and all factories that produce Hasbro products, the inflammatory allegations made by the NGO in their report were unsubstantiated by our investigation. As a matter of course, Hasbro will continue to monitor conditions at Jet Fair and all of our factories."

Click here to read the entire statement.

As soon the article surfaced, members began discussing it in the forums. We immediately contacted Hasbro and they sent the following message to in response to our inquiries to this matter on December 19th, 2011:

"Thank you for checking in with us on this matter. Hasbro takes all claims involving working conditions very seriously, and we are immediately investigating. The Company has a strong track record and has had long-standing policies and processes in place for years to help ensure good working conditions, including health and safety, at factories making our products. We strive to conduct business throughout our supply chain in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and we utilize not only ICTI-- but also our own on-the-ground workforce-- to monitor social compliance. For more information about Hasbro’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, including more detail regarding Hasbro’s policies and practices related to ethical product manufacturing, please visit"

More Transformers Alternity

Transformers News: More Transformers Alternity
Date: Wednesday, June 22nd 2011 5:22am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Pottermus_Prime, Kapow-Toys

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Remember Alternators and Binaltech? You know those awesome 1/24 scale licensed Transformers? Remember how sad you where when the lines got cancelled? You might also remember how the line was revived with 1/34 scale figures under the name of Transformers Alternity.
Kapow-Toys reveal through heir forum, that Transformers Alternity will be continued, with two new listings for the Nissan Fairlady and Suzuki Swift molds. Click here for the original posting.

However, we have a bit of something extra to add to this, our own sources tell us who these figures and others may be:
  • Fairlady (Megatron) remold into Galvatron
  • Suzuki Swift (Bumblebee/Cliffjumper) remold into Goldbug
  • Nissan GT-R (Optimus Prime) remold into Dai Atlas
  • Mitsuoka Orochi (Seekers) remold into Banzaitron
But we can't confirm these as of yet.

New DOTM Wave 2 toylisting: New character revealed?

Transformers News: New DOTM Wave 2 toylisting: New character revealed?
Date: Thursday, March 3rd 2011 8:07am CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): El Duque, TheAllspark

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Thanks to fellow fansite, TheAllspark, we know of a new listing of TakaraTomy toys for Transformers Dark of the Moon Wave 2. The list originates from Malaysia and is a pre-order list for retailers. Most of the things listed have already been revealed at ToyFair, but as always there is one little thing that's new.
This one listing is:
Condor (Buzzard) Deluxe

As you might know, Condor is the Japanese name for Laserbeak, the more famous of Soundwave's flying minions. This might confirm rumours of the bird-like robot from the trailers actually being Laserbeak.
To see the original full listing please click here.

It goes without saying that as of yet this is all still unconfirmed and may still be subject to change, so take it with a grain of salt.

Rumor: New Transformers from Wal-Mart Computers

Transformers News: Rumor: New Transformers from Wal-Mart Computers
Date: Sunday, March 28th 2010 9:20pm CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Anonymous. | Credit(s): TFW2005

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The other rumor for today comes from member Inciteful of TFW2005, who has luckily come across several new UPCs within the Wal*Mart computer system. Several of the names are figures that were introduced to us at Toy Fair 2010, while others are likely new repaints or new figures. Surprises include Strafe and Banzai-tron! See the list for yourself below...

    UPC #: Name:
    65356955835 TRA VOYAGER STRAFE
    65356950343 TRA BB OPTIMUS PRIME
    65356950344 TRA DCPTCN BANZITRON
    65356951660 TRA TWIN BOOM FIGHTR
    65356951661 TRA VOY THE FALLEN
    65356950293 TRA VOYAGER SEASPRAY
    65356950269 TRA VOYAGER PAYLOAD
    65356955833 TRA VOYAGER LUGNUT
    65356955834 TRA VOYAGER GRAPPEL

    65356949287 TRA SCOUT HUBCAP
    65356949290 TRA SCOUT BRIMSTONE
    65356949292 TRA SCOUT CRANKSTART
    65356949293 TRA SCOUT BACKFIRE
    65356950323 TRA SCOUT OIL PAN
    65356950322 TRA SCOUT BREACHER
    65356950321 TRA SCOUT INSECTICON
    65356950329 TRA SCOUT FIRETRAP
    65356950328 TRA SCOUT SUNSPOT

    65356949294 TRA DLX IRONHIDE
    65356949300 TRA BLADE BUMBLEBEE
    65356949302 TRA SEA ATK RAVAGE
    65356949303 TRA DELUXE JETBLADE
    65356951643 TRA DELUXE AXOR
    65356951646 TRA RESCUE RATCHET
    65356950338 TRA DLX HAILSTORM
    65356950339 TRA DLX ELITA-1
    65356950337 SIDEARM SIDESWIPE
    65356951638 TRA DLX TOMAHAWK
    65356951639 TRA DLX TERRADIVE
    65356951641 TRA DLX ELEC JOLT
    65356950340 TRA DLX TURNER SKIDS

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RUMOR: Transformers Animated toy line... cancelled?

