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New Information From TFCon Panels.

Transformers News: New Information From TFCon Panels.
Date: Saturday, April 25th 2009 8:54pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): TFCon

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First on the chopping block this year was Derrick J Wyatt, the Art Director and Lead Character Designer for Transformers Animated. Here are just a few things that we got out of it.

- Hasbro to comment on Animated season 4 and it's cancellation "at another convention"

- Derrick really wanted to do a Shattered Glass episode if only to have Fanzone say "This is why I love MACHINES!"

- Grandus will be in an episode, if only for a moment.

- Liked the idea of more Dinobots in later season, but didn't know what to do with "two Snarls"

- I asked if they had ever considered Downshift or any of the Omnibots for the Elite Guard. For some reason Derrick never once considered the Omnibots for Elite Guard members. Oh well, I suppose I can dream.

Next up was to bat was Dan Gilvezan, the unmistakable voice of Generation 1 Bumblebee. Not to mention Hot Spot, Outback, Snapdragon and a slew of others.

If anything was learned at this panel, it's that Dan has a sense of humor a mile wide. He was very comfortable in front of his fans and was very humble and grateful that he has touched so many over the last 25 years. He had many stories to tell, most of which were about Frank Welker screwing with the sound techs and Wally Burr boot camp stories.

He was very interactive with the fans, even getting up from behind the podium to come down and goof around with the fans.

One thing that really stands out to me and clearly the crowd was when Dan said he would love to get together with the remaining cast members and do a 90 minute special. We want that too Dan, we really really want that too!

Last but not least was the Hasbro Product Preview Panel. We were shown the official images of the first wave of figures and they're approximate street dates.

- Movie Preview Figures: May 15th.

- Wave one Scout, Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader are due out May 30th. Right on par with Botcon (and my birthday;))

- Vehicle only Devastator Gift Set will be released in late fall. Will consist of the following.

- Scavenger - Leader Class

- Mixmaster - Ultra

- Longhaul and Scrapper - Voyagers

- Hightower and Rampage - Deluxes.

- Store Exclusives - Released approximately the same week as the movie

- Autobot Whirl and Decepticon Bludgeon (Toys R' Us)

- Skywarp and Ramjet (Walmart)

- Non-movie combiners Superion and Bruticus (Zellers/Target)

- Teletoon Retro to start airing G1 season 1 starting May 18th @ 8:00 PM. Airing first 48 episodes during 24 marathon on June 13th.

Rumor: New FansProject kit previewed - Springer??

Transformers News: Rumor:  New FansProject kit previewed - Springer??
Date: Friday, April 24th 2009 9:51pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Mkall

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With the TFCon Powered Commander Exclusive out, I have taken pictures of the back cover, which shows sketches of two new characters. The first is the known Protector Armor upgrade for Classics Rodimus, the other figure appears to be based on Springer, but is it an upgrade kit or a complete figure?

Time will tell.
Roumer:  New FansProject kit previewed - Springer??
Roumer:  New FansProject kit previewed - Springer??
Roumer:  New FansProject kit previewed - Springer??

TakaraTomy Summer Exhibition Toy Images

Transformers News: TakaraTomy Summer Exhibition Toy Images
Date: Friday, April 24th 2009 8:48pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Robot Watch

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Robot Watch- Coverage from the TakaraTomy Summer Exhibition is online at RobotWatch.

A number of Transformers toys were on display including the Alternity lines newest offerings, Megatron, and Black Convoy, as well as, TakaraTomy Revenge of the Fallen Movie Product including the Robo-Q toys, Transformers Crossovers (Marvel and Star Wars and more. Also on display were GI JOE: Rise of Cobra toys, and some Star Wars toys.

You can see the translated page here, and the original page here.

Check out the images of the Alternity toys below.

New Toy Images-  Alternity Megatron, Black Alternity Convoy,

New Toy Images-  Alternity Megatron, Black Alternity Convoy,

Submit HASBRO 2009 Q + A Round 2 Questions Here By May 4th

Transformers News: Submit HASBRO 2009 Q + A Round 2 Questions Here By May 4th
Date: Friday, April 24th 2009 8:26pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News, Company News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): HASBRO, Inc.

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HASBRO- It is once again that time. Time to let HASBRO know what the community at is thinking about Transformers brand toys direction.

So now is your chance to sound off and let your thoughts and questions be heard.

