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TF Animated's "The Wraith" Character Sheet and More

Transformers News: TF Animated's "The Wraith" Character Sheet and More
Date: Thursday, November 20th 2008 11:46am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Derrick Wyatt and Jim Sorenson

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Transformers Animated guru Derrick Wyatt has done an update to his personal blog, A Delightful Tedium with a look at the character sheet he designed for TF Animated's first comic book, The Arrival. Here's what he had to share about it:

I really jumped at the chance to draw [The Wraith] because Marty has had the idea for this character right from the get go of our show. It was also fun just to get to do an old school HB-esque super hero.


Check out the complete post here.

Derrick also posted that Transformers artist Jim Sorenson has compiled a group of TF Model Sheets for characters who didn't make the cut for the Ark Compendiums both 1 and 2.


Jim gives us a little history on the creation of the Ark books and really gives a nice set up for the big list of characters to come.

You can view the first character and blog post on it here.

Update: Ticobot 2008 - First Transformers convention in Costa Rica

Transformers News: Update: Ticobot 2008 - First Transformers convention in Costa Rica
Date: Thursday, November 20th 2008 11:10am CST
Categories: Event News, People News, Site Articles, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): mdverde

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Views: 29,124 mdverde has posted an update regarding TICOBOT, the first Transformers Convention ever to be held in Costa Rica. After what we're being showed here, we can only imagine what to expect next year. Here's what was shared:

Ticobot was a huge success beyond all expectations.

Early in the morning on Saturday, November 1st, it was noted that this won’t be a normal weekend at the Children’s Museum. The crowd seemed eager to enter to the building where the first Transformers convention in Costa Rica will be held. A long queue of about 600 feet was formed out of the former stronghold and the people stream was constant during the day and even was increased during the Sunday.

At the main lounge of the Youth Complex of the Children’s Museum, named “Kaopakawe” (by its aboriginal name), several sponsors and mini-stores were located, with a lot of Transformers related products, among comics, mecha and anime stuff. In the back yard of the building, some real cars were shown, including a Shelby GT500 2008 that left with their mouths open to many people, by for its resemblance to the Camaro Bumblebee from the live action Movie. Also a classic Volskwagen Beetle was shown homage to G1 Bumblebee, and a Transformer-themed Nissan Sentra.



The display of thousands of figures from characters from all Transformers eras, from 1984 to 2008, talks, movie and cartoon projections, contests, trivias, video games, face painting for children, and even a Soundwave costume, gave a lot to talk about to attendants and the media, telling that the event was a total success, even exceeding the organizing group expectations.



The event closed with a little concert with the excellent Costa Rican band Tres16, who performed several songs from the Transformers cartoons and movies, and also from other 80s cartoons.


According to official numbers from the Children’s Museum, 7,000 people attended Ticobot 2008 during the weekend, breaking all assistance records. Long queues were made to enter the main attraction of the event, the figure display area.

Entire families came to enjoy the convention, even from the most remote cities of the country and they left very satisfied, asking why there wasn’t an event like that before, and when will be the next one.

Right now, the Ticobot group is working in the “Ticobot 2009” that will be held on July 2009, some weeks after the premiere of the film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. See you next year!

More pictures:











Projections, trivia, talks and other games:



Photo Galleries:

Ticobot 2008, day 1 by mdverde
Ticobot 2008, day 2 by mdverde
Figures by Jason Brenes
Ticobot 2008, professional gallery by Andrés Guevara, day 1
"Robots took over Costa Rica", gallery in Viva Magazine, La Nación newspaper
Gallery in


Tres16 performing "The touch"

Tres16 performing "Transformers Theme" from the 1986 motion picture

All Hail Optimoose!

Transformers News: All Hail Optimoose!
Date: Wednesday, November 19th 2008 3:40pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Comic Book News, Media, People News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s): Neil Kaplan

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People who have watched the interviews on Rhino's 2002 DVD release of the G1 Transformers 2.1 box set, may remember voice actor Neil Kaplan talking about screwing around during the recording sessions of Transformers: Robots In Disguise, who voiced Optimus Prime on the series, and turn the character into Optimoose Prime, by speaking the dialogue of Optimus Prime with the voice of classic cartoon character Bullwinkle.

