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Artfire to be next Hasbro Reissue?

Transformers News: Artfire to be next Hasbro Reissue?
Date: Thursday, December 2nd 2004 3:07am CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Big Grim | Credit(s): Geocrum, TFW2005

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Rumour has it that some TRUs have a listing on their computers for a Hasbro reissue called Artfire. Could this be true? Are Hasbro going to release Steppers partner? More news as we get it!

Swindle remold of Omnicon Strongarm for Galaxy Force

Transformers News: Swindle remold of Omnicon Strongarm for Galaxy Force
Date: Monday, November 29th 2004 11:20am CST
Categories: Site News, Rumors
Posted by: Sideshow Sideswipe | Credit(s):

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There will be a remold of Omnicon Strongarm as reported on the Tfans message board. This is an actual remold with what actually looks like G1 Swindles head! check it out here:

edit - this may be just a custom.

TRU to SLASH G1 prices!

Transformers News: TRU to SLASH G1 prices!
Date: Sunday, November 28th 2004 4:50pm CST
Categories: Site News, Rumors
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): PROWLFAN

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I've been hearing buzz lately about a huge price cut on G1 Reissues at TRU coming up, in an effort to go head to head with Wal-Mart. This graced my Inbox this afternoon and I'm glad to share it with you guys:



RED ALERT.......$13.98


Until we get some hard evidence, I'm going to keep this as a "Rumor" but this is the second time I've heard those price points tossed about.

We'll keep you informed!

Pre Movie CGI cartoon?

Transformers News: Pre Movie CGI cartoon?
Date: Saturday, November 27th 2004 6:25am CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Big Grim

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I have received an e-mail detailing the creation of a Pre Movie CGI cartoon. It was submitted through our own "Submit News" section and sender has no information as to where this knowledge came from. As such, I am treating it as a rumour until I can see about more concrete info.

Email is as following:

"Remember the CGI TF movie from Paramount Home Video that Don Murphy mentioned a few weeks ago? Following the trend of the Animatrix, last summer saw the Riddick & Van Helsing movies get an animated movie tie-in for DVD release during the theatrical run of the live action movie.

That's what the TF movie will be.

It will reportly be a prequel to the movie, telling the story of the
Great War's beginnings back on Cybertron. And it will feature quite a few more characters than will appear in the live action movie, as well as adding backstory for characters that will appear on the movie tie-in TV SERIES that will follow the feature film in 2006.

They are committed to sign all of the main movie's voice actors to this project as well. They will not comment on the main movie's actors yet, but rumors have leaked said Paramount is trying to load up the non-main movie roles with former actors from the original cartoon, reprising their 80s roles in most cases. One glaring exception so far...

Tony Todd's name has come up for the role of Grimlock.

The CGI company that handled GI Joe: Valor vs Venom will produce the picture."

More info as I can find it.

Could This Be What Really Happened Between Dreamwave, Mick and Patyk?

Transformers News: Could This Be What Really Happened Between Dreamwave, Mick and Patyk?
Date: Tuesday, November 23rd 2004 6:20am CST
Category: Rumors

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This morning, recieved some information from a completely anonymous source, relating to the current situation between Dreamwave, James 'Brad Mick' McDonough and Adam Patyk.

Because this information came to us completely anonymously, we are obviously unable to verify it, hence it's addition to the Rumours section. That's not to say that what you are about to read is untrue - we just don't know one way or the other. Anyway, without further delay, here's what we received:

There have be several postings on this and other transformers sites about the reasons for the departure of James McDonough and Adam Patyk from the Canadian comic publisher Dreamwave.

Many of these postings have stated that Adam and James somehow tried to demand more money for their services from Dreamwave. This is not quite the whole story. Dreamwave management (read the Lee's), wanted adam and james to write their "side stories" (Micromasters, GI Joe/TF etc.) for free, stating that their current contracts (if you can call them that) stated that they were to write TF Gen 1 and also other “associated promotional material” all as part of the one pay package.

This agreement was originally meant to mean MTME profile entries and the occasional bio for Hasbro. To claim that a writer should have to write a whole new comic series as “associated promotional material” is crazy, and wholly wrong.

