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Metrotitan to be reissued?

Transformers News: Metrotitan to be reissued?
Date: Monday, April 21st 2003 10:56pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Yet another rumor that made its way to The Smooth One´s mailbox: Takara is considering putting out a reissue of the Japanese exclusive Metrotitan (Which, for those of you who don´t know, is an evil repaint of Metroplex). This one is highly unlikely, given Takara´s focus on the smaller G1 cars/jets lately. So basically, don´t hold your breath waiting for this one.

TFTM to be Included with Rhino's Season 3 DVD?

Transformers News: TFTM to be Included with Rhino's Season 3 DVD?
Date: Monday, April 21st 2003 10:51pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Here´s a rumor that´s been making the rounds lately. The first part of the Season 3 boxed set will include one very large 87 minute extra. Transformers: The Movie. Since Rebirth is said to be included in Season 3 Part 2, having TFTM on the first boxed set would serve to balance the scales. This is, in no way, confirmed, but we hope to have confirmation either way in the near future. Keep ´em glued to this page for any updates!

MyClone Unicron?

Transformers News: MyClone Unicron?
Date: Thursday, April 17th 2003 7:06pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Word has been making its way around that a future MyClone set will feature a deluxe Unicron. The figure would be split into several different parts and be included with the regular figures. There´s no confirmation on this yet, but honestly, nothing says "Japanese Transformer" like a 5 inch tall super-deformed Unicron!

Beast Wars Season 1 Boxset Coming Soon

Transformers News: Beast Wars Season 1 Boxset Coming Soon
Date: Wednesday, April 16th 2003 11:43pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: ToXmAn | Credit(s):

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Kid Rhino, the same guys that have brought us the Generation One season 1 and 2 Boxsets, has decided that it´s time for the beast to get its own boxset. At this time, the specifics of this set and its release date are unknown. Stay tuned to for more information.

RID at Target, Dreadwind/Smokejumper

Transformers News: RID at Target, Dreadwind/Smokejumper
Date: Sunday, April 13th 2003 11:15pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Gamemaster7654 | Credit(s): tfw2005

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Shin-Gouki at tfw2005 saw the shelf tags that say Dreadwind and Smokejumper (Tranfomers from the RID Series) at Target. This could be a mess-up, or it can be real, when Shin saw the tags, the product was already sold out, so it´s unknown if it´s real or not. Check your local Target stores.


Transformers News: INEXCUSABLE!
Date: Friday, April 11th 2003 11:09pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): Orson

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When it was first rumored that Thundercracker was nothing more than an upgraded Starscream, fan reaction was almost entirely negative. However, we now know WHY this near blasphemous atrocity is going to happen. Originally, they were supposed to be two separate characters, however a problem caused that to be changed. An animation error. Because of an animation error from Aeon, Starscream (one of the most beloved characters in Transformers history) will become Thundercracker (otherwise known as “The blue guy who looks like Starscream”). This isn’t a case of drawing an Autobot symbol where there’s supposed to be a Decepticon insignia. This isn’t drawing Optimus Prime’s super mode when Jet Convoy should be on the screen! (Although both of these were just the mark of plain laziness!) This is an atrocity! And you know what the worst part is? There is absolutely NOTHING that can be done about it. Because of the error, the entire show had to be re-written to make it appear that Starscream becomes Thundercracker. Of course, this won’t be the first time to dialogue doesn’t fit what’s happening on the screen. Vent your rage at The Energon Pub !

What is Transformers: Energon?

Transformers News: What is Transformers: Energon?
Date: Wednesday, April 9th 2003 12:35am CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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As many of you know, Hasbro recently aquired a copyright for "Transformers: Energon." But, what IS Transformers: Energon? Is it a new series? If so, a series of what? Comics? TV Series? Toyline? Video game? We just don´t know, and speculation is (to borrow a phrase) Runnin´ Wild. We hope to have some more information on this mysterious topic in the very near future, so stay tuned to and The Professor Smooth Rumor Page!

DVD - Metrodome: Scramble City

Transformers News: DVD - Metrodome: Scramble City
Date: Monday, April 7th 2003 8:02pm CDT
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Transformer

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Rumors have it that the first DVD to be released by Metrodome in the U.K. is the extremely hard to find "Scramble City" episode. It is said to be released in Japanese with English Subtitles ONLY, under the "Transformers: Takara" series. Also, the Transformers Season 2 Part 1 UK Region 2 boxset has yet to be ´officialy´ announced but will be released later this year by Metrodome under the T.V. Loonland Banner. T.V. Loonland aquired the rights to Transformers in the UK from Sunbow, causing Maverick Entertainment to lose out.

News from Hasbro

Transformers News: News from Hasbro
Date: Friday, April 4th 2003 5:56pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Abrogate | Credit(s):

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Orson, a Hasbro designer who posts at the message boards for Tfw2005, has revealed some interesting tidbits.

  • For all those waiting, Takara is planning to release Bluestreak in his blue Diaclone colors.

  • Episodes 43 or 44 of Armada may feature an Armada Prime in RID Scourge colors...

  • The Sixshot-colored Powerlinx Demolishor, announced at Hasbro´s Press Event has been cancelled.

  • Skywarp´s mini-con finally has a name. Thunderclash.

There are also rumors of Armada Thrust being repainted into a Jhiaxus, and an Armada Dirge, possibly being a repainted Armada Skywarp. I say rumors because Hasbro has not announced them, but may consider them.

Maverick Loses Transformers Rights

Transformers News: Maverick Loses Transformers Rights
Date: Sunday, March 30th 2003 10:47am CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Raymond T, Skylynx

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According to Raymond T: "It has just come to my attention on the General Topics Board (at the Energon Pub) by Skylynx that Maverick (in the U.K.) has lost the rights to the original/Sunbow Transformers series for distribution. These rights have been past on to TV Loon Land. I just looked up their site! It appears they now have the rights of:

  • 98 Transformers episodes
  • The Transormers: The Movie
  • 52 Transformers: Generation 2 episodes
  • 115 Transformers Takara episodes (Japan Headmasters)

"I didn´t see anything that would indicate that they´ll release Transformers anytime soon, but I think we´ve just found out why there has been no word on the release of the TF Season 2 Maverick box. Since there is no mention of Armada, I think the Armada DVD will still be released by Maverick on March 31st (previously March 24th)."

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1,473 total news articles in this section, 10 per page.

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