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Gear of War Custom Set Pictures

Transformers News: Gear of War Custom Set Pictures
Date: Friday, January 9th 2009 8:58am CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): HK-TK

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HK.TK has posted images of the Gear of War custom set, which was previously reported here. This set is being produced by TFC Toys and includes an interchangeable rocket launcher/gun for your Universe figures, a ladder for Universe Inferno, and an autoscout drone, which transforms into a tape.

Click here to see the original page.

New Images of ROTF Depthcharge and Ransack

Transformers News: New Images of ROTF Depthcharge and Ransack
Date: Friday, January 9th 2009 8:28am CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Arlin, The

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Our own Arlin has let us know that The has new images of the previously seen Transformers Revenge of The Fallen figures Ransack and Depthcharge.
Too view the images please click here or scroll down.


Stay tuned to for all your Transformers related news!

New 2000 Item Clearance Sale and More

Transformers News: New 2000 Item Clearance Sale and More
Date: Friday, January 9th 2009 1:42am CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Joel at BBTS

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Site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has just sent out a new newsletter informing us of a new 2000 item sale. Here's the scoop from BBTS:

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals, more new preorders, and a big new sale with
prices cut on over 2000 items!


Prices have been slashed on over 2000 items! Many items have been
discounted 50% to 70% or more! Hundreds of different lines are on sale
including Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and much more.
Take a look at the sale menu below for great savings on many items:


The exciting new BBTS exclusive has arrived at last. This bust portrays
Orion Pax's/Optimus Prime's girlfriend Ariel in her upgraded Elita-One
appearance, laser rifle in hand. This new bust is priced at $59.99,
limited to just 600 pieces worldwide, take a look at this new bust here - ... ode=retail

This Ultimate Quarter Scale is even more impressive "in person" than its
description. Measuring 19" tall, this recreation is swaddled in black
robesthat cover his 23 points of articulation, and includes his
double-bladed lightsaber (magnetic), electronic binoculars, an alternate
wrist-link hand, and a display stand. The figure also speaks phrases and
other sound effects when you press a button on his front. This great new
figure is priced at $64.99, $15 below MSRP, and you can get yours here - ... ode=retail

Diamond has shipped us the latest wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation
figures. This assortment includes Nurse Ogawa, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Miles
O'Brien and Previews Exclusive Ro Laren. This set of four is available
for $49.99, a savings of $14 off the MSRP; the figures are also listed
singly, priced at $12.99 each, or $15.99 for the Ro Laren exclusive - take
a look at them here - ... G+Series+5

The second wave of Deep Space Nine figures from Diamond has also arrived.
This assortment includes Chief Miles O'Brien (appearing here in his DS9
uniform - a popular fellow!), Dr. Julian Bashir, Klingon General Martok
and the Previews Exclusive Colonel Kira Nerys. Each figure comes with
appropriate accessories, and the set is priced at $49.99 ($14 below MSRP).
Check out these new figures here - ... ode=retail

Another shipment of 1/6 Scale Joker figures has arrived. This deluxe
collector figure has 28 points of articulation and includes his cloth
costume, three playing cards, three knives, a handgun with removable clip,
a bank robbery mask, alternate hands and a display stand. The whole
package is priced at $$74.99, $15 below the MSRP, and you can take a look
at it here - ... ode=retail

This new wave of Transformers Universe Deluxe figures includes Cheetor,
the first Beast Wars release in the new line, along with Hound with
Ravage, Starscream with a new lighter paintjob, and Targetmaster Cyclonus
with Nightstick. You can pick up a case of eight figures (two of each)
for $92.99, a set of one of each for $49.99, or singles of Cheetor or
Starscream at $12.99, and Hound at $14.99. ... egory=4714

The newest wave includes new versions of Smokescreen from G1, and Dinobot
from "Beast Wars". We've got them listed a variety of ways - you can pick
up the pair for $30.99, or the set of the six Wave 4 & 5 figures
(Starscream, Hound with Ravage, Cyclonus with Nightstick, and Cheetor, in
addition to Dinobot and Smokescreen) for $74.99, or a Wave 5 case,
containing two each of Dinobot and Smokescreen and one each of the four
Wave 4 Deluxes, for $92.99. ... egory=4714