In the years since the interview, Neil Kaplan has often been asked about bringing Optimoose to life. Through the magic of the internet, that day has come. The writer/voice actor, who is currently also involved with the graphic novel I, of the Wolf, has opened a facebook group named All Hail Optimoose!, where the future adventures of the Transformers spoof will be brought to life.

Aside from Kaplan's writing, the artwork for the stories will be provided by acclaimed Welsh artist Simon Williams. Williams has worked on the UK Transformers: Armada comics and the current UK Transformers Movie comics as well as on IDW's Beast Wars Source book.

The following background info has been taken directly from the facebook group page.

"By the way, in the real world his sidekick is William "Bitter" Beaver. Yes, he IS a beaver and YES he is very, very bitter. His saying is "DAM IT!"

In "Life with Optimoose" he and Bitter live in our world. They are both actors, though Optimoose is FAR more successful and beloved. Which of course angers Bitter, as Optimoose started as a bit player on "The Beaver Show." In subsequent years the show was also called "Beaver and Friends", "Beaver and Moose Comedy Hour", "Optimoose and Billy Beaver Show" and finally "Optimoose and Friends."

There agent is Super Agent SIMON WILLIAMS a bit of a snooty priss from the UK. He busts his hump for "Opti" and is, frankly the textbook agent. On the other hand, Simon is more of a "booker" for Bitter. Simon will take the calls for Bitter, but he won't make them.

Bitter - though working - plays bit parts. He is one of the "go to" guys for terrorists, victims, liquor store cashiers. In other words... Bitter is treated just like most other minority actors. In fact, when "A Moose and a Beaver Walk Into a Bar: The Motion Picture" was written by Hollywood Legends Kurtzman and Orci, the role of Beaver was originally written with George Clooney in mind.

In "Optimoose Chronicles" and "The Adventures of Optimoose" things are a LITTLE different. These two "titles" take place in the Optiverse, where ANYTHING is possible.

Optimoose is an intergalactic SuperAgent.

Bitter, is his stumpy sidekick.

Simon? Well, he is Q & M, combined! He gives Optimoose his assignments, but he also designs all of his cool gadgets, weapons and transformations. In the Optiverse, Optimoose can transform into ANYTHING metallic. The one teeny tiny caviot is, the moose head will ALWAYS be there.

Their nemesis???

It's Fanboy/Skele-Fat.

In the real world, fanboy is that always impossible to please perfectionist that claims to be a fan, right before ripping someone or something to shreds. Although he claims to be Optimoose's BIGGEST fan, his goal is to get the world to see that Optimoose is not an ordinary actor.

In the Optiverse... he is Skele-Fat. He is a blob of a man that wears tights and a purple leather straps he hides his face under a skelton mask which barely hides his face, let alone his triple chins. His ego is HUGE and yet, he not only thinks he looks good, but will maim, torture and kill anyone that points out how truly ridiculous he looks.

Neil Kaplan


Isabel Lucas talks Revenge of the Fallen and stunts

Transformers News: Isabel Lucas talks Revenge of the Fallen and stunts
Date: Wednesday, November 19th 2008 2:32pm CST
Categories: Interviews, Movie News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): LA Times

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The Los Angeles Times blog section The Dish Rag, has posted a very brief interview, of sorts, where Isabel Lucas tells us of some of the action sequences she was involved in during the filming of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

"The role for me was not, necessarily, involving that many stunts, but it was quite a physical role." Stated the Australian actress, who then went on to describe a scene in which her character, Alice, is lifted to a rooftop via a body harness. We reported here of a possible rumor/ spoiler for her character, which "jumping" onto a rooftop may support.

See the mini interview for your self by clicking here.

Reign of Starscream TPB Preview and IDW upcoming Releases

Transformers News: Reign of Starscream TPB Preview and IDW upcoming Releases
Date: Wednesday, November 19th 2008 10:18am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Company News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Denton J. Tipton, Comics Continuum

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IDW Publishing's Transformers Editor Denton J. Tipton has done an update to his personal blog regarding the new Reign of Starscream Trade Paperback that is set to be released today. In the update, he gives us a sneek peek at bonus material that will be included in the Transformers Movieverse saga.

You can view the goods by clicking here.