Transformers News: RUMOR: Transformers Animated toy line... cancelled?
Date: Thursday, February 26th 2009 11:44am CST
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): TFArchive, Wal*

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Rumors of the current status of the Transformers Animated cartoon have been flying around the net like wildfire, and as we reported here, the Goldfire Grimlock and Hydro Dive Bumblebee voyagers have been cancelled. Now there’s rumors that the entire Transformers Animated toy line may be seeing it’s last days at retail.

TFVanguard, a poster at TFArchive said this:

Both the local Targets and local Wal*Marts (Colorado Springs, CO) have marked the Transformers: Animated line as canceled and won't be stocking up any new figures for it past what has already shipped. That means that the March/April waves won't be showing up at all in these stores.

Oddly, Universe seems to be continuing even as the seasonal reset makes a ton of room for the Revenge figures beginning to surface.

Unfortunately, the Hasbro rep checking the Wal*Mart aisles didn't really know what to make of the changes, as she knew about upcoming figures, but also confirmed that retailers were 'dumping' the Animated line.

This would also make it seem that retailers have more interest in the upcoming Transformers Revenge of The Fallen toy line, and do not wish to have old stock lingering on shelves when it comes out.

Additionally, Wal* has their exclusive Transformers Animated value sets along with more Transformers Animated products currently on clearance at ridiculous mark downs. Coincidence? It would seem unlikely.

Is Transformers Animated over, and what is the fate of the Animated Arcee figure shown at Toy Fair? Discuss this and more in The Energon Pub forums.

New Transformers ROTF Toy News- UK Toy Fair (Spoiler Alert!)

Transformers News: New Transformers ROTF Toy News-  UK Toy Fair (Spoiler Alert!)
Date: Friday, January 30th 2009 8:11am CST
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, Event News, Rumors
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): streetfield1@TFW2005

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TFW2005- The excitement for the U.S. Toy Fair is building as HASBRO presents at other toy fairs throughout the world. We recently had a report from the Canadian Toy And Hobby Fair sharing some new information about the toys to come for the Transformers sequel.

Now streetfield1 shares many pieces of information that were revealed there about not only the movie toys, but about the movie as well.

Apparently they showed animatics of movie bots and there is huge (literally) info surrounding it. Quite a few previous rumors were confirmed. Have your salt shaker ready as you read some of the responses from the poster below.

**SPOILER ALERT** The below information contains details that may spoil parts of the movie. **Spoiler Alert**
Devastator as we all know by now is in it, but one of his movie abilities has been revealed, as well as, some very awesome toy information.

"devastor is sweet with a giant turbine sucking every thing in its path the figures of voyager class form to create 2 foot tall devastator!"

The Witwickys and An army of Frenzy like bots.
"witwicky family under attack in their household with the "dont stand on my grass"garden getting trashed and shot to pieces by mini decepticons who look like frenzy from the last movie"

"wheelie is a radio control car who finds jet fire!"

Pretender Alice...
"ther's a new girl even hotter than megan fox who is a decepticon pretender""
Apparently she and Sam have quite a battle on a car. The images we saw way back in summer of a broken windshield and Frenzy-like bot puppet come to mind right away.

Action And Battles.
"they showed an awsome battle with Captain Lennox(josh duhamel) leading a squadron of helicopters to attack decepticons"

Human Alliance Toy Set.
"theres a new bumblebee toy with a human spike figure which will be first in the range"

Movie Footage.
"the transformers 2 and rise of cobra footage was not clear or hd quality and it still kicked ass!""

RPM- Robot Powered Machines.
Hot Wheels like, character engraved on the bottom of car and they race on a track around a Devastator model?

Remote Control Optimus Prime truck with Peter Cullen voice chip.

A tank version of the new Megatron toy was on display.

You can view the original thread here.

Well, as I said, if this is true it looks like Toy Fair in New York will be spectacular, and will be there!

Transformers Movie News on here when revenge happens.


Game Time


Binaltech Convoy - Weight Info

Transformers News: Binaltech Convoy - Weight Info
Date: Thursday, September 25th 2008 5:09am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): ACToys

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ACToys in China, which often gets a sneak peak at soon to be released figures, is indicating that the upcoming Binaltech Convoy weighs .9 kg. (This weight may include the packaging.) If this report is accurate, it may bring relief to some fans because it indicates that the figure will have a fair bit of die-cast parts.

In comparison, you can see below the weight for Binaltech Black Convoy, which was die-cast and plastic vs KISS Convoy, which was all plastic.


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