This new package includes a brand-new silver Roller figure for your
Masterpiece Optimus Prime's Trailer, along with his gas-nozzle components,
and also a brand-new gun for Masterpiece Ultra Magnus that matches his
original weapon. This whole set is priced at $29.99; Transformer fans,
especially Masterpiece collectors, won't want to miss out on this. ... ode=retail

This assortment of Marvel Minimates includes a little bit of everything.
Spider-Man allies Cloak and Dagger appear here, along with Nova and Gamora
from the Annihilation Saga, with Spymaster and Jim Rhodes & Tony Stark
versions of War Machine rounding out the set. This wave of eight figures
(Spymaster is the 'doubled' figure) is priced at $24.99, and you can check
them out here - ... ode=retail

This wave is Spider-centric, and includes red & blue, "Back in Black" and
Captain Universe versions of Spider-Man, along with Venom, Kraven the
Hunter, the Tarantula and the Shocker. Each of these masked figures also
includes an 'unmasked' head, increasing your display options. This set of
eight is also priced at $24.99 - take a look at them here- ... ode=retail

We've received the remainder of our Marvel Select Red Hulk exclusive, and
we've got plenty of pieces remaining in stock. We've got this great
figure priced at $24.99, so if you missed your first chance at it, he's
waiting for you, here - ... ode=retail

This new Previews Exclusive boxed set from "Crimson Empire" will allow you
to set up a display of the Crucible, where Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard
receive their final training. This set includes the Emperor and Darth
Vader, along with Carnor Jax, Kir Kanos, Alum Frost and Lemmet Tauk in
their Imperial Guard Academy training uniforms. This set is priced at
$36.99, and you can pick one up here - ... ode=retail

We've also received a number of cases of Marvel Select's All-Star
assortment. The case includes two each of Ultimate Iron Man, Ultimate
Hulk and the Punisher, plus one each of the Skrull Three-Pack and Omega
Flight Arachne, priced at $124.99 (a savings of $35 off MSRP). We've also
got the set of five figures listed, at $89.99 ($10 off MSRP), and we've
got a few singles in stock, with Arachne and the Skrull three-pack priced
at $24.99 each, the Punisher at $19.99 and the Ultimate Hulk at $16.99
each. In addition to all of these, we've re-upped on a number of earlier
Marvel Select figures, like Spider-Woman, Captain America and the alien
legends two-pack - and you can check all of them out here - ... egory=1165

Another shipment of Mattel DC Universe Classics has arrived, and this time
they're the 'K' assortment of DC Universe Classics Series 4. This case
includes two of Batman Beyond, along with one each of Ares, Wonder Woman,
Cyborg and Captain Atom (or chase version), along with the pieces
necessary to put together the Despero BAF. We've got this case of six
priced at $69.99 - check the assortment out here - ... ode=retail

his assortment includes popular warriors and legendary ninjas from G.I.
Joe history. Beachhead is paired with Dataframe (previously called
Mainframe), Wild Bill gets Scrap-Iron to ...scrap with, and Snake Eyes is
partnered with his teacher, Hard Master. Each pair of figures comes with
a comic portraying their adventure, and the set of three two-packs is
priced at $34.99. They are also available singly, at $11.99 per two-pack,
or you can pick up the case, which includes two of each of these
two-packs, plus one each of Destro & Iron Grenadier and Duke & Red Star,
for just $77.99. ... egory=4197

We've received a shipment of cases of series 4. This assortment includes
one each of the Sting Raider, the Ghost Hawk, the Firebat and the Shark
Tooth, and is priced at $64.99. We aslo have singles available of the
Firebat and Shark Tooth, priced at $19.99 each, here - ... egory=4590

We've just received a number of 1/6 Scale Motoko Kusanagi figures from
Ghost in the Shell. The articulation of the Real Action Heroes line works
well with this SAC Solid State Society representation of the detective,
clad in leather-like bodysuit and sporting multiple weapons and additional
hands. She's priced at $159.99, $15 off the MSRP - take a look - ... ode=retail

We've restocked our supply of Gears of War Series 2, and the set of five
figures is now in stock. This set contains an updated Marcus Fenix, Damon
Baird, Dominic Santiago, and Masked and Unmasked Theron Guards. This set
is priced at $74.99 ($10 off MSRP) and you can take a look at the
assortment here - ... ode=retail