He also added a list of releases starting today:

November 19
Spotlight: Optimus Prime 3-D
Reign of Starscream TPB
Animated Vol. 1 (3rd printing)
Animated Vol. 3 (2nd printing)
Animated Vol. 5 (2nd printing)

November 26
All Hail Megatron #5

December 3
Best of UK: Time Wars #5
Animated: The Arrival #5

December 10
Maximum Dinobots #1
More than Meets the Eye Vol. 2 TPB

December 17
Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel Alliance #1

And thats not all. Comics Continuum did their own update of future releases from IDW and has a list of what we can expect on store shelves in February 2009:


Written by Shane McCarty, art by Guido Guidi, covers by Trevor Hutchison and Casey Coller.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Shane McCarthy, art by Guido Guidi and Casey Coller, cover by Trevor Hutchison.

152 pages, $19.99.


Written by Simon Furman, art by Nick Roche, covers by Roche and Marcelo Matere.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Simon Furman, art by E.J. Su, Nick Roche and Dan Khanna, cover by Su.

104 pages, $17.99.


Written by Chris Mowry, art by Dan Khanna, covers by Josh Nizzi and Alex Milne.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chris Mowry, art by Alex Milne, cover by Milne and Josh Nizzi.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Simon Furman, art by Dan Reed, cover by Andrew Griffith.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Simon Furman, art and cover by Don Figueroa.

312 pages, $19.99.

Mark Ryan's "The Pilgrim" debuts

Transformers News: Mark Ryan's "The Pilgrim" debuts
Date: Tuesday, November 18th 2008 6:51pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Mark Ryan

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Los Angeles, CA – November 18, 2008: The long-awaited graphic novel, “The Pilgrim,” by veteran comic creators Mike Grell (Sable, Green Arrow, Ironman) and Mark Ryan (“Transformers,” “The Prestige”), debuted on this week. The weekly episodic graphic novel is based on true accounts of modern paranormal espionage techniques first used during World War II. Episode one of “The Pilgrim” is available exclusively for free and in color at “The Pilgrim” is an adult-format novel that will appeal to fans of dark comics, sci-fi and horror.

Ryan originally wrote “The Pilgrim” as a screen play based on the use of psychics and occultists during World War II by Allied forces to influence the minds and strategies of the Nazi leadership, which helped save Britain from invasion. The graphic novel will intertwine historical characters with modern paranormal capabilities used in current intelligence-gathering operations to infiltrate and interdict hostile organizations and governments. Grell sets the tone for the dark storyline with his brilliantly descriptive and gritty illustration.

“The story behind Colonel Kim Seymour and 'The Pilgrim' and has been living in my head for many years, so it's wonderful to see it finally brought to life,” says Mark Ryan. “The real reward for me is to see this brilliantly accomplished by Mike Grell. He truly is the best in the business and knows how to illustrate the complexity and brutality of modern Special Forces intelligence operations in graphic and compelling detail.”

Ryan and Grell reunited with Mike Gold, one of the founders of ComicMix and former senior editor for DC Comics to host “The Pilgrim.” The trio originally teamed in 1991 to develop the 50th Anniversary edition of the comic-book “Green Arrow” for DC Comics. launched in September 2007 as a destination for everyone who loves comics, TV shows, movies, games and pop culture. The site, which also offers news and interviews, will develop additional multimedia content with Ryan and Grell including blogs and podcasts.

For more information please visit these official sites:

TFCC Updates us with teasers for next Club Magazine

Transformers News: TFCC Updates us with teasers for next Club Magazine
Date: Thursday, November 13th 2008 2:26am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Collector's Club News, People News, Site Articles, Store News, Toy News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Pete@BotCon

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Following the awesome preview we received earlier from the Transformers Collectors Club, Pete@Botcon dropped in to give us more incentive to join the Club. Here's what he had to share:

...And if you are not a member, whoa nelly, we gots something pretty awesome for next issue! Now is the time to join (actually, it is always time to join :-)).

So if you are already a member, what a treat we have in store for you. Derrick (Wyatt) and Cartoon Network are just too awesome!

What could this mean? Looks like more Transformers Animated goodness is headed our way, but you'll have to be a member to find out the whole story.

