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Gallery and Review of Club-Exclusive Nightbeat Figure

Transformers News: Gallery and Review of Club-Exclusive Nightbeat Figure
Date: Saturday, June 14th 2008 11:38am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Reviews, Collector's Club News
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s):,, Philip S.

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Philip S. has posted a detailed photo gallery and review of the upcoming Official Transformers Club exclusive deluxe figure Nightbeat.

Read the review and see the photos by clicking here.

Encore Mini-bots Package Images

Transformers News: Encore Mini-bots Package Images
Date: Saturday, June 14th 2008 7:52am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): BlackMagnus

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The soon to be released Encore Minibots set has finally had the packaging revealed.

The set includes Bumblebee with new chrome highlights and he is rumored to be sporting the remolded head from the earlier Takara Transformers Collection release. Also to be a part of the set are Pipes, Outback, Swerve, and Tailgate.

Earlier pictures revealed the new toy versions to look to have higher quality paint apps than the original releases.

You can view images of the package by clicking the link below!

Front of Encore Minibot Package

Back of Encore Minibot Package

According to pre-orders at BigBadToyStore, these are scheduled to arrive in July at some point.

Profiles for new Target-Exclusive Movie Scout Repaints

Transformers News: Profiles for new Target-Exclusive Movie Scout Repaints
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 6:48pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Auctions
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): Mignash,

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As reported earlier here, there is a new wave of Transformers Movie scout repaints: Gunbarrel (a repaint of Energon Kickback/Blight), Reverb (a repaint of Energon Blackout/Stormcloud) and Backtrack (a repaint of Cybertron Lugnutz). Now we have clearer images of the cardbacks, allowing us to read the characters profiles and get a better look at the stock images of these new figures.

See the images of the cardbacks in mignash's post by clicking here

More New Images of TF Animated Sentinel Prime

Transformers News: More New Images of TF Animated Sentinel Prime
Date: Friday, June 13th 2008 6:36pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Auctions
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): BlackMagnus,

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Views: 15,057 has posted some new images of the upcoming deluxe-class Sentinel Prime figure.

See all the images here:

Ultra Magnus City Commander Upgrade Set: UPDATE

Transformers News: Ultra Magnus City Commander Upgrade Set:  UPDATE
Date: Thursday, June 12th 2008 7:09am CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Counterpunch | Credit(s):

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Views: 12,505

The TFClub forums have given us a new look at the prototype for the upcoming City Commander Upgrade set for Classics Ultra Magnus by FansProject.

We get a first look here at how all of the individual pieces of the set combine and form the trailer as well as an idea of how Ultra Magnus's BFG is formed.

Check it out in the discussion thread or by visiting the following link:

Fixes for Transformers Animated Figures!

Transformers News: Fixes for Transformers Animated Figures!
Date: Thursday, June 12th 2008 1:35am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Site Articles
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Jin Saotome

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Wow, I just saw 14 pages of problems with the Animated figures! Now I agree that they should come without problems right out of the box but sometimes there's things that need to be worked out with a new series.

First, if you have a complaint, contact Hasbro with this form: ... BfcGFnZT0x

I get a response from them every time and have talked to them about subjects from loose joints to unpaintable plastic on their figures. This is how they get feedback from us, we have to do out part in telling them what's wrong. The form is easy to fill out and will only take you a few minutes.

But since you've already bought your figures it's time to fix the ones you have. Some pictures are supplied below the fixes for you as well. These are the fixes that worked with my figures.

Loose Ball Joints
These are easy to fix. First, pop the offending limb off. In the case of Grimlock, Prime, megatron, they all have balljointed sections. Now take your superglue and drip just a little but on the ball-post, not inside the cup. Spread it around a bit and do NOT put it back in. Let the superglue cure, let it sit there or hit it with a hairdryer until it forms a nice shiny, hard shell. Reattach it. This fixed my Grimlock, 2-pack Prime and Megatron's hips, and Prowl's shoulders.

It should work for almost any figure unless the ball post is made of the dreaded unpaintable plastic! Then you do what do is drip the superglue on the ball post and put it in the cup while it's still wet! Since the ball post is made of the special plastic, the superglue won't adhere to it, but just the cup inside, making a tighter fit. Just gently move the limb loose after it cures. But be careful, make sure the ball-post is made of the unpaintable plastic, not clear like Megatron's. Black Arachnia's mandibles are a good example of what unpaintable plastic is, also the kind that's used for the inner disc of a Marvel Legends shoulder or hip joint. Kinda waxy and tough plastic.

