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Rhino to Release Japanese TF Series in the US?

Transformers News: Rhino to Release Japanese TF Series in the US?
Date: Wednesday, August 13th 2003 9:13pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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At the recent Wizard World Chicago convention, Rhino Officials dropped some very interesting tidbits of information to fans. The upcoming 2-Disc Transformers: The Movie DVD set will include what the Rhino rep called "Previous unrealeased bridging material between the movie and the 3rd season." The first thing that pops to mind is, of course, Scramble City. Fans know that this is actually set between seasons 2 and 3, but it´s possible the Rhino rep just made a small error. IF that wasn´t enough to get you excited (and for those who´ve seen Scramble City on know it´s really nothing to be too excited about) how about this bombshell? According to the rep, Rhino has plans to release at least some of the Japanese TF episodes. This opens up all sorts of other questions like, "Will they be dubbed? If so, by who?" Between Beast Wars, Beast Machines, RiD, Armada, and now the Japanese TF series, it looks like we´ll be adding to our TF DVD collections for years to come...

Fun-4-All will not be producing any more keychains

Date: Wednesday, August 13th 2003 7:11pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Cyber Bishop | Credit(s): Scorponox Scorpion and

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Thanks to Seibertronian Scorponox Scorpion, we have news from that Fun-4-all the company that makes the Transformers minicar keychains will not be producing them anymore. Read the article here.

Overload's First Armada 'Toon Appearance (spoiler)

Transformers News: Overload's First Armada 'Toon Appearance (spoiler)
Date: Sunday, August 10th 2003 7:09pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): Dai Atorasu

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UPDATE: Episode 39 aired on YTV. Overload was nowhere to be seen.

For those of you wondering when Overload will appear in the Armada cartoon, your answer is "Episode 39." HOWEVER, since we won´t be seeing any new Armada episodes until September, you´ve still got a decent wait ahead of you.

Did Dreamwave Slip fans a MICK-y?

Transformers News: Did Dreamwave Slip fans a MICK-y?
Date: Tuesday, August 5th 2003 1:48am CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Every now and then a rumor comes along that´s so completely off-the-wall that it absolutely must be posted. The topic of this rumor is current "War and Peace" writer, Brad Mick. Since he was announced as being the writer for the G1 series, questions started popping up. Questions like "Why haven´t we heard of this guy before?" or "What happened to Chris Sarracini?" Eventually, the questions shifted into accusations like "Brad Mick is really Pat Lee!" or "Brad Mick is really Simon Furman!" Well, this rumor is in the spirit of the last two.
RUMOR: Brad Mick is really Chris Sarracini.
It´s a fact that originally, Mr. Sarracini was listed as writing the second G1 miniseries (Back cover of Armada issue 8). It´s also a fact that Mr. Sarracini was originally given credit for the preview of Volume 2 that was included in the Volume 1 Trade Paperback (Back cover of Volume 1 issue 5 (first print). Last year, Mr. Sarracini made his rounds at Comic Book conventions. This year, he was absent from the same conventions he´d attended the year before. In his place, sat Brad Mick. Photographs snapped at both conventions seem to show that they are two different people. Or do they? It´s another fact is that baseball caps can be removed and facial hair can be shaven. A supporter had the chance to speak with Mr. Mick at OTFCC. When asked about the work of Mr. Sarracini, Mick was heard to say "I ****ing hated him." What better way to distance himself from what may essentially be an "alt ID" than to basically "flame" himself? After all, professional courtesy would seemingly prevent one from saying such harsh words about a fellow writer (even if such words echo the feelings of much of the readership of the book). Are these two TF writers one and the same? Is Chris Sarracini the Clark Kent to Brad Mick´s Superman? Is this a fact? Maybe. Is this fiction? Perhaps. Is this a rumor? Definately. Feel free to debate this topic on´s Energon Pub.

Unexpected Character in G1 Ongoing Series?