The staff here will review the questions next weekend and choose 3 to be submitted to HASBRO on Monday, May 4th.

So what are you waiting for, ask your pressing questions NOW!

Site Article: 2009 - The Year of the Collector

Transformers News: Site Article:  2009 - The Year of the Collector
Date: Thursday, April 23rd 2009 3:10pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Site Articles, Collector's Club News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Mkall

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Well, it's nearing the end of April and already several collectors are looking to stretch their funds out as long as they can. The Universe line has ended with the release of Darkwind and Countdown and the Animated line is teetering between ending, delayed, or strung out depending on who you listen to. The ROTF Movie airs in just over 2 months and that line will be in full swing in one month.

But who cares about that stuff eh? Sure there are lovers and haters of those lines, but that ain't the thread topic is it? No my friends, this my friends isn't the year of the movie figs, not even the year of the 25th anniversary; this is the year of the collector.

What is a collector? By definition a collector is someone who gathers and hordes related items; in this case Transformers. It doesn't matter if you have 5, 50 or 500 Transformers; you my friend are a collector. Of course those with 500 might be more interested in reading this article than those with 5, but why not read it anyways to see how addicted some of us are? Then you can look at you wallet and be thankful.

A few days into the year; info started coming out about the bread and butter exclusives to a collector; a set that is always creative and well thought out, even though the theme or individual figures might not appeal: and that would be the Botcon set of 2009. "For one young Autobot..." is said and rumors and theories started flying. Not one Seibertronian theorized Kup and the Autobot Elite Guard, although as time went on the Wreckers were mentioned thanks to a lovely red herring by FunPub. Now the Wings of Honor set is public knowledge, and some of the secret attendee figures are known. On top of Landshark, Flak and G1-homages Kup, Thunderclash and Scourge, we'll be seeing Banzai-Tron, Skyquake and Leozack as well as a figure referenced in a previous year: Razorclaw. There are still more to see of course. Elita-1 was featured in a previous year as well and is rumored to appear this year. To receive a set of figures, the collector must preorder them from Fun Publications, at a cost of no less than $360, $295 if you belong to the Transformers Collector’s Club. You can expect the price of the attendee-only souvenir figures to run about $230. Of course if you can’t make this price, then expect to pay twice the price on secondary markets, even more for individual figures. Definitely not meant for your 5 year old kid is it? Oh the costs of being a collector.
2009: The Year of the Collector
Soaring on the wings of exclusivity

The next staple exclusives appear at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), happening this year July 22-26. Two years ago we saw Alternators Nemesis Prime and Rodimus and last year gave us Universe Nemesis Prime, all wonderfully done. These figures are certainly not as rare as Botcon, nor as pricey. On the secondary market SDCC Universe Nemesis Prime goes for about $50 if you can find a good deal. This year Hasbro appears to be taking a different tactic towards their exclusives. They’ll be offering up G1 Soundwave with Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ratbat. This’ll be the first time that Ratbat and Buzzsaw have been re-released in the US since the 80s (KO’s not included), of course most have been released in Japan in one form or another. Ratbat will be appearing there as part of one of the Encore sets alongside other not-seen-in-a-long-time cassette figures. The other SDCC exclusive will be Mighty Muggs Optimus Prime, this time in a metallic finish, giving it a die-cast sheen. Whether or not these exclusives get snatched up or not is yet to be seen, as many diehard collectors already have at least one Soundwave and the reception to the Mighty Muggs line is luke-warm. It seems odd that Hasbro isn’t offering something to collectors that would fit in with one of the modern lines, but perhaps that just hasn’t been announced yet.
2009: The Year of the Collector
"Buy me, I'm shiny."

I mentioned the Collector's Club already, so what is it? Boiled down to the bare bones they the Country Club of the Transformers fandom. Members pay a fee in exchange for a free yearly figure (Heatwave this year), 6 issues of the Collector's club magazine full of sneak peaks and interviews and membership discounts on several exclusive figures. In 2007 it was Astrotrain and Airazor, 2008 saw Nightbeat and the Seacons. Expect to hear about the 2009 exclusives at Botcon in May. What will they be? Several people are guessing tie-ins to Shattered Glass or other previous Botcon sets, or they could be something new all together. One thing's for sure when dealing with The Club; expect the unexpected.
2009: The Year of the Collector
Join us, you'll love it here