Loose swivel/cut-joints
These can be a little more difficult. Starscream has them in his thighs, so does Voyager megatron. They like to pop out because the ratchet system (not the character, the clicking noise, heh) is stronger than the cut joint-plug. The fix can be done two ways, sometimes one works and other times the next works. Fix 1 is to do the superglue trick as described in the tightening ball-joints. Take the cut joint apart and apply a thin layer of superglue to the end of the peg where the ridge is. Usually this is towards the top of the peg, sometimes the center. Let the superglue cure then pop it back into place. This usually tightens the joint up enough so it doesn’t pop out.

If this doesn’t work or the sections are made of UP, then you’ll have to do the Burning-Blade technique. Sounds dangerous eh? It can be, what you want to do is heat up the end of your x-acto knife with a lighter or use a soldering Iron and touch the end of the peg, melting it slightly and making it wider. Some people cut an ‘X’ into the top with the heated blade, this flaring it out some that way. I had to do this with Starscream’s right leg because it kept falling off.

The last-ditch effort is to drill a hole in both ends, then drive a screw into one end. Clip the head of the screw off and then ‘screw on’ the opposite part until they become one piece. Unless you turn the part more than 360 deg, it will stay together that way.

Crappy Paint
Ah, you’ll have to touch up your figures by hand to combat this problem. I recommend Testors Model Master Acrylics. I use the Fantasy line and their regular Acrylic line. Head to their site and click on the Model Masters banner to be taken to this page: There you can view the Color Charts and see what shades you need to match. Depending on your monitor colors you may need to adjust the shade of paint when you get it, so I buy some white, black, gray, and a few other colors to mix with my paints to obtain different shades. Like for Grimlock’s gray I had to use Gunship Gray mixed with some Bear Brown to get that shade. His red needed Dragon Red lightened slightly with some white, or Rust mixed with some Bloode Red.

Loose hinge Joints
This requires a bit more finesse. Most of the voyager figures have clicky hinge joints in their knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. But then there’s the case of just a regular hinge without the clicky. Sometimes those are loose and you’ll need a superglue trick to fix them. It’s easy, drip some superglue in the hinge and wait 5 seconds, then move it. Wait a little longer, move it slightly again. Keep messing with it so it doesn’t completely set up but slowly starts getting tighter. After about 2-3 minutes the joint will be much tighter. Repeat as needed.

Grimlock’s slide-in arm fix
Welcome to the advanced class! This takes a few more steps. First, pop off Grimmys leg and unscrew all three screws. You’ll have to pop the thigh apart with a tad bit of effort because there’s still a peg or two holding it together.

Once you have the leg apart, look at the end of the black arm section. There’s two spinny sections. Those sections slide in the groove. Take your hobby knife and carefully shave the back of it into a slant, leaving the front to remain flat so it will stop the arm from coming out.

Next take your Dremel tool or something you can scrape plastic out with and shave inside the groove that’s in the thigh. Remember how his thigh bulged out when you pressed the leg in? We’re shaving the inner sides to give that black piece of plastic more room. I suspect you could skip this and just shave the black spinner sections lower but I didn’t want to risk the arm being pulled out because that got too thin.

Now test fit it together. Grimlock’s arm now moves all the way in!

Ok, hope that helped with a lot of the fixes. Remember this is just a guide and your results may vary depending on your tools and skill level. These worked for my figures and now everything stays tight and together on my figures. More fixes to come as I figure them out. Know of a problem that wasn’t listed? Email me at, I’ll pick up the figure and post a fix when I have time. Thanks for reading!

Here’s the fixes for the range of motion on Prowl’s knees, Lockdown’s hands, and Bumblebee’s stingers. Props to the people who came up with any of these fixes first! I believe Prowl’s knee fix was posted somewhere here so I’m basically just adding pictures.