The Micromaster mini series alone represented over a hundred man hours of labor on the part of adam and james. Dreamwave honestly believe that this should have been provided free and gratis by the boys – to show that they are “team players”.

Those are the facts. Your readers can decide whether they think that adam and james’ demands for more money under those circumstances are unjustified.

Also various official and unofficial Dreamwave statements have given the impression that everyone associated with the organisation is somehow against adam and james, or harbors ill will to them. This is not the case. Adam and James remain two well respected figures within the industry and many at dreamwave wish them every success in the future.

Some Huge Cybertron/Galaxy Force Info!

Transformers News: Some Huge Cybertron/Galaxy Force Info!
Date: Monday, November 22nd 2004 12:35pm CST
Category: Rumors

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Information has made it's way to us from this weekend's Area51con. This information is purported to have come from various members of Dreamwave staff, but as I have nothing to verify the info at present, I'm classing it as rumour for now. Don't be surprised if it all comes true though.......

Firstly, Don Figueroa apparently mentioned that in Cybertron, Nitro Convoy's western counterpart will be female!

Don also reportedly mentioned that everyone's favourite Chaos Bringer, Unicron, will be appearing yet again.

Finally, whilst Simon Furman was signing a copy of the 'Ultimate Guide' on the Primus page, Don said to Simon 'have you seen the prototype for this toy yet?'

All very interesting stuff....

Energon SWAT Team on Sale? Already? INDEED IT IS!

Transformers News: Energon SWAT Team on Sale? Already? INDEED IT IS!
Date: Sunday, November 21st 2004 1:06pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): PsychoStorm of 2005

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It looks like KMart may have been confused when pricing the Energon SWAT Team, as a poster at the 2005 boards reports it ringing up as a Battle In A Box Set, which are on sale this week for $14.99.

If we get any more concrete details, we'll be sure to pass them on.

Seibertronian muswp1 and yours truly have both picked up the sets and can confirm they are $14.99!

Galaxy Force Toy Information Tidbits

Transformers News: Galaxy Force Toy Information Tidbits
Date: Sunday, November 21st 2004 12:09pm CST
Categories: Site News, Rumors

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Mecha fan site Zinc Panic have posted a short article with some rumours on Galaxy Force releases:

Bits and pieces from a buyer's meeting: It looks likely that Galaxy Convoy will combine with future offerings for power-up modes ... but you could've guessed that.

The duo of upcoming two-packs, Blur & Runabout and Longhaul & Buzzsaw, ¥3,980 per set, might very well be limited edition sets timed with their show appearances. The toys have been retooled to use the new Force Chip gimmicks to activate features rather than the Microns of yesterseason.

Ravage and Buzzsaw included with Soundblaster?

Transformers News: Ravage and Buzzsaw included with Soundblaster?
Date: Thursday, November 18th 2004 12:06pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Ellis Models courtesy of Big Grim

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Everyone's favorite Ravage might be accompanying the once rare Soundblaster and Buzzsaw to be reissued later next month. Buzzsaw has not been officially confirmed either, but since Soundblaster originally came with him and Laserbeak was reissued last year along with Soundwave, it's a slaggin' good guess that Buzzsaw is official. The addition of Ravage (Jaguar) will be really nice as well.

This "rumor" / news came from our very own Big Grim. You can join in the thread about this that Big Grim posted at the Energon Pub message board.

Don't own a Ravage toy? Check out over 40 pictures of Soundwave's little pet jaguar here!

James McDonough/Adam Patyk Leaving Dreamwave?

Transformers News: James McDonough/Adam Patyk Leaving Dreamwave?
Date: Thursday, November 18th 2004 12:43am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Rumors
Posted by: Darth Bombshell | Credit(s):

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Things haven't been so great on the Dreamwave front lately. With decreasing comics sales, a shake up in the creative team, a change in convention plans and the general lateness of all of their Transformer titles, one has to wonder what's going on within the company.

On the heels of all of this news comes this bit of info from, which states that James "Brad Mick" McDonough and Adam Patyk have left the company. Although this is not exactly a surprise given recent events, the fact that there has been no "official" word from Dreamwave about it (despite what their recent press release implies) means that the news must be taken with a grain of salt, despite the fact that the TFormers story comes from "a reliable source".

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