So what’s next on our exclusive hunt? How about looking somewhere not typically known for exclusives? Let’s look north of the border into Canada and TFCon. It was last year that FansProject and their City Commander upgrade kit took the Transformers world by storm, and showed everyone that 3rd party groups can contribute quality additions to any collector’s shelf. Needless to say it sold out quickly, as did the Shadow Commander set released for the aforementioned SDCC Nemesis Prime. But now a third commander joins the team: Powered Commander. A trailer for Classics Optimus Prime, this set will transform him into a gargantuan warrior clad in his original Diaclone colors. Also included with this set will be custom made energon cube carrying case and shoulder rockets, something missing from both previous sets. Sound cool? You bet it is, and to get it you must be attending TFCon and pay $150 CDN per trailer! That’s about $121 USD for those of you south of the border. On ebay, there are already preorders up for this guy if you’re willing to shell out $250 in US dollars. That’s one heck of a mark-up. Also one must act fast and hold on tightly, because there are only 500 of these guys and they’re over 50% sold out.
2009: The Year of the Collector
"Blink and you'll miss me"

Speaking about City Commander, this seems to be a good time to bring up the second theme of the year: third party kits. As I mentioned before, FansProject proved there was a market here, first with their Cliffjumper kit, then with their City/Shadow Commander set. So, what’s now available? Let’s take a look:
--TFClub is releasing a set of weapons and accessories to attach to Universe figures. These include shoulder missiles, an “invisibility box” for Mirage, a ladder for Inferno and the first ever Autoscout mini-cassette. $45 for the set
--BTS Toy has just released their trailer sets, one for Classics Optimus Prime and one for Universe Nemesis Prime. These trailers include a Roller drone and a couple hand-held weapons for those Transformers not fortunate enough to have one. $60 each.
--iGear has stormed the market with not one, but FOUR different sets all in various stages of production. Their flagship project is their own Autoscoute cassette tape. Also in the works is an accessory kit for MP Grimlock and a fully functional trailer for Masterpiece Prime that appears to be similar to the one released with MP-04. Not happy with your City Commander set? Want missiles or a new head? iGear’s coming out with that too, with a sword, greathammer and Wreckers flag to boot. $15 for the Grimlock set and $20 for Autoscout
--Nato-bot has also just released their upgrade kit for Universe Roadbuster, which includes an assault rifle, shoulder cannon and a new head (some assembly required). There have been mold issues on this set, which has delayed its release to many collectors, however expect that to be fixed shortly. $31 for the full set or $15 for the head and rifle or $18 for the cannon. Also featured is an axe for Animated Optimus Prime, which is in the early stages of production. has produced a set for the Animated enthusiasts, containing stasis cuffs, an Allspark, Ratchet's magnetic weapons and a replica of Sari's allspark key. That set goes for $20 on BBTS.
--Mastermind Creations is taking things one step further with making their own figure based off IDW's Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime.
--And let’s not forget about FansProject. The pioneer in this field isn’t backing down from all the new-found competition. Their next project is a G1-style trailer for Optimus Prime, which includes several anime-accurate weapons for Universe characters and a roller drone. A preorder has shown up for $80. Also they have hinted at a Rodimus Prime upgrade for Classics Rodimus, dubbed the Protector Armor, many going to TFCon expect to see more on this piece while there. What ever happened to the other Universe accessories such as Classics Matrix and hand-held Megatron gun? Can’t say for sure but don’t expect them to drop those ideas.
2009: The Year of the Collector
eeenie meenie miney moe...

With North America covered, and all of the extra kits that have collectors researching 2nd or 3rd mortgages, let’s take a look at the country where everything cute, awesome and perverted comes from: Japan.

Japan holds an interesting spot in the Transformer Collecting game, because to us North Americans and Europeans; everything they make is collectable. Henkei has more detailed paint apps, Transformers Alternity, a sequel to the Binaltech/Alternators line is many collectors wet dream and Masterpiece Grimlock won’t see US release in its current form due to toy laws. Not to mention there are several lines that Hasbro won’t even consider bringing in, such as Disney Label, Music Label and the recently-announced Device Label. I’m going to only focus on the true exclusives though, but best of luck getting everything else!

The year stated off with images of a Lucky Draw Henkei Galvatron figure, all shiny and golden. For many collectors the lucky draw figures represent the pinnacle of a collection, even more so than prototype figures. Alas, even for many collectors who consider themselves diehard, Lucky Draws are out of reach unless one really wants to spend anywhere between $1,000 and $6,000, yikes!
2009: The Year of the Collector
"Hello, you'll never own me."