Lockdown’s Hands
Poor Lockdown has funky wrists, his hands don’t fold out all the way. Snag your Dremel tool or Hobby Knife and cut a square out of the bottom portion of his hand as shown in the pic. If you just have a hobby knife you’ll need to score at it over and over until you can dig it out. I used the tip of a mini-screwdriver to help. Do it right and his hand will gain full-fold-out range

Bumblebee’s Stingers
They don’t fold in all the way and look funny sticking out when he’s in robot mode. Fix this by folding the Stingers out and using your Dremel tool or hobby knife to remove the two square bits of plastic behind the post that the stingers hinge on. With those out of the way his Stingers fold all the way in when his hands are folded out.

Prowl’s knee range of motion
This is an easy fix, all you have to do is trim the bottom of the hip-pad at an angle. This allows the sides of his knees to clear the pad and get a good 90 degree angle.

Target Exclusive Movie Deep Space Starscream Out Now in the U.S.

Transformers News: Target Exclusive Movie Deep Space Starscream Out Now in the U.S.
Date: Thursday, June 12th 2008 1:32am CDT
Categories: Movie News, Toy News, Sightings, Store News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Hotrod

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Views: 12,764

We have recieved a few emails verifying that the latest chain exclusive movie repaint figure to hit shelves in the United States is Deep Space Starscream. The figure has been confirmed to have been spotted at some Target stores. So let the hunt begin. Don't forget to report your sightings here in the Movie Toy Sightings section.

TFA Voyager Class Optimus Prime Out In Canada

Transformers News: TFA Voyager Class Optimus Prime Out In Canada
Date: Wednesday, June 11th 2008 6:12pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sightings
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): The Stealth M.C. of

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The second wave of Transformers Animated Voyager Class figures are out in Canada. Wave 2 is identical to wave one with one addition, Earth Mode Optimus Prime!

Expected out within the month are Voyagers Lugnut and Grimlock to round out your Animated figures until the Wave 3 Deluxes and Blitzwing hit the shelves sometime in July-August.

The Stealth M.C. of as well as yours truly both found thise figure today at ToysRus.

Have you found anything new? Why not share it with the world in our Sightings Section

Universe Onslaught & Powerglide on eBay

Transformers News: Universe Onslaught & Powerglide on eBay
Date: Wednesday, June 11th 2008 11:01am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Auctions
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): eBay seller yizhi521

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Views: 8,038

Two new auctions for Transformers Universe Ultra Class figures Onslaught and Powerglide have appeared on eBay from a seller who is no stranger to selling Transformers months before their release date, yizhi521.

The pictures in the auction are pictures taken from Botcon. To see these two auctions click the respective names below.



The auctions state that these are 10c figures, but are both loose, "in hand and ready to ship!"

It doesn't take much to realize where these came from and how they were obtained. Please use common sense if you decide to bid on what is most likely stolen goods.

Canadian TF Release Dates

Transformers News: Canadian TF Release Dates
Date: Wednesday, June 11th 2008 7:49am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): GMfan101 of

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Views: 61,977

Some new new information has been revealed thanks to our friends over at

According to GMfan101 has learned of ballpark release dates for Animated, Universe, Crossovers and whats left of the Movie figures. They even have information about store exclusives.

Transformers Animated Deluxe Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Cybertron Optimus Prime----|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Prowl----------------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Bumblebee-----------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Lockdown------------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
2-----|Ratchet--------------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
2-----|Blackarachnia--------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
3-----|Snarl----------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Oil Slick--------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Soundwave----------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Jazz-----------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
4-----|Swoop---------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
4-----|Sentinel Prime--------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
4-----|Elite Guard Bumblebee------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
------|Prowl (with Samurai Armor)-|$14.99----|Unknown----|N/A

Transformer Animated Voyager Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Bulkhead-------------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Starscream----------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Cybertron Megatron--------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
2-----|Optimus Prime--------------|$29.99----|June 2008--|N/A
3-----|Grimlock-------------------|$29.99----|June 2008---|N/A
3-----|Lugnut---------------------|$29.99----|June 2008--|N/A
4-----|Blitzwing-------------------|$29.99----|October 2008|N/A

Transformer Animated Leader Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Bulkhead-------------------|$59.99----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Megatron------------------|$59.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Ultra Magnus---------------|$59.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Animated Supreme Class
Wave-|Name---------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Roll Out Command Optimus Prime-|$79.99----|August 2008-|N/A
2-----|Omega Supreme-----------------|$79.99----|Unknown----|N/A