This new line of "Kingdom Hearts" figures includes Sora, his friend Riku,
and King Mickey in his black outfit. Each figure comes with a Keyblade or
other weapon, and each is priced at $24.99 - take a look at the assortment
and pick your favorites here - ... search=kh1

This new line of stands and displays uses magnets in the bases to keep
your figures however you like to display them. Each base has two
different-sized pegs, and they can be used with a wide variety of figures
from Habsro, Mattel, McFarlane, ToyBiz, DC Direct, NECA, Playmates and
many more, listed on the package. The regular stands are for any smaller
figures (up to 4"), while the Super stands have stronger magnets and can
hold larger figures. The Display System measures 13" by 12.25" by 12.25"
and can be used on a flat surface or wall-mounted; it is assembled as a
series of tiers (either three 4" deep steps or four 3" deep steps) and can
hold up to 50 3.75" figures, for the price of $24.99. The stands
themselves are sold in packs of 10, at $3.99 for Regular or $5.99 for
Super; you can take a look at the setup & details here - ... egory=4769

We've received the new 12" British Army Lieutenant for the Blues & Royals
Regiment in Afghanistan from Hot TOys. This new figure comes loaded with
detailed uniform and tactical accessories, as well as carrying a knife, a
pistol and an L85A2 with grenade launcher. He's ready to go at $114.99,
and you can check out the details and pics here - ... ode=retail

We've managed to get our hands on a few Hasbro Classic Soundwave reissues.
This set includes Ravage and Laserbeak in addition to Soundwave, so you
can display one cassette in Soundwave's chest and the other out and
transformed into animal-bot mode.
This set is priced at $59.99, and if you missed out on these before, you
can get one here - ... ode=retail


Two more 1/60 scale Chogokin Macross Frontier Valkyries have been
announced. The VF-25G Mikhail custom is priced at $194.99, while the
RVF-25 Luca Custom is listed at $199.99. Each comes with multiple weapons
and die-cast parts, and should arrive this March. Check out these new
Valkryies here - ... egory=4871

NECA has just announced some new items for the upcoming release of the
"Friday The 13th" remake. First up is a 19" Jason figure, with an
alternate head and his machete, and is based on his new look in the movie;
this one is priced at $39.99. We've also listed the Jason's Mask Replica
In Shadow Box, cast directly from the movie prop and protected by it's
wood box, at $139.99 (a savings of $40 off MSRP), and Jason's Machete
Replica, measuring 3 feet long and priced $40 off MSRP, at $139.99, as
well. Check out all three of these new items here - ... egory=5295

This new piece from Gentle Giant measures almost six feet tall, and
portrays the Clone Captain as he appears in his blue-accented armor as
commander of the 501st Clone Trooper Battalion. His armor is slightly
tarnished and scratched, as you would expect from a veteran of his
caliber. This fantastic statue is priced at $1399.99 - take a look at it
here - ... ode=retail

Jakks Pacific has announced their new line of collectible marbles. Each
marble contains the image of a hero, villain, robot, or (oversized marble
of a) ship, with each wave containing two each of 12 different marbles.
We've got these listed by the case of 24 for $94.99, or by the set of 12
for $49.99, and you can check out the first eight assortments here - ... egory=5289

Jakks has also announced a Marvel Heroes collectible marble line. Each
wave of these will include twelve different characters both classic and
modern, with two of each character in the case, with one duplicate in each
case being each Copper, Gold, and Platinum. The case also includes two of
the Oversized marble, namely Galactus (in the first wave). Due to these
varying levels of collectability, these are only listed by the case, which
are priced at $94.99 each. Take a look at the first assortment's listings
and place your order for any of the first eight waves, here - ... egory=5293

The newest Transformers Animated figures are so new that we haven't even
seen images for them yet. Wave 7 includes Hydrodive Bumblebee (his first
Voyager-class figure) and Golfire Grimlock, which is most likely a repaint
of the original Voyager Grimlock. Golfire Grimlock is priced at $23.99
and Hydrodive Bumblebee at $29.99, or you can save a few bucks and
pre-order the set of 2 for $49.99, or a case of two of each figure for
$94.99. ... egory=4549