IDW to have "Parking Lot Sale"

Transformers News: IDW to have "Parking Lot Sale"
Date: Wednesday, November 12th 2008 1:19pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Company News, Event News, People News, Store News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): PW The Beat

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IDW Publishing has announced that it will be having a special "Parking Lot Sale" in the IDW facility parking lot. Here's the scoop as reported by PW The Beat:

On Saturday, December 6, from 10 am – 3 pm IDW will be having a parking lot sale! With special guests. A number of comic book creators will be on hand offering free autographs on their work, including Ben Templesmith (Wormwood, 30 Days of Night), Chris Ryall (Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show, Zombies vs. Robots), and Chris Mowry (Transformers).

The sale will be held in IDW’s parking lot, 5080 Santa Fe St, San Diego, CA 92109.

IDW is offering new comics for $1 each (Reg. $3.99 cover). Titles include — subject to availability — 30 Days of Night, Transformers, Star Trek, Wormwood, Spike, Fallen Angel, Dr. Who, Scarface, Gene Simmons, Metal Gear Solid, Clive Barker, Zombies vs. Robots, and CSI.

And thats only half of what was reported. Prices on Trade Paper Backs and other goodies can be found by viewing the complete article here.

So if you're in the San Diego or Southern California area, this will be a perfect time to stock up on the IDW titles you've been missing.

HASBRO Expects Growth in 2009

Transformers News: HASBRO Expects Growth in 2009
Date: Wednesday, November 12th 2008 1:03pm CST
Categories: Company News, Media, People News, Press Releases
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Hasbro Inc.

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We recently reported here that HASBRO, Inc. (HAS NYSE) was holding a special webcast via its Corporate Information Webpage regarding a meeting between HASBRO officials and stock securities analysts. Today the webcast was held and we got to hear what HASBRO expects for 2009.

In the webcast HASBRO backed its projection of increase over 2008's earnings in 2009, despite recent economic troubles that have hit the market overall. HASBRO Executives admitted that predicting how the financial woes of the market would affect them is difficult, but maintain that key brands the company holds, such as TRANSFORMERS, STAR WARS and GI JOE, we'll help them maintain an edge in the market.

"We've never seen a situation quite like this," CEO Brian Goldner said. However, he added: "We feel we can be very competitve in this marketplace."

HASBRO expects sales in China and surrounding markets to increase at a faster rate than the US and Europe next year. The company also plans on increasing dividends on shares or stepping up stock repurchases.

With major theatrical releases planned for two of the toy makers key franchises, increase in 2009 seems more than likely.

Share prices were $25.58, down $0.81 or 3.1% at the time of posting.

HASBRO will make the webcast available for replay soon. You can hear it through Windows Media Player or Real Player here.

TFA info from Australian fan meet with Eric Siebenaler

Transformers News: TFA info from Australian fan meet with Eric Siebenaler
Date: Tuesday, November 11th 2008 5:54am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, People News, Rumors, Toy News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Griffin of OTCA

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Thanks to Griffin of the OTCA Boards, for his write up of two Australian meetups with Transformers Animated Designer Eric Seibenaler, comes plenty of information regarding the Transformers Animated toys, past present and future.

The two meetings (held in Melbourne and Sydney) took place after Eric participated in an Australian Animated competition. He took time out from his busy schedule to talk Transformers with Australian Fans.

Some of the tidbits of information Eric divulged to the Aussie fans included:
- Eric designed all the Transformers Animated figures, not just Oilslick. His first figure was Armada Laserbeak, who Eric was re-united with thanks to Griffin.
- Eric is working on two size classes of figures for the upcoming Movie line.
- A New Animated Bumblebee figure is on it's way, it will be smaller and include an extra weapon of sorts
- A New Bulkhead repaint is also on it's way, and like Atomic Lugnut (which Eric named) it will be a repaint that retains the Bulkhead name.
- Oil Slick was meant to contain slime or Water in his helmet and second weapon, but due to safety concerns, it was nixed.
- New Deluxe Animated Arcee will not be entirely Pink
- The UK version of Animated Sideswipe was created without the knowledge or approval of Hasbro, and when found out, they were made to change the name.

For further details about the meetups, and more tidbits of information and photos of Eric doing his thing, please check out Griffin's thread at OTCA.

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