Transformers Animated Activators
Wave-|Name---------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
1-----|Bumblebee----------------------|$9.99-----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Bulkhead------------------------|$9.99-----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Starscream---------------------|$9.99-----|July 2008-------|N/A
2-----|Lockdown-----------------------|$9.99-----|September 2008|N/A
2-----|Optimus Prime-------------------|$9.99-----|September 2008|N/A
3-----|Ratchet-------------------------|$9.99-----|October 2008---|N/A
3-----|Patrol Bumblebee----------------|$9.99-----|October 2008---|N/A

Transformers Animated Bumper Battlers
Wave-|Name---------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date----|Status|
1-----|Optimus Prime-------------------|$12.99----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Ratchet-------------------------|$12.99----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Bumblebee----------------------|$12.99----|July 2008-------|N/A
2-----|Bulkhead------------------------|$12.99----|September 2008-|N/A
2-----|Jazz----------------------------|$12.99----|September 2008-|N/A

Transformer Animated Special Assortments
Name------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
The Battle Begins DVD 2-pack |Unknown--|June 2008---|N/A
Megatron & Optimus Prime----|---------- |------------ |

Transformers Universe Deluxe Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Prowl----------------------|$14.99----|June 2008---|N/A
1-----|Sunstreaker----------------|$14.99----|June 2008---|N/A
1-----|Tankor---------------------|$14.99----|June 2008---|N/A
2-----|Acid Storm-----------------|$14.99----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Galvatron------------------|$14.99----|July 2008---|N/A
3-----|Ironhide--------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Sideswipe------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Silverstreak----------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Voyager Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Blaster---------------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Heavy Load----------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Dropshot-------------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Blades---------------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Ultra Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Powerglide-----------------|$39.99----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Onslaught------------------|$39.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Silverbolt------------------|$39.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Legends Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Onslaught------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Red Alert-------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Starscream----------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Jazz-----------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Hound---------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Megatron------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Robot Heroes
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Megatron vs Rattrap--------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
1-----|Blackarachnia vs Chettor----|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
1-----|Galvatron vs Sunstreaker----|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
1-----|Blitzwing vs Hound----------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Rumble vs Arcee------------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Waspinator vs Rhinox--------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Tarantulas vs Optimus Primal |$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
3-----|Thrust vs Blaster------------|$8.99-----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Kickback vs Ironhide---------|$8.99-----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Megatron vs Silverbolt-------|$8.99-----|Augest 2008|N/A

25th Anniversary Optimus Prime
Retail Price: Unknown, Release Date: Unknown, Status:N/A

Marvel Transformers
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Iron Man-------------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A
1-----|Hulk------------------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A
1-----|Spider-man-----------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A
1-----|Venom---------------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A

Transformers Movie Scout Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
4-----|Crosshairs------------------|$9.99-----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
4-----|Storm Surge----------------|$9.99-----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
4-----|Warpath--------------------|$9.99-----|May 2008-----|RELEASED

Transformers Movie Deluxe Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
9-----|Stealth Bumblebee----------|$14.99----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
9-----|Salvage--------------------|$14.99----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
10----|Premium Bumblebee---------|$14.99----|June 2008-----|N/A
10----|Premium Jazz---------------|$14.99----|June 2008-----|N/A
10----|Premium Barricade----------|$14.99----|June 2008-----|N/A

Transformers Movie Voyager Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
5-----|First Strike Optimus Prime---|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
5-----|Evac-----------------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
5-----|Offroad Ironhide------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
5-----|Incinerator-----------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
6-----|Premium Ironhide-----------|$29.99----|June 2008---|N/A
6-----|Premium Blackout-----------|$29.99----|June 2008---|N/A

Transformers Movie Leader Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
4-----|Nightwatch Optimus Prime--|$59.99----|April 2008-------|RELEASED
5-----|Deep Desert Brawl----------|$59.99----|June 2008------|N/A
6-----|Premium Optimus Prime-----|$59.99----|May 2008-------|RELEASED
6-----|Premium Megatron----------|$59.99----|May 2008------|RELEASED

This is a very big treat for Canadian Transformers fans. With this information available now, it will be interesting to see what is shown and revealed at the Canadian Transformers Convention - TFCon coming up on June 21st.

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16,517 total news articles in this section, 10 per page.

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