NECA has announced a bunch of new items inpired by and based on the
upcoming (fingers crossed!) Watchmen movie. We've got 4-pin sets, beanie
caps, lucite and metal keychains, lunchboxes, baseball caps, flasks and
lighters listed, priced form $2.99 to $19.99 per item. You can take a
look at all of the newly listed items here - ... egory=5042

The cute mini-stylings of the Galactic Heroes, Superhero Squad and other
pvc figures have jumped the pond, with the announcement of the Doctor Who
Time Squad figures. These five-packs contain characters from the new run
of Doctor Who, and we've got the set of three five-packs listed for
$49.99. With characters like Davros, a trio of Daleks, an Ood, a
Slitheen, a Weeping Angel and many more, fans of the Doctor won't want to
miss out on these new collectibles - check out the full assortment
(including a group photo) here - ... ode=retail

We've listed a number of new base bodies from Triad Toys. Their Omega
male body features over 35 points of articulation and is produced in three
varieties - Caucasian, Hispanic and African American, and each of these is
priced at $22.99. The Otaku 1.0 female body has over 20 points of
articulation, and comes in Caucasian, Tan and Pale, and they're listed at
$29.99 each. Pick your favorites here - ... egory=5275

Triad Toys also produces many figure parts, and our first three listings
are for female heads. Head sculpts 1 and 3 each have black hair, while
Head sculpt 2 is a red-head. These are priced at $8.99 each, and are
perfect for customizers and collectors. Check out these first three new
heads here - ... egory=5283

This figures in this new line from Bandai each measure about 12 cm tall
(about 4.75") and seems to focus on the 00 Gundam figures, with Arios, 00,
Union Flag Custom, Cherudim and more making their appearances here,
although the Turn X from Turn A Gundam has managed to sneak in here as
well. These figures are priced at $19.99 - $74.99 each, and you can take
a look at the assortment of new figures here - ... egory=5285

In honor of the Gundam 30th Anniversary, Bandai is releasing 1/35 Scale
Jumbo Grade figures of the RX-78-2 and Char's MS-06S Zaku. Each of these
figures will measure about 20" tall, and come with weapon accessories.
Gundam fans will want to get in on these early - they're priced at $299.99
each, and you can take a look at them here - ... egory=1818

The new ThreeB Alien and Predator figures from Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem
are done in the super-deformed style, and will measure about 8.25" tall.
The Predator figure comes with an alternate unmasked head, while the Alien
figure includes a facehugger accessory. Each of these figures is priced
at $99.99 - take a look at the pics here - ... rch=ThreeB

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out our sales menus, there are tons of great deals and many of them won't
last long.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

New Galleries of Transformers Movie Premium Figures Online

Transformers News: New Galleries of Transformers Movie Premium Figures Online
Date: Thursday, January 8th 2009 10:43pm CST
Categories: Site News, Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s):

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The massive gallery section has been updated yet again, this time with new photos of three "Premium" series repaints of Voyager figures from the 2007 Transformers movie toyline.

The Premium series figures sport more accurate, metallic-coloured paint schemes.

See the galleries for Robo-Vision Optimus Prime, and the Best-Buy exclusives Megatron & Ratchet by clicking the links below.

Robo-Vision Optimus Prime
Best-Buy exclusive Premium Megatron
Best-Buy exclusive Premium Ratchet


Even More Botcon Souvenir Set Hints

Transformers News: Even More Botcon Souvenir Set Hints
Date: Thursday, January 8th 2009 7:45pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Collectables, Collector's Club News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Pete Sinclair@TFCC

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Views: 37,178

-TFCC Forums- Ready for more rumors involving those highly desired convention collector's figures?

Tuesday, we were teased with information about this set being mainly Autobot based...

OK, while we are working on finalizing the convention details, brochure and registration forms, we wanted to start the speculation game:

"For one young Autobot..." is all we have revealed so far. While we tend to guard the convention sets and souvenirs closely, I want to let you know that we are very excited about what we have waiting in the wings!

The set we have planned features a team of select Autobots never before featured in G1 in this way. The timeline we are spotlighting is new, yet very familiar...

Let the games begin!"

