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"The Unicron Battles/Transformers Universe" HUGE NEWS!

Transformers News: "The Unicron Battles/Transformers Universe" HUGE NEWS!
Date: Friday, February 14th 2003 11:00pm CST
Categories: Site News, Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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The repaints I mentioned yesterday are part of The Unicron Battles. The storyline for Unicron Battles is that Unicron and Primus battle for control of the Universe. Each side choses champions from across Transformer history. This is where most of the Beast Wars/Beast Machines repaints will factor in, but you can expect a few other surprises in there as well (Possibly repainted RID molds) Look for many of these Transformer: Universe characters to be explained in this way.

The Unicron Battles will take place in the cartoon, and it will also take place in the special edition mini-comic packaged with the new subline figures.

I´ll have more on this when it becomes available

Some very interesting repaints!

Transformers News: Some very interesting repaints!
Date: Wednesday, February 12th 2003 11:29pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Rhinox, Air Razor, The Dinobots, and Optimus Primal. We already know that these repaints will be part of Armada. It´s been rumored that they´ll figure into "The Unicron Battles" line. What other repaints will we be treated to? Well, according to a source in Japan we´ll be seeing a military colored Tankor and a Black/Purple Tigerhawk along with several other beast-era repaints before the end of the year.

Rodimus Primal?

Transformers News: Rodimus Primal?
Date: Wednesday, February 12th 2003 11:20pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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I´ve recieved word that an upcoming Transformer figure will be a repainted Beast Wars Optimus Primal. The figure will use the original ape mold and feature a maroon and gold color scheme similar to Rodimus Prime´s. The name, however, won´t be Rodimus Primal. Hasbro´s using an original name. Hopefully, I´ll have that up for you shortly.

Thanks for reading!

Loads of info!

Transformers News: Loads of info!
Date: Tuesday, January 28th 2003 9:30pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): Orson

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Feast your optics on some juicy news fresh from a reliable source!

The prototype ´Autobot Traitor´ that was spotted awhile back is called ´Wheeljack´. And Wheeljack is Hot Shot´s brother.

The prototype ´Construction Vehicle´ is an upgraded Smokescreen.

Thundercracker is an upgraded Starscream

Skywarp will not be in the show.

The black repaint of Optimus Prime isn´t Scourge. It´s simply a black repaint of Optimus Prime.

The history of the 'factory made fakes'

Date: Monday, January 6th 2003 7:10pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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The first prototype or ´test shot´ to appear for auction was several years ago. It was the figure that would become the Night Slash Cheetor in the Beast Machines series. After that we had TONS of ´test shots´ for Storm Jet. After that we saw ´test shots´ for Armada figures. At one time a supposed ´test shot´ for Lucky Draw Optimus Prime was sold for over $1,000. Some of these sellers gave us our first looks at the US-Original Spychangers. Differently colored Takara reissues became almost commonplace on ebay and generally went for some very high prices. Most recently these figures have started showing up in ´all clear´ forms. We know that the clear versions are fakes. They´re made by people in a factory ´after hours´. However, we DON´T know for sure if they´ve been fakes all along.

The question is: How did it start? Did a REAL test shot go up on ebay and opportunistic factory employees discovered they could make a quick buck? Or have they been fakes all along? Were any of them real? Did the buyer of the $1,400 Lucky Draw Prime Proto get ripped off?

Mass exodus from Transfandom!

Date: Thursday, January 2nd 2003 11:14pm CST
Categories: Site News, Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): anonymous email

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Views: 53,981 has lost some of their most famous members today. The well known TF news site split with members Tim Formas, Kickback, Primus, aksmth, Shin Gouki, and Tony Bacala. All content created by these individuals has been, or will be, taken down from Transfandom. Reportedly the reason for their departure is that other members of the site weren´t holding up their end and were more concerned with their egos than with maintaining a quality site. I´d like to wish these transfans well in their future endeavors.

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