The fist exclusives of the year were released just this month. Henkei (Or Gentei if you prefer) Thrust and Dirge found their way on to the shelves of many collectors, re-igniting the old fashioned Botcon exclusivity debate. However these figures have custom wings and different paint schemes than their ’07 counterparts, thus keeping the debate on a low simmer. Still if one wants these figures expect to pay upward of $90-150 each, up to and over $200 if you want both.
2009: The Year of the Collector
2009: The Year of the Collector
Making Botcon obsolete since 2008, or did we???

Transformer Generations volume 1 and 2 have been announced, with volume 1 already on the market. While only available in Japan (and hence only in Japanese) these books outline the detailed history of TFs from their Diaclone era all the way up to their Alternity incarnations. While the books may be a good read, it’s the figures that interest most collectors. Fill out the card at the back of the book, add about $45 USD-worth of yen and in about 4 months you’ll receive your very own Classics Mirage, in transparent plastic. When volume 2 is released you can do the same and receive a transparent Classics Starscream. Sounds cool! Oh, yeah did I mention you must be a Japanese resident to qualify? Sucks doesn’t it? Not to worry though, BigBadToyStore and certain other retailers have come through, and for $90 USD each you’ll have Mirage and Starscream on your shelves once they’re released. If you want the books too, that’ll be about $30 extra.
2009: The Year of the Collector
Who knew clear plastic was so expensive?

A recent stunt (or marketing technique) by the Ganbo store allowed interested parties to apply for a special credit card. Along with that credit card, comes along a free Minicon. Naturally there are two Minicons, and thus one would need to order both credit cards to get both Minicons. Also once again, this is only available to Japanese citizens. No one ever said it’d be easy collecting overseas merchandise. Once again though BigBadToyStore has come through on this, and you can preorder both minicons for $50 per pair. Many minicon collectors actually call that a good deal.
2009: The Year of the Collector
Yeah, we're THAT good

And the final exclusive known to see a 2009 release is based off of Universe Cyclonus; which has been recognized as the best mold coming out of the Universe line, this time in the styling of Technobot Strafe. In order to get this figure through normal means, one must buy it using the special credit card obtained with the Minicons mentioned previously (meaning that you must live in Japan, don’t you love how everything ties together?) BigBadToyStore and Robotkingdom both have this guy up for preorder ($110 and $90 respectively). Needless to say it’s a pricey figure, but what can you do if you’re not a Japanese citizen?
2009: The Year of the Collector
"Go on, try and deny my awesomeness!"

So I’ve listed every exclusive figure that’s been released or announced for release in 2009. Do you want to know how much you’ll spend if you purchase one of every figure here, excluding the Lucky Draw and some fan kits?

You sure?

Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

$1492 USD

$1492 is a lot of money, and that’s not including shipping fees and the prices for some of the third party upgrades and add-ons because they aren’t priced out yet. Also not included are the thousands that many collectors spend on Japanese mass released figures, such as the Masterpice, Alternity and Label lines, or for that matter ROTF, Animated, and Universe lines. Each figure may not seem like a lot, but MP Grimlock, Henkei Hound, Cyclonus and Red Alert, and Alternity Prime(s) and Megatron(s), there goes at least $400!

Let’s also remember that this is April, the year isn’t even half over yet. Who knows what else we’ll see with the onslaught of Revenge of The Fallen line? Who knows what 2010 will bring? I don’t know, but after this year many collectors will need a second job to break even.

All of these exclusives are well and good, but one must ask the question: how will we pay for all of these? If you've just emerged from your Fortress of Solitude, then allow me to fill you in on one critical bulletin: We're in a global recession! The cost of oil is going up, which directly affects the two main aspects of our hobby, and thus the bottom line: figure creation and shipping. Petroleum products are used to make the plastics we hold in our hands, and power the engines that get these figures from the factories in Asia to our hands in North America and Europe. Not only that, but the spending power of many collectors has decreased, shoving many of these figures just beyond our reach. So how are companies still earning a profit off of these if we can't buy them?

Simple; collectors, diehard collectors have a tendency to pay far more money than they should for a piece of nicely painted plastic. If 50% of the collectors would pay $60 for a figure, then 40% will pay $80. That's a 20% decrease in collectors for sure, but that's a 25% price increase per figure. If the company scales back manufacturing slightly, they save a fortune and make a fortune. They win, while making it seem that we collectors win.