Now more news from thus same thread, this time Pete Sinclair (who happens to participate in our very own Official Question And Answers Thread for the club) adds his two cents...

"Far be it from me to wreck your all's ideas. I just know that this year's set is going to rule!"

Perhaps, you might want to start questioning Pete on our Q/A pages for the club, to see if he might reveal something more.

Check out the official Transformers Collector's Club!!!

Speculate based on this new information below.

BTS Classics Prime Trailer

Transformers News: BTS Classics Prime Trailer
Date: Thursday, January 8th 2009 3:12am CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): El Duque, BTS Toy Blog

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Views: 25,974

Prototype images of a Classic trailer for Optimus Prime have surfaced on the BTS Toy Blog. BTS revealed in November that they have been working on a trailer; but few details are known at this time. We will keep you posted as more information revealed. Click here to see the original pictures.

New toy law to adversely affect collectors market?

Transformers News: New toy law to adversely affect collectors market?
Date: Wednesday, January 7th 2009 10:48pm CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): KVUE, GovTrack.US, King or Terror, Mkall, Psychout, Chaoslock

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Views: 27,333

It appears problems caused by the lead toy recalls have yet to cease: a new federal law taking place as of February 10, 2009 will illegalize the re-selling of children’s toys and clothes unless tested to be lead free. You can read the entire article from by clicking here.

A new federal law is raising concerns and questions nationwide and here in Austin.

On February 10, 2009 it will be illegal to re-sell any used children's products including toys and clothing. That is according to the U.S. Consumer Protection & Safety Commission who pushed for the new laws after dozens of toys were recalled in 2008 because of lead concerns.

Toys, clothing and other items used by children under 12 will be subjected to lead testing and will have to have labels on them to prove that they have passed inspection.

What is raising the ire of parents and business owners far and wide is what this will mean to clothing, toys and other children products made before February 10, 2009.

Gary Walthall, the owner of Once upon a Child, a resale shop specializing in children's clothing and other items, is afraid that he'll have to close up shop.

Adding to the confusion and frustration is the fact that the U.S. Consumer Products and Safety Commission is not returning calls or e-mails to the countless re-salers and even journalists who have tried in vain to get clarification on what the law means to garage sales and how it will be enforced.

How will this affect you and the collecting market as a whole? That‘s still unconfirmed, but there is relevant information coming from GovTrack.US. From Sec105, 1, D, ii:

The term 'retailer' has the meaning given that term in section 3 of the Consumer Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2052), but does not include an individual whose selling activity is intermittent and does not constitute a trade or business.

And from Sec201 a, a, 4:

the efforts of the Commission to reach and educate retailers of second-hand products and informal sellers, such as thrift shops and yard sales, concerning consumer product safety rules and product recalls, especially those relating to durable nursery products, in order to prevent the resale of any products that have been recalled, including the development of educational materials for distribution not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act.

Stay tuned to as more updates come in.

New Images of Revenge of the Fallen FAB Jolt

Transformers News: New Images of Revenge of the Fallen FAB Jolt
Date: Wednesday, January 7th 2009 5:18pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): Noha,

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Views: 37,380

Noha of has posted some new, in-package images of the Fast-Action-Battler Jolt figure from the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toyline. Jolt is an Autobot who transforms into the new Chevrolet Volt.

The images, which show both the front and back of the packaging, can be seen on by clicking here.




New ROTF figure pictures

Transformers News: New ROTF figure pictures
Date: Wednesday, January 7th 2009 12:39pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Arlin

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Views: 30,573

Seibertron member Arlin has brought to our attention back-package pictures of two ROTF figures. The first is a new character - a biplane, the other is of the boat figure that we've seen before. will keep you up to date on the latest movie news!


New Henkei Red Alert Photos - Plus Others

Transformers News: New Henkei Red Alert Photos - Plus Others
Date: Wednesday, January 7th 2009 1:28am CST
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): e-Hobby

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Views: 25,444

e-Hobby has posted lots of new images for several upcoming Henkei figures.

Red Alert due out in April. Includes a lightbar.




Smokescreen due out in April.





Minibot Attack Team, which features Beachcomber, Cliffjumper, and Brawn. Due out in March.





Minibot Spy Team, which features Cosmos, Warpath, and Wheelie. Due out in March.





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