Transformers News: Unexpected Character in G1 Ongoing Series?
Date: Monday, August 4th 2003 10:11pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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For the first time in in over a decade, fans will be treated to a Generation One ongoing comic series. Writer Brad Mick wants to use a character from the Japanese series, Masterforce, in the book. The Destron leader (previously) known as Overlord. Fans already know that the Destron´s PVC figure was released stateside as Gigatron. Brad plans on using the character, but what name will it go by? What part will he play? How will his "master" partners fit into DW continuity? Is this even true? Fact or Fiction? We´ll know soon enough.

Armada/Energon Comic Rumors from Simon Furman

Transformers News: Armada/Energon Comic Rumors from Simon Furman
Date: Saturday, August 2nd 2003 7:45pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): Simon Furman?

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The following was supposedly from the mouth of Simon Furman, as with all news like this, it can´t be confirmed as fact. So, like everything else on the Prof. Smooth Rumor Page, things could change.

For those wondering if Armada will end with issue 18, the answer is no. Sort of. As of issue 19, the Armada comic will be the Energon comic. It´ll retain the same numbering system, but will have a new title. Perhaps this will prevent Dreamwave from giving us 7 different covers for the premiere issue...

Unicron himself may not appear in the Armada comic, but will instead debut after the title becomes Energon. If true, this contridicts everything we´ve previously believed.

The Decepticons appearing in the Armada "World Collide" story are NOT from the Dreamwave G1 continuity (continuity fans let out a collective groan). Rather, they´re from an alternate reality. This will explain why Galvatron looks like a cross between his G1 comic and toy appearance.

The new TF character, The Fallen, in the new War Within mini-series will be a completely new character. His story is that he´s a first-generation transformer who was excommunicated for some reason.

Fact? Fiction? An alternate reality melding of the two? We shall see, we shall see...

Alternators Rumor

Transformers News: Alternators Rumor
Date: Saturday, August 2nd 2003 11:36am CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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For those of us that´ve been buried under mountains of Alternators news over the last few weeks, sifting through it has been less than easy. Among the hottest topics of debate for these highly anticipated figures is the price. We see Japanese Pre-Orders for the figures at between 45 and 50 USD, while they´re in Target´s computers for 19.99 USD. Why the drastic difference in price? Well, part of it may be that the Takara versions of the figures will feature Die-Cast Construction (guess it´s not a "lost art" after all) while the Hasbro versions will be made entirely of plastic. If the extra weight and durability is that important to you, the Takara versions will be readily available at online retailers.

Possible ENERGON Spoiler

Transformers News: Possible ENERGON Spoiler
Date: Monday, July 28th 2003 6:48pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): Aaron Archer

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The Smooth One had the opportunity to speak with Hasbro´s lead designer, Aaron Archer as OTFCC was winding down yesterday. Mr. Archer´s comments involve some spoilers, so you´ve been warned: Energon takes place 10 years after Armada ends. That´s it. Not exactly big news, but it´s a spoiler none-the-less. Continuity fans should be happy, this gives Armada/Energon the Season 2/3 feel or the Season 3/Rebirth feel.

Misc Masterpiece Convoy Rumors

Transformers News: Misc Masterpiece Convoy Rumors
Date: Monday, July 28th 2003 6:23pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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We´ve recieved some unconfirmed reports that the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Prime will retail for $75 US and will NOT include a trailer. Look for this story to be confirmed (or denied) in the exceptionally near future.

Will Unicron be Sold at OTFCC?

Transformers News: Will Unicron be Sold at OTFCC?
Date: Thursday, July 24th 2003 11:33pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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OTFCC is a mere 36 hours away. One of the biggest questions that´s being asked is: "Will Hasbro be selling Unicron at the convention?" After much discussion, debate, and research, the staff of believes that this is another in a growing list of rumors that has a very high chance of becoming reality. Fact or Fiction? We´ll know soon enough.

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1,485 total news articles in this section, 10 per page.

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