Sneaky, ain't it?

New Botcon Exclusive Revealed?

Transformers News: New Botcon Exclusive Revealed?
Date: Thursday, April 23rd 2009 10:18am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s):, yizhi521

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Yizhi521 on has posted images of what looks to be a possible Botcon exclusive. The piece is a redeco of the Energon Mirage mold, in colors reminiscent of Banzai-Tron's. In addition to that, there would also appear to be a image of Flak, another one of this year's Botcon exclusives. To view the images, click here.

New Botcon Exclusive Revealed?

New Botcon Exclusive Revealed?

New Botcon Exclusive Revealed?

New Botcon Exclusive Revealed?

ROTF Ravage Revealed!

Transformers News: ROTF Ravage Revealed!
Date: Thursday, April 23rd 2009 9:55am CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s):, S250

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Views: 14,204's very own S250 has just let us in on our first look at Ravage from the Transformers Revenge of The Fallen toy line. Ravage has appeared in a few of the trailers released for the film, but this would be our first glimpse of his toy. To view the image, please click here.

ROTF Ravage Revealed!

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Transformers News: Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line
Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 6:43pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): Mkall

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Views: 61,843

After a temporary hiatus, the Buried Treasure feature on has now returned!

The year 2009 marks the 25th anniversary of the Transformers franchise. To celebrate this incredible milestone, will look back at a quarter-century of great Transformers toys, bringing back into the limelight some brilliant figures that have fallen through the cracks over the years. Once a week, a fan (be it a member of the staff or a user on the site) will have the opportunity to write about one of their favourite "hidden gems" of the Transformers Universe, and have their review posted on the site's front page.

We hope this feature will be a great success, and that many of you will be encouraged to look back at the last 25 years of Transformers and perhaps take a worthwhile second-look at some real unsung classics of the Transformers universe.


Buried Treasure - Tow-Line (Energon series - 2004)

By Mkall

Before the notion of cyber keys was even imagined, and sometime after minicons had become accepted into the Transformers continuity, there existed a series called Transformers: Energon, or if you are a Japanese purist: Transformers Superlink. Now that the novelty of the “gotta catch ‘em all” minicons had worn off, Hasbro decided it needed some new gimmicks and after much debate it was announced: the Spark of Combination and Powerlinx.

For those who are new to the fandom, or re-emerging from their pit of solitude, Powerlinking is the term that means Autobots of the same size class may combine with eachother to form a myriad of upgraded Autobot warriors. One Autobot decided to take that idea one step further, and that is Energon Tow-Line.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Even in package, Tow-Line is an unassuming character. While the rest of his size class were race cars, fire trucks, and futuristic trucks, Tow-Line putters along as a harmless, block-like communications vehicle; much like the FBI has parked two blocks away from your house listening to your phone calls, more on the alt-mode later however.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Tow-Line was released precisely in the middle of the Energon packaging change, so it was not uncommon to find him either in the black with the yellow grid background style of the original packaging, or in the red with lightning bolts design that was the Powerlinx Battles style. With the original style of packaging, you could see the full artist-rendered version of Tow-Line’s battle mode charging forward as if daring you to pick up the packaging and never let go. With the Powerlinx Battles style, they enlarged the same art piece, but cut off the lower half, so you could only see half his gun, and everything below the torso is up for imagination. As a matter of personal choice, I always preferred the black packaging as it made both the artwork and the figure stand out better.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

I’ve never been a fan of keeping figures in packages, so within seconds of acquiring Tow-Line, he was free of his prison. His van mode is still unassuming and possibly even more brick-link than it looked in the box. His windows are the same dark transparent red as his scanner/gun and it is a nice contrast to the two tones of blue that make up this figure. A rich royal blue takes control of his sides, rear and grill in this mode, with a teal-coloured roof. The front of the van is all white, and is a shade of white that makes Universe Ratchet very jealous. The only things that distract from this mold is the protruding circle that is meant for an omnicon’s Energon star, and on his rear side panels there is a hole on either side. I would suppose that it’s for holding his scanner/gun, but there’s a nicer place on the roof to hold that. Oh well, it’s easy to overlook them because Hasbro did a nice job of encorperating them into the paint scheme.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Enough babbling about the vehicle mode and let’s take a look at the robot mode. Remember when I said that Tow-Line took the idea of Powerlinking one step further? Yes folks; he Powerlinks with himself. You fold the rear side panels down and with a little tug that requires more strength than the average 7 year old can muster, the cab and roof section separate from the bottom chassis. Tow-Line is the first figure since G1 Ironhide and Ratchet to do something like this, and there was so much clamour for an updated Ironhide and Ratchet that FunPub did just that. Botcon Ratchet now goes for well over $400 on ebay, Ironhide. can fetch upwards of 150. Thanks FunPub.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Let’s focus on the top portion for now. Tow-Line is a fully-formed robot now with only half a vehicle. His doors fold up, his arms swing forward and twist out, his legs fold out, separate and then fold into his torso in a move that would make any contortionist cry. Finally in a move of German-precise engineering, the section above the cab slides up, forward and back all at the same time to reveal the head. At first glance, you may think that there isn’t any paint apps on his face other than the sheet of matte gold, however under the right light you can see his optics are a brighter shade of gold. It’s a shame that the helmet mold shadows them.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Tow-Line’s robot mode has 9 points of articulation, 11 if you want to throw his shoulders back. They are his shoulders, elbows, legs, knees, feet and finally his head, which can turn 90 degrees in each direction. If they could do it with this figure, why not Cybertron Downshift eh? Oh well. He can hold his scanner/gun single-handedly but it looks out of scale for him to be honest. Then again Energon/Superlink figures almost always had oversized weapons, so I guess it’s the norm.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Tow-Line’s scanner/gun is a large, mostly square thing which has a fold out arm with a little scanner attachment connected to its end with a ball and socket joint. A word of caution to those still wanting the figure: examine this part closely! I say this because the type of plastic used doesn’t seem to wear well and even as I examine it for this review, I fear it will further disintegrate into nothing, as it barely holds the scanner attachment and is all cracked and frayed. And I got mine MISB!

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

That said, this scanner/gun looks much better on Tow-Line’s lower half, which folds out into a mini gun emplacement, with holes for the scanner/gun to nestle into perfectly. There’s not much to say about this part, except that it’s wonderfully detailed and Tow-Line looks awesome standing beside it with his hand resting on the barrel.

Buried Treasure Review - Energon Tow-Line

Powerlinked with other deluxe figures, Tow-Line’s legs wrap up and around and his feet further fold out to reveal guns. He makes any figure look more intimidating this way, however due to his unique mold, Towline is unable to form the lower half of a Powerlinx Autobot, however if one wishes to attempt to make a Stephen Hawking Autobot, other deluxe fugures mayu Powerlink with his weapon emplacement. I’ve yet to see a combo that actually can make that look threatening.

Bottom line is that Tow-Line is an awesome figure. He’s the only deluxe figure to have a mini base, and not only that; he’s still a very poseable figure. Just be careful with his gun/scanner should it fall to pieces. It’s a real shame that there haven’t been more widely available repaints of him.


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...Or find your own buried treasures by visiting all the toy galleries here!

* If you would like to write a review for our "Buried Treasures" feature, please send a private message to Skowl on the forums!

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First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

Transformers News: First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!
Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 4:54pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Auctions
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): eBay

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Views: 41,853

eBay seller Gojulasprime23 has posted many auctions which contain new images of various upcoming product from the Transformers Revenge of The Fallen toy line. Use the following links to view each auction:

Deluxe Class Mudflap
Robot Replicas Skids
Robot Replicas The Fallen
Robot Replicas Sideswipe
Robot Replicas Jetfire
Robot Replicas Megatron

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

First Look at New ROTF Robot Replicas and More!

FansProject G3 Trailer PreOrders Up at TFSource and BBTS

Transformers News: FansProject G3 Trailer PreOrders Up at TFSource and BBTS
Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 2:45pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): DevastaTTor

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Views: 7,407 has updated their site with the FansProject G3 trailer preorder:

Prices are 81.99 for a mint box, 79.99 for C9.

BigBadToyStore also has a preorder up:

Also online are some cool new photos of the trailer details and the first color photos of the exterior. The new photos also reveal the purpose for the hinges at the top of the trailer. It looks like they fold down to reveal mirrors. Sadly it seems that pic has been removed.

Re: has FansProject G3 Trailer PreOrder Up
Re: has FansProject G3 Trailer PreOrder Up

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